What is Wearable Technology? A Quick Guide

The wearable technology and wearable devices industry are booming! It has created revolutionary changes in the field of consumer electronics and medical technology.

What is Wearable Technology

What is Wearable Technology?

According to Dictionary.com the Wearable Technology (Wearable Gadgets) collectively called a small computer or advanced electronic device that is worn or carried on the body to track different activities such as heart rate, running, calorie-burning, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, swimming, indoor cycling, etc.

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Fitness Trackers, Smart Watches, pedometers, etc are the two examples of wearable technology.
More and more people are searching for wearable devices now. According to alliedmarketresearch.com, the Global Wearable Market grows at a rate of 16.2%, and its market value is expected to hit $57,653 in 2022.

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How Wearable Devices Works?

Wearable Devices are equipped with multiple advanced sensors and algorithms to track various physical activities. With the help of Bluetooth or WiFi, it can integrate with other devices such as a smartphone or a monitor to get more insight into your desired data. By saying that a Fitness Tracker or smartwatch does not require a smartphone to track activities.

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Common Sensors in Wearable Devices and its Purposes.

  • Pedometer: This is the most basic sensory equipment in any fitness tracker or a smartwatch. It helps the smartwatch to track the activities such as steps, running, cycling, etc.
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer: It is an advanced common sensor found in almost every wearable devices. The accelerometer helps in tracking different metrics such as the direction of movement, speed of movement, and also it can sense gravity.
  • Barometer: Some advanced wearable devices are equipped with a barometer to sense the atmospheric pressure. The variation in atmospheric pressure helps to sense the climate and also the elevation.
  • SpO2 Sensor: SpO2 sensors help a wearable tech device to track the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Pulse Rate: Today advanced fitness trackers and smartwatches use a technology called Photoplethysmogram to measure the pulse rate.
  • GPS: Many of the advanced Fitness Trackers and smartwatches are equipped with GPS sensors. It helps your smartwatch to track your running and swimming stats more accurately.
  • ECG: ECG sensors are found in medical equipment and other advanced smartwatches such as Apple, Qardiocore, etc. It can track any changes in heart rate rhythm and can sense the early signs of a cardiac arrest. It can save the lives of people!

These only a few important sensors found in a wearable gadget.

Popular Wearable Tech Devices

There are a lot of different kinds of wearable electronics gadgets are out there which you can wear from head to toe.

But here let us discuss a few of the most common and popular devices which you can buy for yourself. Here I am not talking about the expensive medical expenses.

1. Fitness Trackers and Fitness Bands

Fitness Training

Fitness Trackers are the most affordable and cheap wearable devices to track basic fitness needs such as steps, heart rate, calorie burns, etc. Mi Band 4 and Letscom Fitness Trackers are a very good example of Cheap Fitness Trackers available now.

Fitbit has a good collection of Fitness Trackers and smartwatches. Depending on your budget and needs, choose the best fitness tracker for men and women.

A Fitness Tracker is enough if you are not interested in an expensive smartwatch or a sports watch. It offers a longer battery life compared to advanced Smartwatches.

Fitness Bands like Mi Band 4 is one of the cost-effective fitness trackers available in the market. It can track most of the physical activities which can take you to the next level of fitness.

If you are on a tight budget, then you can check the some best fitness trackers available in the market today. Here you can find a collection over 10+ best fitness trackers that do not create a hole in your pocket.

Most of the fitness bands are more flexible to wear when compared with a costly smartwatch. Some fitness trackers designed to wear on your ankle or clip-on it into your dress or belt. The Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker is one of the best ankle fitness trackers which you can also wear on your wrist.

Overall, Fitness bands are your best companion towards your journey to fitness. Your goal may be anything varying from weight loss or complete fitness.

2. Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 5

If you want to take your fitness tracking experience to the next level then the smartwatches are for you. It is packed with a lot of features that really make your life easier from a technology perspective.

Also, smartwatches like Apple 5 Series are equipped with microphones and you do not need to grab your smartphone to answer a phone call.

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It is not a good idea to carry your smartphone when you are going for a workout or fitness activity. Many people carry a smartphone as they want to listen to music while doing a workout. It is not wrong. I this case I suggest you carry a fitness tracker or smartwatch with music storage to listen to your favorite track while your indoor or outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a smartwatch with advanced features such as built-in GPS, in-built music storage or you want to track treadmill workout or swim tracking, then you must need costly smartwatches as Garmin or Apple watch.

Not only fitness lovers, the people who love fashion also like smartwatches to stay updated with the current trends. Also, you can give fitness trackers and smartwatches for kids to improve their physical activity and fitness.

Professional Cyclist prefers cycling smartwatches as it is loaded with a lot of features that help them to improve their cycling skills further.

3. Hearable Devices

Like Fitness Trackers, the wearable hearable device segment is also growing at a good pace. Apple iPods and Pixel Buds are great examples of hearable devices.

I really like the hearable devices as it help us to say goodbye to wired earphones and headphones.

4. VR Headset

VR headsets industry also booing. With the introduction of VR headsets, the movie steaming experience, and gaming experience to the next level.

With advanced VR headsets, you can experience the virtual world around you. Just imagine playing PUBG Mobile or any of your favorite games in a virtual world.

Wearable Technology in Diabetics

A lot of people around the world are suffering from Diabetes and struggle to control their blood sugar level in real-time. A sudden fall or sudden hike in blood sugar levels can be life-threatening.

Advanced blood sugar monitoring devices will be a great blessing for the people suffering from diabetics.

Pharmaceutical companies are investing millions of dollars in the development of Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices every year.

Freestyle Libre and Eversense are examples of continuous glucose monitoring wearable equipment. These kinds of wearable devices help people to live a better life.

In the health care sector, wearable devices are used to monitor heart rate, pulse rate, ECG, blood pressure, blood sugar, calorie burned, mood changes, etc.

If you give access, then a doctor can access your data in real-time during the various day to day activities. This will help the doctor take more appropriate treatment for you. As a result, these devices can decrease the course of hospital stay and also can reduce the cost of treatment.

Wearable devices have made revolutionary changes in the treatment of heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, etc.


Now you might have a clear idea about wearable technology and its importance in lifestyle improvement. If you have any thoughts on this please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section or contact us through our social media channels.

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