Xiaomi Band 6 Review: Is it worth Buying or Upgrade?

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The Xiaomi Band 6 was released in China, and it comes with significant improvements than its predecessor. In this Xiaomi band 6 review, I will walk you through everything that you should know about this budget fitness tracker. So, you can decide whether this activity tracker is for you. 

Xiaomi Band 6 Review

Now let is have look into Mi Band 6 features and specs


1. Size: 1.56" AMOLED Touchscreen
2. Dimention:  47.4×18.6×12.7mm
3. Resolution: 152 x 486 pixels

Health Tracking Features

1. Heart Rate Monitor
2. Blood Oxygen(SpO2)
3. Sleep Tracking (Deep, Light, REM)
4. Stress Tracking
5. Female Health Tracking

Fitness Tracking Features

1. 30 Sport Modes
2. Automatic Activity Detection(walking, running, cycling, treadmill ,rowing, and cross trainer)


1. 3-axis accelerometer
2. 3-axis gyroscope
3. PPG heart rate sensor
4. Blood OIxygen Monitoring(SpO2)
5. PAI Score
6. Calorie Tracking

Battery Life

14 days on typical use

Water Resistance



Xiaomi Band 6 review

The Mi band 6 has a similar design to the Mi Smart band 5. However, it comes with a 1.56” AMOLED touchscreen display with is 50% larger than the Mi Smart Band 5.

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With 52×486 resolution, 450 Nits brightness, and 326 PPI, it offers an excellent display quality than its rivals. You should not forget that the high-end fitness tracker Fitbit Charge 4 just offers a grayscale display. 

Furthermore, it does not have any virtual button on display. Consequently, you gets more screen space than the Mi Smart band 5.

Unfortunately, the Mi Band 6 also does not have an ambient light sensor. This means that you have to manually adjust the display brightness. 

It has a rubber strap to secure it on your wrist, which seems to be comfortable to wear throughout the day like the other Mi Bands.  

Health Tracking Features 

The Mi Band 6 has a heart rate sensor and SpO2 sensor for heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen level monitoring.

You can set heart rate monitoring for 1, 5, 10, or 30-minutes intervals. Setting long intervals helps you save some battery. You should also know that a fitness tracker at this price range alerts you for an abnormally elevated resting heart rate. 

It is also featuring a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen level monitoring. It can measure blood oxygen levels within a few seconds, which is again excellent. Unfortunately, it does not measure sleep blood oxygen levels. 

The Mi Band 6 tracks your sleep and gives you information about your sleep stages (light, deep, and REM) and breathing quality during sleep. 

Female users can track their menstrual cycles with this fitness tracker. Most fitness trackers like Oppo Band Style, Huawei Band 6, etc., offer this feature.

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Fitness Tracking Features 

The new Mi Band 6 features more than 30 activity tracking modes, whereas the Mi band 5 offers only 11 modes. Kick Boxing, Zumba, and badminton are a few newly added activities to the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Furthermore, it tracks six activities automatically. Here is the list of activities that it tracks automatically. 

  1. Walking 
  2. Running 
  3. Treadmill 
  4. Cycling 
  5. Rowing machine 
  6. Elliptical 

You should select other activities manually.  

Like Active Zone Minutes in Fitbit wearables, it also features a PAI score(Personnel Activity Intelligence). PAI is a single fitness scoring system that assesses your overall fitness level on a scale of 0-100. The more the point you score, the more fit you are.  

The Mi Band 6 does not have a built-in GPS, and it uses your smartphone GPS for location tracking. But you should also know that none of the budget fitness trackers does offer built-in GPS. If you need a built-in GPS for your next fitness tracker, you should go for Fitbit Charge 4, which costs you around $150, triple the price of Mi Band 6. 

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Smart Features 

The smart features are similar to the Mi Band 5, and it does not give a valid reason for you to upgrade if you are a Mi Band 5 user. It can alert you to smartphone app notifications, including call and SMS notifications.  

The Chinese version of Mi Band 6 features NFC and voice assistance. If you live outside of China, you won’t be able to make a payment or ask questions to the Mi Band 6. If voice assistance is a buying criterion for you, you can try Amazfit Band 5 that features Amazon Alexa. 

In addition to this, it also has a smartphone music control and camera control. This allows users to control the camera and music right from the wrist. 

At this price, it gives you pretty much smart features. If you are looking for something more, you should go for a smartwatch.  

Price and Availability 

The Mi Band 6 is already released and available in China. If you live in Canada or the USA, you can buy Mi Band 6 online at Gearbest, but you have to wait for at least three weeks to one month to get the delivery. 

Available Models: The Mi Band 6 is available in two versions; one with NFC and Voice Assistant and the latter without both.  

Colors: Black, Blue, Ivory, Olive, Orange, and Yellow, Olive. 

Battery Life 

The Mi Band 6 featured a 125mAh battery. The Mi claims that the battery can last for more than 14 days after a complete recharge. The Mi Band 6 also uses a convenient magnet charger like the Mi Band 5. 

Buying Points 

If you already have a Mi Band 5 or plan to buy Mi Band 6, here are some reasons to purchase or upgrade to the Mi Band 6.  

  • Larger display size and high display quality 
  • More sport modes. It has more than 30 sport modes. 

Final Verdict 

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is one of the cheap fitness trackers in 2021. Most affordable fitness trackers like Huawei, Honor, and Amazfit Bands offer similar features and specs. However, these devices do not work with iOS devices. 

Alternatively, you can consider Fitbit Inspire 2 that provides more features and accurate data, especially the heart rate and sleep data. Furthermore, it also offers Fitbit Premium free for one year. 

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