Where to Find Fitbit Serial Number? (Updated in 2022)

Where to Find Fitbit Serial Number

Before you through your Fitbit Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker box, make sure you write down its serial number. Because once the box is lost, you won’t be able to retrieve Fitbit Seriel from the smartwatch or even from customer support.

We do not note down the serial number of smartwatches or fitness trackers. Keeping a record of your smartwatch’s serial number is not as important as noting down the IMEI number of a smartphone.

You may require the serial number while you sell it to someone or for any other documentation purpose.

If you are a Fitbit owner and looking for a serial number, this article is for you. Without further ado, let us check where to find Fitbit serial number. 

Where to Find Fitbit Serial Number?

You can locate the serial number of your Fitbit smartwatches on the box. It is located on the label, which you can find on the back of the original box.

You can find the two barcodes on the label, one with the UPC (Universal Product Code) and another with the Fitbit Serial Number. See the image below.

Fitbit Serial Number location

What if you do not have the original box? 

Unfortunately, there is no other way to locate the serial number if you lost the original box. So, make sure to note down the serial number as soon as you buy a new Fitbit device for future reference.

Can I locate the Fitbit Serial Number on the invoice? 

Maybe or may not be! You cannot always locate Fitbit’s Series Number on the invoice. It depends on the seller. If you bought it online, you could try your luck by checking the invoice or seller’s email.

Can I get my Fitbit Serial Number from the Fitbit help? 

Today I contacted Fitbit Twitter and chat support to locate my device’s serial number. Unfortunately, they could not help me locate the serial number and informed me that the number could only be found on the box. 

From the chat, it is clear that you cannot get the series from the watch or its settings.

Can I find Fitbit Serial Number from the smartwatch? 

No. You cannot find the Fitbit wearables serial number in the settings


You can only find the serial number of your Fitbit wearables is from their original package. Unfortunately, even Fitbit support won’t be able to help you with this. So, make sure you write down your Fitbit serial number before throwing the box.

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