Why Fitbit is not Syncing with Phone? (Solved) Ultimate Guide

Why Fitbit is not Syncing with Phone? Have you ever faced this sync issue on your Fitbit? Then it is really frustrating and disappointing. Right? But this error does not mean that your Fitbit wearable is damaged and needs a replacement or repair. 

Why Fitbit is not Syncing with Phone

You can fix this issue very easily by yourself at home. Just follow the step-by-step guide to fix the Fitbit Sync issue with your smartphone. You do not need any technical issue to resolve this problem.

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By following this guide, you can quickly fix Fitbit Sync issue with any of your Fitbit devices; let it be your Fitbit Versa or latest Fitbit Charge 4. 

So let us have a look at some necessary details first. It will help you to understand the issue and handle it properly without any trouble. 

What is Sync?

Sync is the process of connecting your Fitbit wearables with your Fitbit app on your smartphone for tracking and analyzing your fitness data. It helps you get a detailed insight into your fitness data and progress. 

If your Fitbit does not sync with your smartphone, then it will ultimately fail to track your activities. There can be multiple reasons for the Fitbit App and Fitness Tracker sync failure.

Why Fitbit is not Syncing with Phone? (Troubleshoot) 

Before we start, I hope that you have a Fitbit Compatible smartphone with you. Before you buy a smartwatch or activity tracker, you should make sure that you have a compatible smartphone. You can check the Fitbit compatible devices list here

So, without wasting your time, let us jump into the Fitbit Sync issue troubleshoot guide. Follow the step-by-step guide to get rid of the Fitbit App not syncing issue with Android Smartphone.

Keep the Device within the Bluetooth range

Most of the time, you suddenly face connection error if you keep the smartphone or fitness tracker beyond the Bluetooth range. So, make sure you keep both the device within the Bluetooth range. i.e., within10 meters.

Going beyond this distance will interrupt the connectivity between the devices. As a result, the data transfer between the devices will fail, and a connection error occurs. 

If it does not fix the issue, then go to step two.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Once the device placed within the Bluetooth range, head towards Bluetooth settings, and make sure you turned on “Phone visibility.” You can locate this in the “Connectivity” settings.  

Bluetooth settings smartphone

This helps both the devices to find and connect with each other. 

Bluetooth connectivity status fitbit

Also, you need to turn on location if you are using a phone which is running on Android version Marshmallow (Android 6.0 or above).

Once you turn on the location, devices running on Android 6.0 and above, you have to give Grant Location access to Fitbit App for the seamless synchronization of the Fitbit app and tracker. Usually, a pop-up appears, and you can simply provide the location for the Fitbit App. 

If it did not get the pop-up, follow the steps below,

Turn On location
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Apps.
  3. Locate the Fitbit App from the App list.
  4. Open Fitbit App.
  5. Tap on “Permissions”
  6. Turn on “Location”

90% of sync issues resolved by doing this. But no need to worry if you still face Fitbit and app not syncing problem.

Reboot Fitness Tracker and Smartphone

Restarting or rebooting Fitbit tracker help to fix not only sync issue but also other issues such as screen freezing, and many other performance issues. 

I personally recommend you restart your smartphone and fitness tracker at least once in a week to improve performance, including battery life. 

Update your Fitbit App to the Latest Version

If you face this issue all of a sudden, make sure that you have an updated Fitbit App. To check this, head to Google Play Store and check for any app update. 

If an app update is available, please update it to the latest version just by tapping on the update button. 

To do this, please follow the steps below.

Update Fitbit
  1. Head to Google Play Store. 
  2. Just type and search “Fitbit” on the search bar.
  3. If an update is available, then just tap on “Update” to update to the latest version.
  4. Once the update is complete, try to sync the Fitbit app and fitness tracker.

Check for Fitbit Tracker Software Update

If your Fitbit and app are not syncing, then check for Fitbit Firmware/Software update at the Fitbit App. If a software update is available, then just update the Fitbit to the latest software. 

Updating to the latest software improves your fitness tracker’s performance and accuracy. 

If a new software update is available, then you will get notified with a pink color banner at the Fitbit App home screen.

Update Fitbit Software

Also, you must check the software update for your smartphone. It is also necessary to update your software to the latest version to get updated features. You can check the software update for your Android phone at the settings.

Settings=>About=>Software Update

If a software update is available, then do not hesitate to update to the latest version for improved performance. 

Recharge Battery

A synchronization may fail due to a decreased battery level of your fitness tracker. It is applicable for the smartphone as well. When a device is running on a low battery, the system will automatically restrict the background activities. 

As a result, the device automatically gets disconnected not only from your fitness tracker but also from all other Bluetooth connected devices. So, make sure that both the Fitness Tracker and smartphone have at least 50% of battery charge during syncing.

Otherwise, you have to allow the automatic launch of the Fitbit App in the background. It will enable the Fitbit app to run automatically in the background, even at a lower battery level. 

To enable this, follow the steps below,

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Device Care
  3. Now tap on Battery.
  4. From the list, find Fitbit App and disable “Put App to Sleep.”
  5. Done.

Factory Reset

Reset Fitbit Screen

If all the methods fail to fix, then a factory reset is the only option available now. You should remember that it will delete all the data and other personalized on the fitness tracker. 

Before doing a factory reset, make sure the fitness tracker or smartwatch has at least 70% of the battery in it. 

Follow the steps to do a factory reset. 

  1. From the home screen, swipe to the right side to access the settings menu.
  2. In the settings, go to the bottom and tap on “About,” and a new menu will open up. 
  3. Go to down and look for “Factory Reset.”
  4. Tap on “Factory Reset” and confirm reset by pressing on “Yes.”

If all the methods fail, then there may be some severe issues with your Fitbit. However, before you contact customer support, try to connect your Fitbit with another smartphone. If the synchronization fails with the new phone as well, then please contact immediately with Fitbit Customer support for further investigation.

Here I have also answered common frequently asked questions related to Fitbit Not sync issue with the phone. 


Now I hope that I have answered your question “Why my Fitbit is not syncing with phone?”. All the tips mentioned here are non-technical, and you can quickly implement it with ease.   If you need further assistance, please feel free to comment below or contact us through any of our social media channels for instant replay.

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