How to Turn off Fitbit Versa 3, Versa 2, Versa, Sense, Inspire 2, Inspire HR, Ace and Ace 2?

How to Turn off Fitbit Smartwatches and Trackers

People wear smartwatches and fitness trackers throughout the day. Most of the time, people do not turn it off as it constantly keeps on tracking your biometrics and day-to-day activities. However, occasionally you may require restarting or rebooting your Fitbit wearables to save battery life or troubleshooting software issues. Related Posts How to Find Fitbit … Read more

Do Garmin Watches Work with iPhones? Everything You Must Know!

Garmin Watches

If you are an iPhone user, then your priority would be an Apple watch. However, iPhone users are now looking for other smartwatches like Garmin because of multiple reasons. Related Post: Everything you should know about the upcoming Garmin Fenix 7 If we compare Garmin and Apple watch, the Garmin watch has some advantages over the … Read more

How to Connect MyFitnessPal with Fitbit? Step by Step Guide

How to Connect MyFitnessPal with Fitbit

Managing calorie intake and activities help you gain or lose weight. Over 2,00,00,00 food database, the MyFitnessPal can track everything that you eat every day. Once you connected MyFitnessPal with Fitbit, you can track your calorie intake and calories burned accurately. This helps you gain or lose weight. Must Read: How To Sync Google Fit With … Read more

How Smartwatches measures Blood Pressure?

How do Smartwatches measures Blood Pressure

According to CDC, more than 45% of American adults suffering from blood pressure. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, etc. As a result, it is also known as “Silent Killer.” So, it is essential to detect, treat and control blood pressure at the earliest. Related Post: Does Apple Watch Measures Body … Read more

Ultimate Guide on Solar Smartwatch in 2022

Solar Smartwatch

A smartwatch comes with many advanced features and functionalities. Due to this reason, the battery of the smartwatches is often compromised. Have you ever thought about dying your smartwatch out of battery in the middle of a half marathon? How embarrassing it is! Solar smartwatches are the solution to this. Over the past few years, smartwatch manufactures … Read more

Fitbit Active Zone Minutes: An Ultimate Guide

Fitbit Active Zone Minutes

“Active Zone Minutes is a new concept developed by Fitbit to measure the heart pumping capacity of its users by assessing the time spent on each activity zones.” Fitbit Active Zone Minutes is a brand-new Fitness goal introduced by Fitbit based on the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association’s recommendations for adult health. It is first … Read more