Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: Is it Worth Buying

Smartwatches have achieved massive popularity in the last few years, especially one coming from the leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Fitbit. Samsung is one of the leading electronic brands in the market that is consistently creating a buzz in the industry from the last few years. It can be considered as one of the leading competitors to Apple and Fitbit. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The company is having a great approach to wearables. Being featured with many options, plenty of features, a prominent and flashy footprint, and much more, this brand has become one of the most favored choices among the smart device users. The newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has returned with a rotating bezel. Samsung is really doing great for its Active line and is also attempting to convenience the majority of the market towards the brand value.  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a sequel to TechRadar’s smartwatch that has brought up a new trend in the market. It has an improved design that has succeeded in grabbing the attention of the majority of the users of the smart devices towards it. This guide is specifically designed to give you a honest and unbiased Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review for you.


A beautiful rotating bezel characterizes Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The design included here is dazzling, with a vivid display and a variety of new fitness features. You can easily track your daily progress across a wide range of activities with the help of this watch, along with its companion app. The look of this smartwatch is quite traditional. The rotating bezel of the smartwatch also allows you to navigate through various menus on display. 

If you love to wear a watch quite often, you would be well aware of how satisfying it is to click, click, and sound. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is better than the first-generation device. The device doesn’t only include a lot of features, but the design tends to be slimmer from the previous versions as well. Watch 3 looks like a more svelte-looking device. 

The spinning dial works perfectly great from both side buttons. One can easily opt for the option of swiping or can also check out the circular display with the help of a finger. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes up with a leather strap that perfectly matches with the casing’s color. It means that you can now easily enjoy aesthetic looks while enjoying the unmatched experiences of a smartwatch at an easier end.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a feature-loaded smartwatch that will help you track your different activities with accurate results. The smartwatch comes up with different health tracking features like heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level, sleep tracking, calorie tracking, etc. 

Galaxy Watch 3 has an FDA approved ECG monitor(for the USA only) that helps you in detecting the signs of atrial fibrillation perfectly. Adding more to it, the smartwatch also has a BP monitoring sensor that keeps a check on your blood pressure and helps you stay fit in different conditions. However, this feature is not available Globally as still; they are waiting for approval from some health authorities like the FDA. 

As it got a blood oxygen sensor and heart rate sensor, it can give you more in-depth data on your sleeping pattern. 

Besides, the smartwatch is also beneficial for all those who used to work heavy exercises regularly. It keeps a check on the level of oxygen in your blood during heavy exercises. 

Adding more to it, features like hard fall detection are also being integrated here in this smartwatch. The smartwatch plays an alarm and displays an alert in cases of a hard fall. If you do not mute the alarm in a few minutes, it will automatically send emergency SOS to the Emergency number with your current location. 

Activity Tracking Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is not only a perfect health tracker, but this device is perfect for tracking your different day-to-day activities as well. It can track over 40 plus activities right from your wrist. In which it can track seven activities automatically. 

Besides, it comes with an in-built GPS and GLONASS sensor that can accurately track your location even without a smartphone with you. This feature makes this smartwatch the perfect fit for indoor and outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, running, etc.

Waterproof Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with an IP 68 rating with swim-tracking features. It allows you to track your swim activities up to 50 meters underwater. But make sure you do not use it for skating or other water skating activities that involved forceful water jet. Because a strong water jet can damage its waterproof sealing, and this damages your watch. 

Smart Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has emerged as one of the best smartwatches in the market. The product is currently giving fierce competition to one of the leading brands, i.e., Apple’s smartwatches at this moment. Galaxy Watch 3 serves as a great health tracker or navigator for you, but it also offers users access over a vast range of smart features to its users. 

It comes with two models, one is the Bluetooth model, and another one comes with LTE. The Samsung LTE model costs you a few more bucks, but it gives you a complete phone free user experience. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE allows you to make and receive phone calls even without a smartphone. Besides, it also allows you to send SMS or WhatsApp message right from your wrist. 

Both models can be easily integrated with any smartphone without any hassle. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes with in-built music storage that allows you to download music from your computer and other music streaming apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Just connect your smartwatch to a wireless earbud or headphone to listen to your favorite songs directly from the watch. 

You can also go for other Galaxy Watch 3 alternatives if you do not like it for any reason. 

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 worth buying?

If you are looking for a premium smartwatch with advanced features, then Galaxy Watch 3 is a great choice. It is one of the best smartwatches that come with advanced health tracking features such as ECG, heart rate monitoring, Blood pressure, VO2 Max.

If want you can go for some alternatives to Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Alternatives

For any reason, if you do not want to buy Galaxy Watch 3, then here is some of the best other options that you can consider.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

If you compare Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 with Vivoactive 4, then there will be an edge to edge competition in terms of features and functionalities. It is one of the finest products in the market that comes up with standard in-built music storage. You can now easily store and stream your favorite music. 

The product comes with an in-built GPS sensor that makes it one of the best smartwatch to track your outdoor activities. So if you are an athlete or runner, then it is one of the best alternatives to Galaxy Watch 3. 

The Garmin Pay support is also quite convenient that allows you to make a payment right from your wrist. It is a wonderful product that comes with perfect sleep tracking and heart tracking features. It is a waterproof and swim-proof watch that can safely use during different water-based exercises. 

If you are a technology freak and are currently looking forward to a perfect Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 alternative, then Garmin Vivoactive 4 is the best option.

Apple Watch 5

Being loaded with many inbuilt features like GPS tracker and cellular data usage, Apple Watch 5 is one of the most excellent alternatives to Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It is one of the finest smartwatches in the market that is suitable to wear with any outfits.

The presence of features like ECG or Electrical and Optical heat sensors can serve as your perfect health tracker. You really don’t need to take out your smartphone every time you check such applications, just access a wide range of applications through your smartphone without any hassle. 

Retinal Display and the always-on display are among the most advanced features of the Apple Watch 5 with GPS. The screen size is being kept a bit larger than its competitors in the market, and that adds more to the user experience. 

Like Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the Apple Watch Series 5 also comes with features like music storage, podcasts, and audiobooks. Fall detection is another feature that is common in Apple Watch Series 5.  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the predecessor and best alternative to Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. In terms of design and features, it has a lot of similarities with the Galaxy Watch 3.

It comes with a lot of advanced activity tracking and health tracking features. Right from measuring your heart rate to checking your oxygen level, the Galaxy watch can do a lot.

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes up with a built-in GPS tracker that can track your location accurately. It is one of the best swimming watch that you can use to track your swimming activities up to 50 meters. 

Besides, you can easily make use of this watch for streaming music, podcasts, and other audio files as well. 

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Coming up with a bigger and customizable screen, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is another excellent Galaxy Watch 3 alternatives that will offer seamless access over the unlimited features. You can also use this smartwatch to track swimming activities as it is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Once it is paired with your smartphone, you can get smartphone notifications right on your wrist. So you do not need to grab your smartphone frequently to stay updated with your smartphone notifications, including social media updates. 

If you go for Samsung Galaxy Active 2 with LTE, then you can make phone calls and send SMS directly from the watch. 

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then Huawei Watch 2 is another cheap and best alternatives to Galaxy Watch 3.


In a nutshell, it is one of the best value for money smartwatch that comes with all basic to advanced fitness tracking and smart features. 

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