Best Samsung Health Weight Management Ideas in 2020

Proven Samsung Health Weight Management Ideas

The journey to fitness and weight loss is not easy. You need a perfect companion to achieve these goals as it demands more dedication and consistency in your physical activity and diet.

Samsung Health Weight Management ideas

Today in this article, let us discuss some proven Samsung Health Weight Management ideas to lose your weight faster. S. Heath is one of the best health and workout tracking apps to start with running or walking even without a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you have to make a significant change in your daily routine, and you have to stick to it for a good result.

Why Weight Loss is Important?

Obesity or overweight is the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases and other diseases such as blood pressure, kidney diseases, cardiac diseases, etc. So it is essential to shedding your extra weight for a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the BMI Chart for you.

BMI Chart
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If your BMI is high, then you must consult with your registered Dietician or Doctor to plan your weight loss activities.

A fitness app integrated with a fitness tracker helps you to achieve your goals faster. The primary purpose of every workout is to burn a certain amount of calories everyday as instructed by the dietician. A fitness app or health app helps you to track it in a scientific way for faster results.

I have heard people saying, “every day I run an “x” mile to stay fit.” But just running or walking a certain distance every day is not enough to lose weight. The primary goal of a workout is fat burning. Your fat-burning rate varies from person to person based on your age, weight, speed of jogging, etc.

So rather than focussing on a clock, you must set a goal and burn that calories every day. This goal-oriented workout will give you good results.

So it is important to track the amount of calories that you burn during an exercise session.

But how to track these activities effectively?

Thanks to the developers of Fitness App like Samsung Health, Google Fit, etc. Yes, a fitness app like Samsung Health can contribute a lot to your journey to fitness by tracking all your Physical Activities, including calorie count. Additionally, it can also track diet intake as well.

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As a result, you can plan your diet and physical activity for weight loss in a scientific way. Here are some proven Samsung Weight Management Ideas to lose the extra pound more effectively and faster.

Samsung Health Weight Management Ideas

Samsung Health is a fitness app that helps to track your various physical activities, including diet, weight, water intake, etc. It helps you to take your fitness activities to the next level in a scientific way. Compared to Google Fit, Samsung Health Fitness App is more effective because of its fantastic features.

Samsung Health App has got everything that you need to lose your weight faster and more effectively. It helps you to follow the instructions given by your Physical Instructor or Dietician more accurately than ever before.

For example, he or she might have instructed you to eat or burn the “xx” amount of calories in a day. The key to your success is these instructions, and so you must follow their guidelines as it is. The more you adhere to the guidance, the faster you will get the result.

This is what Samsung Health exactly does. It helps you to track physical activities and diet together with a single app. Both are the cornerstone of your mission weight loss.

Download the S. Health App today itself to stary your fitness journey today itself. It is available for free download, both the iOS and Android devices.

Setting Up Samsung Health App

After downloading the app, set up your profile by entering your mobile number and email ID. You also need to enter a few other details like Date of Birth, Height, and Weight to track your calories effectively.

Once you entered these data on Samsung Health, you are ready to start with Samsung Health Weight Management.

If you use a smartphone other than Android, then the Samsung Health App may not be in the English language. So, it may not be easy for you to create a profile on Samsung Health App. In this case, you can create a profile here either on your Laptop or Smartphone browser.

I used this method to create a Samsung App profile. I hope this method will be helpful for you as well.

Also, you may find it difficult to create a Samsung Account using a Gmail Address. In this case, you can try to create a Samsung account using any other email providers such as Hotmail or Yahoo. When I faced this issue, I used my Hotmail account for the same.

Know-How Much Calories You Burn Using Samsung Fit App

The primary goal of an exercise is to burn calories on your body to shed weight. The more calorie you burn, the more weight you dropped. So Physical Activity is very crucial not only in Samsung Health weight management but also in any other weight loss program.

You can choose any physical activity to burn targeted calories in a day, depending on your comfort and convenience.

Samsung Health can track over 100+ exercise, including walking, running, Swimming, Badminton, etc. with your smartphone sensors. Just add an activity to Samsung Health before you start an activity to track that activity more effectively. You can find the option at the home screen of the SHealth Fitness App.

Samsung Health App UI

In addition to that, Samsung Health Fitness App also supports many other devices created by third-party manufacturers. With the support of a  Smartwatch or Fitness Band with sensors, you can monitor Heart Rate, SpO2, etc.

Chart your Weight Using Samsung Health

Charting weight is significant in weight management. It gives you an insight into the effectiveness of your Physical activity. Moreover, charting weight helps you to stay motivated to achieve the goal.

Fitness App like Samsung Health and Google Fit can be used to chart your weight also. Just add daily or weekly weight to Samsung Health, and it will give you a graphical representation of your weight metrics.

Weight Charting helps you to get an idea about the effectiveness of your Physical Excercise. Assess the data regularly and make the necessary modifications to your fitness routine after discussing it with your trainer.

If you use a Samsung Health Compatible Weighing Scale, it will automatically record your weight each time when you measure the weight. Otherwise, you need to enter it manually into the app.

Stay Together With Like-Minded People

Most people stop their fitness activity due to demotivation. To achieve your goal, you must be consistent on your workout and also must stick to your diet schedule. Samsung Health knows this, and it allows you to join communities of like-minded people to stay motivated.

Samsung Health app keeps you motivated by challenging like-minded people in your community. It helps you to challenge your friends in achieving a particular physical activity. The challenge may be the number of calories to be burned or number steps to be covered in a specific time.

You can see their progress on your phone screen, and you have to defeat them to be a winner. This will create a team spirit among the community members, and thus it helps you keep stay motivated and energetic.

You must try this feature in Samsung Health App at least once and assure you that it will help you to stay motivated to continue with your effort to lose weight.

Monitor Daily Diet Intake With Samsung Health

Diet is the key to lose weight. Diet tracking feature in Samsung Health helps you to track calorie intake based on the food that you eat. Whenever you eat, just enter the name of the food in the app to keep track of your calorie and nutrients intake with each meal.

It will give you a clear idea about your food intake, and you will never eat more calories than the advised limit. This will increase the pace of your journey to fitness.

You can find this food tracking option in the Samsung Health app home screen itself. See the image below for more clarification.

Shealth Food Tracking

You can also assess your calorie intake data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Discuss this data with your dietician and make necessary modifications if required.

Samsung Health Weight Management Activities

Samsung Health also offers different types of weight loss activities for free. Many other fitness apps provide these types of fitness activities at a monthly fee. Here at Samsung Health, you get this feature for free. Make sure you use this feature of the S Health app during your journey to fitness and weight loss.

You can access this feature in S. Health App at “Programmes” under “Discover.” Before you subscribe to a premium fitness app, it is worth checking this feature in Samsung Health App.

Samsung Health App is one of the best fitness app available today to track your various fitness activities. It can track all your fitness needs, including Weight Management. Stay dedicated and motivated by the Samsung Health Fitness app for a faster result.

Use the app positively to track your fitness activities positively. If you are a beginner, then I suggest you start with the S. Health Fitness app before you go for a premium app, fitness tracker, or smartwatch. Samsung Health also offers some cool Physical Activities to burn extra fat more faster.

I think this guide on Samsung Health Weight Management is helpful for you in losing some extra pounds for free even without a smartwatch or fitness tracker. If you believe anything else needs to be added to this article, please feel free to comment below or connect us through our social media channels.

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