Qardiocore Review: The Best Wearable ECG Monitor for Heart Health

Are you looking for a non-bulky wearable ECG Monitor device to track your heart health? Then here we have FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA)Approved best wearable ECG monitor device for you.

Qardiocore Review

Without wasting time, let us jump into Qardiocore Review.

What is Qardiocore?

Qardiocore is a wearable electrocardiogram monitor (ECG/EKG), made to optimize the detection and monitoring of cardiac conditions while easily blending into your daily life. Being a smart wearable ECG device, QardioCore wearable device gives you maximum comfort and medical accuracy.

It is basically an electrocardiogram device aimed at continuous monitoring of the heart. It has a 24/7 running wireless ECG. General ECG monitoring systems are bulky, require hospital visits and provide limited information.

In contrast, Qardicore is small, wireless, provides accurate heart rate data and being the first IP6 certified Device, its splash and water-resistant.

Qardiocore is a sleek designed monitor that can be worn as a chest strap. The data which is collected can be shared with anyone through platforms.

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This device is also very helpful to pro-athletes or fitness enthusiasts who can use the data to optimize their workout accordingly.

This device can be integrated with the iOS app, Qardio, and can also integrate with its other services like QardioArm, QardioBase, and QardioMD. 

This device has more than 20 million data points that collect and combine data to deliver highly accurate data in the form of an Electrocardiograph.

QardioCore’s highly efficient sensors deliver clinically accurate heart activity monitoring on the go. Fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle, it addresses the need for smarter health management which is easily accessible to both doctors and patients.

Features of Qardiocore

Now let have a look into the amazing features of Qardiocore.

  • Complete Heart Health Analysis

Rated as one of the best wearable ECG monitors, QardioCore also monitors heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate, and activity tracking thus making it one of the best heart rate monitors too.
It focuses on providing doctors a deeper insight into their patients’ overall heart health tracking and ways to improve on it

  • Easy to Blend In Everyday Lifestyle

QardioCore has a wireless Bluetooth ECG monitor which is splash and rain-resistant, which enables you to wear it anywhere, anytime and practical for everyday use. It’s the perfect health companion for those who have a casual interest in looking after their heart or improving their workout and performance without affecting their comfort and lifestyle on a large scale.

  • Sleek and Premium Design

QardioCore is designed and tested keeping two major pain points in focus, to provide comfort and convenience for everyday use. It is the winner of the CES 2015 Innovation Award in two categories and also a recipient of the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Award for Product Design due to QuardioCore’s premium and sleek look.

  • Efficient Data Sharing

QardioCore offers an innovative and modern way to keep tabs on patients’ heart health, enabling doctors and healthcare providers with a powerful tool for efficient health analysis and preventative healthcare.
Being dynamic and equipped with realtime data sharing & Analysis, QardioCore presents its users with a better scope to take control of a chronic condition or maybe help optimize sports performance.

Here’s a better look at the product details of Qardiocore to make an informed decision before buying any heart health monitor. 

Biometrics Measured: 

  • Skin Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Respiratory Rate

Design & Tech Specifications

It is designed to blend in daily lifestyle and has these dimensions:

7.6x 4.0 x 0.4 in (193 x 102 x 10 mm)

The power source of Qardiocore is a Lithium-ion polymer battery that lasts up to one day without charging on continuous use.

It has a single ECG channel with a frequency response of 0.05 to 40Hz. The A/D Sampling Rate is 600 samples per second with a sampling resolution of 16 bit. 

Having a continuous recording method, it requires a Bluetooth 4.0 version or higher along with an iOS device(iOS 9.0 or later), iPhone 5 or above, iPad mini, iPad 4th Gen or above, iPod Touch 6th Gen or above, Apple Watch and Apple Air.

Qardiocore is designed to be used by healthcare professionals, health-conscious people or patients with a history of cardiac health problems to help them in individual monitoring of the heart. If you have a pacemaker or any other implantable device on your chest, consult your doctor before using Qardiocore to avoid any mishaps. 

Where to Buy Qardiocore Wearable ECG Monitor?

