Samsung Galaxy Active and Active 2 Gets Another Update

Samsung Galaxy Active and Active 2 Gets Another Update

The Samsung Galaxy Active and Active 2 gets another update to fix Wi-Fi and messaging app instabilities. The updates are currently available in Austria, Brazil, Germany, and South Korea.

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According to Sam Mobile, the firmware version R820XXU1DUD1 is for Samsung Galaxy Active, and firmware version R500XXU1FUD1 is for the Galaxy Active 2. Both the updates are about 35MB in download size.

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If you live in a country mentioned above and did not get the update notification, you can check for updates in the Galaxy Wearable app. Before you start to update, make sure that the smartwatch has at least 50% battery for an uninterrupted software update.

Samsung always improves their wearable devices by frequently releasing updates. Even last week the Samsung released updates for Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 to improve the Wi-Fi and messaging app stability.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2? 

  1. Recharge the smartwatch 
  2. Open the Galaxy Wearable app. 
  3. Tap the “Home” icon 
  4. Now tap on the “Watch Software Update.” 
  5. If an update is available, then it will display “Download and install.” Now tap on it to install the update. 
  6. Done

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