Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Huawei Watch 2: Which is Best?

In the world of smartwatches, both Huawei and Samsung are quite famous, to say the least. Due to this reason, most of the avid smartwatch enthusiasts tend to fall in a quandary of choosing anyone between them. Moreover, with the launch of both Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 2, the dilemma has increased even more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Huawei Watch 2

However, there is an easy way to find the best one among them. Well, that’s right. We are, indeed, talking about differentiating between them. If we compare each of their features and aspects individually, then we will be able to find a winner in the end. Are you, too, excited about it, just like us? Then, don’t stop here! Make sure to keep reading!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Huawei Watch 2

Display FeaturesGalaxy Watch 3Huawei Watch 2
Display TypeAMOLED capacitive touchscreenAMOLED
Size1.4 inches1.2″
ProtectionCorning® Gorilla® Glass 3Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Always-on displayYesYes
Design FeaturesGalaxy Watch 3Huawei Watch 2
Dimensions46.2 x 45 x 11.1 mm /1.82 x 1.77 x 0.44 in48.9 x 45 x 12.6mm
Weight53.8g (45mm Model), 48.2 g (41mm Model),59g
Blood PressureYesNo
Rotating BezelYesNo
Sensors and BatteryGalaxy Watch 3Huawei Watch 2
Heart Rate SensorYesYes
VO2 SensorYesYes
Light SensorYesYes
Geomagnetic SensorNoYes
Battery2 days36-40 hours
ChargingQi wireless chargingWired Charging
Other FeaturesGalaxy Watch 3Huawei Watch 2
In-built MusicYesYes
Sleep TrackingYesYes
VO2 MaxYesNo
Fall DetectionYesNo
Water ResistanceIP 68IP 68

Design: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Huawei Watch 2

In all honesty, if you are thinking about buying something traditional, then none of these watches would be ideal for you. But why are we saying so? Well, if you take a look at each of them, then you will find out that they feature a rather sporty design.

Moreover, they are pretty weighty as well. Each of these generally weighs around 60g, even though being quite small. However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 would seem to be a bit heftier due to its smaller size and dimensions.

The brand new Huawei Watch 2 has replaced the traditional slim rim with a durable yet glossy bezel. It also comes with index markets. However, even though it does have some flashy additions, it still does not have that premium gleam on it at all.

On the other hand, the Samsung Watch 3, too, comes with two different styling choices. However, the latter or non-traditional one looks a lot better than the Huawei Watch 2. Furthermore, the traditional variant seems pretty good with formal dresses as well.

So, if we were given the choice of choosing between these two only regarding looks, then we would definitely opt for the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

Durability and Navigation: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 2

So, you probably have already made your verdict from the designs of these two models. Now, let’s look at their durability as well. In essence, the overall construction of the Galaxy Watch 3 looks quite decent, to say the least.

It has been manufactured with high-end plastic material, which seems to be pretty durable. Hence, even if it falls from your hands, it would not get damaged easily. Moreover, the display section of the watch comes with the coveted Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Hence, it will be able to take a lot of hits before giving in as well. Conversely, the Huawei Watch 2 comes with a bezel drop design, which, in the first look, seems to be somewhat vulnerable. But, in truth, it is a lot more durable than it looks.

As the model of Samsung, this one, too, features the coveted Gorilla Glass 3 protection. So, even if you accidentally drop it from your hands, it won’t break in any way. Hence, it becomes quite difficult for us to choose a winner in the aspect of durability.

Thus, let’s take a look at its navigation system as well. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a rotating bezel. Hence, you would not really have to place your hands on it for using it properly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 rotating bezel

On the other hand, the Huawei Watch 2 allows you to enable only two buttons to get access to the menu and exit from it. Sounds quirky, right? Well, in a way, it is. However, this form of design isn’t really new in the market of smartwatches.

So, all-in-all, the model from Samsung does feel a bit bulkier in hands, but it is durable and has a much better navigation system. On the other hand, the Huawei watch falls a little bit short on the department of navigation. Hence, it would not triumph in this facet.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Operating System: Huawei Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

If you are quite an aficionado of the smartwatches, then you probably do already have enough knowledge in this aspect. However, if you are a novice in this aspect, then make sure to go through this section meticulously.

So, for starters, the Galaxy Watch 3 operates of the coveted Tizen OS, which is available in other watches of the brand as well. However, the Huawei Watch 2 runs on Android Wear 2.0, which is somewhat new in the market.

In all honesty, each of them is quite efficient. But, some core differences set them apart. Let’s talk about Tizen first. In essence, it is a simple and easy-to-use operating system, which synchronizes perfectly with the rotating bezel.

The notification support of the model is quite excellent and quick as well. On the other hand, the Tizen OS is pretty decent in each of these sections too. However, it somewhat falls short when talking about the overall smoothness and user-friendliness.

On the other hand, Huawei Watch 2 uses the ‘same old Android Wear 2.0 software, which is somewhat basic. You will get all the necessary apps, such as Google Assistant, Android Pay, and a few others. However, there is nothing new available here.