This device has a strong presence in the USA due to its validity by the US Food and Drug Administration. Besides the United States, currently, it is available for sale in Europe(CE mar approved), Canada (Canada Health Approved), Australia(TGA approved), and Hong Kong.

While Qardiocore is approved and certified by professional medical authorities and health departments, it should be used as an addition to ongoing diagnosis and treatment and not as a substitute or replacement.

The chest strap of Qardicore is adjustable and can be worn by most people. The strap is adjustable between 27.5 and 43 inches (70-109 cm) and the material is soft to provide users comfort in doing everyday activities while wearing it.

How to Wear Qardiocore?

Qardiocore is aimed at comfort and ease of access, hence, wearing it properly will help users to continue with daily work without any obstructions. The device when properly worn should be a bit snug but comfortable and most importantly, it MUST NOT move while you are running/working out.

Strap the device directly onto your skin just below the sternum, below the chest area. Make sure to strap it a bit of ease to avoid skin irritation. Always remember to connect the right side first and adjust the strap according to your chest size.

After connecting the right side of the strap, wrap it around your chest and connect the lest strap. It should be worn such that the Qardicore logo is on the left side of your chest. All the sensors must be touching your skin directly and should be just enough tight to feel comfortable during movement.

Qardiocore App

The Qardiocore device sends data that can be utilized and read by Qardio, a free app on the Apple Store for its customers. The data sent can be analyzed directly on your smartphone or even by a healthcare provider or doctor if you have given access to QardioMD, a cloud-based portal devised to reduce the gap and enable data sharing between patients and doctors. 

Qardiocore Support

When connecting your device with the app, be sure to enable it for support so that technicians available for customer support can be directly reached to solve any minor bugs/fixes or help required by you.

Follow these steps:

  • Download the free Qardio App or go to Qardio Store and when prompted, download the app. You could also go to the iTunes App Store.
  • Open the Qardio App on your iPhone or tablet. If notified, you should enable Bluetooth on the device.
  • Now, create a new user and fill in the necessary details for login. Follow the on-screen directions for setting up your personal account settings and privacy. 
  • Now, switch on the QardioCore device which is strapped to your chest. You should see a green light on the left side blinking three times to indicate that QardioCore has switched on.
  • Open the Qardio App, touch, and hold your phone or tablet close to your chest to start the pairing of your QardioCore with your phone or tablet. When requested, accept the pairing request.
  • After this, QardioCore will start recording your electrocardiogram automatically. The ECG metrics can be affected during the first few hours due to the positioning of QardioCore and your physiological condition. It is vital that QardioCore is correctly placed. You are advised to read the User Manual to use the device properly.
  • You can stop the ECG recording at any time by detaching the left clip from QardioCore and removing it from the chest.

How to Clean Your Qardiocore?

Remember that the QardioCore is in contact with your skin, just like cloth.

This makes it vital to keep your QardioCore clean. It is recommended to clean the QardioCore after each use, especially if worn during workouts. Even if the surface of QardioCore appears clean, sweat and lotions on the surface or in crevasses can cause skin irritation and rashes.

Being bacteria and odor resistant, QardioCore’s straps protect against any smell generated due to the formation of bacteria from sweat, thus ensuring good comfort and hygiene. In order to ensure maximum bacteria and odor resistance, wash the straps regularly.

The following steps are recommended when cleaning your QardioCore:

  • Take off the device and unplug it from charging as well.
  • Clean the device using a soft toothbrush or nonabrasive, lint-free cloth using fresh water and a mild detergent.
  • To clean the strap, wash by hand or in the washing machine by adding mild detergent and cold water. Leave the strap to dry.

In a hospital or clinical environment, where multiple patients will be sharing one device, the QardioCore must be cleaned after each individual use through a disinfectant towelette like CaviWipes or Oxivir Wipes.

Being clinically approved, FDA approved and has so many plus points for practical usage, the Quardiocore Wireless EKG is widely accepted as a trustworthy and reliable device to monitor and manage cardiac health while also making sure vital information reaches the concerned person(doctor) or healthcare provider(hospitals) so that users stay one-step ahead and tackle any obstruction to overall health of their heart.

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