Garmin Forerunner 55 Specifications, Features, and Price

Garmin Forerunner 55 Specifications, Features and Price

Garmin is known for making some of the most popular smartwatches to date. The American tech giant has a history of making GPS-enabled portables dating back to the 90s. The Garmin Forerunner series is the right choice for people who live and breathe sports. And the latest entry to the list, the Garmin Forerunner 55 and Forerunner 945 … Read more

Polar Ignite 2 Specifications, Features, and Pricing

Polar Ignite 2 Specifications

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is connecting everything. What started with basic computers, consumer technology has come a long way. Today, everything from our light bulbs to accessories is becoming smart. They are becoming a part of the Internet of Things connected to a central control hub such as a smartphone. Related Post: Polar Ignite … Read more

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs, Features, and Price

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs

Since the beginning of 2021, we have witnessed the release of many smartwatches and fitness trackers. The G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000, added to the Pro Trek lineup, from Casio is the latest addition to the list of new smartwatches released in 2021. Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs, Features and Price Display 1. Size: 1.32-inch2. Color TFT LCD3. Resolution: … Read more

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Watch: A Cheap Alternative to Garmin Fenix 6

Amazfit T-Rex Pro Watch

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro launched on 23 March 2021 with some advanced features than their predecessors. The Amazfit T-Rex watches are made by keeping outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It has 12 Military Certifications for its durability. Amazfit T-Rex Review: Amazfit T-Rex Pro Features and Specs Display 1. 1. 3” AMOLED screen2. Resolution 360 X 3603. Always-on display4. … Read more

Garmin Enduro vs Fenix 6 Pro: Which One is The Best?

Garmin Enduro vs Fenix 6 Pro

On 16 February (2021), Garmin released the new Enduro sports watch for long-distance runners and ultrarunners. It’s an improved iteration of the Garmin Fenix 6 with dedicated ultrarunning features that are unique to those who love the trail. Must Read: The Best Tactical Smartwatches in 2021 At just under $800, it’s equally as expensive as the Fenix 6 Pro … Read more