What to do if Fitbit Ionic won’t Turn on?

So your Fitbit Ionic won’t Turn on? Then follow the instructions before you run to the Fitbit service center. Check a few things by yourself before you get panic.

What to do if Fitbit Ionic won't Turn on

Most of the time your Fitbit Ionic not turned on because of minor issues that you can fix your self at home. Most of the time your Fitbit won’t charge because of some issues.

Steps to Fix Fitbit Ionic won’t Turn on Issue

So now let us check what to do when your Fitbit ionic won’t turn on.

  1. Press Menu Icon: Press and hold the menu button on the left side for at least ten seconds until you see the Fitbit icon displayed on the screen. Normally it should turn on within 10 seconds. If it is not turned on, then go to the second step.
  2. Charge your Fitbit Ionic: If still, it is dead, then charge you Fitbit Ionic Battery for at least one hour. Most of the time your Fitness Watch does not turn on because of no battery power in it.

    It can happen when you try to switch on your Fitbit after a software update or a factory reset. I suggest you charge the battery for at least one hour even if it is not displaying anything.

    After recharging the Fitbit for one hour, then try to tun on the device normally as you do. If it is a battery shortage issue, then your Fitbit Smartwatch will turn on after one-hour battery recharge. If it still not turn on, then move to step no 3.
  3. Check the Charger: Do not get disappointed! Now check your charger for any loose connection or physical damage. If this is not the case check the socket where you plug-in the charger. There could be an issue with your electric socket.

    If this is the reason for the trouble, then try to charge it on another electric socket. Still issue not resolved? Then move to step no 4.
  4. Clean The Charging Port of Ionic: Most of the time because of sweat and dust the charging port of your Fitbit does not work. This may also cause inaccurate heart rate reading and SpO2 readings.

    Check the charging port for any visible dust or other foreign matter and clean it with a clean cloth. You can use a wet cloth for this purpose. But make sure you do not apply pressure over there. It may damage its

    So you make sure you clean your Fitbit every day or at least once in five days to avoid such issues.

    Also, you should not use any metal equipment to clean the charging port as it can damage your device.

    After cleaning the port, recharge the smartwatch for one hour and try to turn on the device. If it does not work, then go to step no 4.
  5. Clean the Charging Cable Port: Now it is the time to clean the charging port. There might be some dust at the tip of the charger which may be preventing your Fitbit Ionic from getting charged.

    Make sure you remove the charger completely from the electric socket before cleaning it. You can use a clean dry towel or toothbrush to clean the charger. Make sure you do not use a wet cloth to clean the charger.

    As I said earlier, do not use any metallic equipment to clean the charger even though you are cleaning it after removing it from the electric socket.

I hope this video help you to clean the charging port of your Ionic Smartwatch.

Do all the above-mentioned tips before you rush to a service center to fix the charging issue of your Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. Most of the cases, one of the tips mentioned above works for you. If it does not work, then contact the Fitbit Support Team for further assistance.

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Most of the time your Fitbit Ionic watch dies because of charging issues only. Make sure you recharge your Fitbit before the battery fully runs out and dies. It is not good for any electronic equipment including Fitness Trackers, smartwatches, etc.

In addition to that, make sure you use the original charging cables to recharge the Fitbit Ionic watch. Using third party chargers can damage your device and it may also revoke your device warranty.

I think this article was helpful for you in resolving Fitbit Ionic won’t Turn on the issue. I recommend you clean the Fitbit band at least once a week to avoid any such issues.

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