But, as you probably do already know, the app gallery of Samsung’s Tizen OS is a lot more vast and up-to-the-mark. Here, you will be able to find almost anything and everything that is virtually available on the internet.

Moreover, the same security system is too pretty decent, to say the least. So which one should you choose in this aspect? Well, it will all depend on your preferences. If you do want to use more apps, then Samsung should be your go-to option. However, if you do prefer more convenience, Huawei should be ideal for you.

Winner: Draw

Activity and Smart Tracking: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Huawei Watch 2

If you look at their history, you will find that both Huawei and Samsung generally emphasize their devices’ looks. So, it makes a perfect sense to look at the activity features of these devices to find the best one in this aspect.

Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 first. As one of the latest devices in the market, the Samsung Galaxy 3 comes with many activity trackers. There is an in-built GPS available in the model, which can help you track your cycling, running, or other outdoor activities.

Moreover, it may also help you to do the same while you are swimming underwater. However, to keep the system running, you have to come out of the water every now and then. Also, as the product comes with an IP68 waterproof screen, you don’t have to worry about going deeper into the sea.

Anyways, besides, there is also a heart rate monitor available in the model. Hence, you can keep your heart condition in check as well. It offers an accurate reading, so make sure to follow it as thoroughly as possible. Besides, there are a few other fundamental tracking features available here as well.

So, now, let’s get back to Huawei Watch 2. In essence, the model, until now, has lost two rounds. Nonetheless, according to users, fitness is definitely one of its strongest suits. With its exquisite features, the device can track a wide variety of cycling and running metrics, such as speed, distance, steps, gait, calories, and many more.

Besides, it also provides you an accurate data after running and offers advice about training effects and recovery time. Also, the product can store fitness data as well. So, if you want to go through your performance of the past few weeks, then you can definitely do it with this device on your hands.

Also, if you want to, you can use the model, even while swimming as well. Like Galaxy Watch 3, this one, too, comes with a water-resistant design. However, the GPS would not work while you are swimming. So, it is a let-down of this model.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with the coveted LTE connectivity system. You can use for playing songs, receiving notification from your social accounts, and attend or make calls from your office or your friends.

The same feature is available on Huawei Watch 2 as well. Like its rival counterpart, this one, too, can help you to listen to songs without taking your smartphone while going out. You can integrate 3rd party apps, such as Spotify, with your watch as well.

   Winner: Draw

Sleep Tracking and Fall Detection: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Huawei Watch 2

If you want to live a healthy life, then you will need to sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily. Hence, in this aspect, you would require a smartwatch that comes with a decent sleep tracking feature.

Now, for starters, the Galaxy Watch 3 does feature a decent sleep tracking component that can keep your daily sleeping schedule in check. If you want to, then you can also store the data on it for a better evaluation.

Conversely, the Huawei Watch 2, too, has a sleep tracker. It is pretty efficient, as well. However, as per reports, the Huawei Watch 2 does not feature a fall detection system. So, unlike Galaxy Watch 3, it would not be able to send any of your closed ones messages if you do encounter any accidents.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Blood Oxygen Tracker: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Huawei Watch 2

The coveted blood oxygen tracker is available in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It does provide accurate data, as well. If you want to know about your health condition, then we will definitely suggest you follow it. Anyways, the model from Huawei does not really come with this feature at all. We also do not think that it will be available anytime soon.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Battery Backup: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Huawei Watch 2

As of now, we have already talked about all the features that these two smartwatches carry with them. So, now, we will take a look into their battery backup as well. So, let’s begin with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 first.

In terms of battery backup, the Watch 3 falls a little bit short than most of its rivals. For saying out loud, it comes with a 247mAh battery, which offers a backup of around 43 hours. Sounds depressing, right? We bet it does.

On the other hand, the Huawei Watch 2 shines bright like a diamond in this aspect. The model comes with a variety of customizable battery settings. If you do keep it in the watch-mode, then it will last for almost 21 days.

Conversely, if you do keep it in smart power saving mode, then it will be able to serve you for around two days. Lastly, if you do use the GPS tracking system continuously, then the battery will last for only seven hours.

However, it can replenish itself pretty quickly. So, you do not really have to worry about it.

 Winner: Huawei Watch 2

Price: Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Huawei Watch 2

In truth, the Huawei Watch 2 is a lot more affordable than Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The former comes with a price range of under USD 170, while the latter has a price tag of around USD 400.

However, it does make sense. If you take a look at the overall features of these two models, then you will find a lot of differences between them. Therefore, in this aspect, the choice will depend on your budget.

Winner: Huawei Watch 2


So, now, we will be concluding our write-up about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Huawei Watch 2. However, before doing so, we will be sharing our verdict about these two devices. Now, which one would we choose among them? Well, we won’t lie. Due to the affordable price tag, the Huawei Watch 2 does seem to be a bit of intriguing.

 However, we would always choose quality over everything. Hence, our choice, in this aspect, would Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It is durable, feature-rich, and appears to be perfect from almost every aspect. However, if you do not have a decent budget, then the Huawei Watch 2 can be a proper alternative for you.

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