Why do People Wear Watches Upside Down?

It may have caught your attention to notice a person wearing his or her watch upside down. By this, I mean the face of your watch is on the same side with your palm. 

Why do people wear watches upside down

This kind of scenario can be startling to some people. However, it’s an everyday occurrence.

Most of the time, people wear watches for different purposes. They are worn on the traditional side for ornamental purposes and to keep time. Without a doubt, watches are a fashion statement.

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It’s on purpose, however, for people to wear watches upside down and not by mistake for ease of operation and convenience. Why do people wear watches upside down? Let’s find out.

Why do People Wear Watches Upside Down?

There are some advantages and disadvantages in wearing a watch upside down. Now let us check this in detail.

Benefits of wearing a watch upside down

Now you know that, it’s not only right but on necessary to see people wearing watches on the inside of the wrist, here are some of the benefits that come along.

Reduces damage

Your regular wristwatch comes with a glass cover to protect the hands from external elements. Unlike digital watches, which possess a backlight for clear visibility, reading standard watches is basically with your naked eyes aide by surrounding light. 

As you walk or work, it very easy to knock scratch the glass against rough objects. It makes the glass cover pale over time and losing its transparency. Such kind of situation can cause stress, and you may feel tired at the end of the day.

For this reason, the glass cover needs to be in good shape and crystal clear for the longest to prevent your eyes from straining. 

One way to reduce this form of damage is to keep its face away from the likely impact is by wearing watch under wrist.

Easy to view time

Another advantage of wearing an upside down watch is to make your reading of time easy. You will notice how hard it is to check on time when wearing your watch the usual way, especially when driving or holding a drink.

The reason for this is because it demands you to turn your wrist towards your view, which becomes impossible.

Also, the face of your watch tends to glare under sunlight, moonlight, or artificial light. It’s even worse when the angle of your view enhances the refraction, and you are forced to keep tuning your wrist. 

However, when wearing watch on inside of the wrist, it faces your eyes almost directly and away from direct rays of light. 

Easy to multitask

As noted earlier, the reading angle is very convenient when you wear the watch inside wrist. It allows you to continue using your hands without letting go of the task or objects on your hands. 

Wearing a watch on the inside makes it possible to quickly adjust the time while driving with the hand wearing the watch on the wheel.

Most watches for women are slim in design and hence, lightweight to handle household chores without fatigue. This new position of wearing the watch is very convenient, especially when cooking or washing and keeping up with time as well. 


Time is very precious, and it cost you a lot if not well observed. Why do military wear watches inside the wrist when on combat? 

The reason for this is they can’t afford to lose a target at the count of one and at the tick of a second. 

When your hands are firmly on the rifle and aimed, it very easy to accurately and simultaneously monitor the clock without taking your eyes off the target.

The same applies to a medical practitioner, such as a nurse, and attending to your patient. 

With your hand on the patient and the watch ticking inside your wrist, it becomes easy to accurately record heart rates and blood pressure.

Unique dress code

Besides all the above reasons, it does also look fancy to wear your watch differently from the rest. 

There is a rule on how to wear it, but since most people will wear theirs the traditional way, why not try something different. You will appear uniquely dressed and leave everyone guessing.

Cons of wearing a watch backward

Despite the many benefits of wearing your watch upside down, a few challenges come with it. Here are some of the downsides.

Difficulty in wearing

If you attempt to wear your watch backward, the first challenge to encounter is fastening the buckle even with a snapping type. 

Manufacturers don’t expect the watch to be worn on the reverse, putting the closure mechanism on all watches in the same direction. Hence your right hand is forced to work on the straps on the reverse as well, which is not easy for a start.

Looks officially awkward 

Women are ones in a while spotted wearing their watches backward and still look okay due to their design. But watches for men are somehow bigger and bulkier, which makes one’s hand look improperly dressed. 

Who wears a watch upside down

Some people used to wearing watch backward almost daily because of their nature of work and convenience. For instance, soldiers, security personnel, and the military wear their watches in the same way for the execution of tactical moves. 

The same stakes apply to medical professionals such as nurses who need to treat or monitor patients with the aid of a normal watch. With the watch facing them directly, it becomes easy to make notes at the same time.


Regular watches, unlike the smartwatches of modern time, require a more interactive session when reading and operating.

This style of putting on the watch may be unique to most of us and may sound odd, but it’s actually one of the best ways. It may be cumbersome to put it on upside down at first, but in time, you will get used and derive a lot of benefits. 

We wear watches upside down for ease of viewing time accurately without turning the wrist. It also prevents physical damage that comes with knocking the face on hard surfaces while working or walking. 

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