Qardiocore Review: The Best Wearable ECG Monitor for Heart Health

Due to several lifestyle-related reasons, many people, these days, tend to suffer from heart diseases. Hence, it becomes pretty crucial for them to keep their heart rate and its abnormalities in check. But how are you going to do so without interrupting your daily lifestyle? 

Qardiocore Review

Well, like any other issue, this problem, too, has a solution – the Qardiocore! In essence, it is a wearable ECG monitor that can help you to keep track of your heartbeats and its anomalies in a regular manner. It is also pretty comfortable to wear.  

But why should you really opt for Qardiocore? Aren’t there other models available as well? Well, yes, of course! However, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, none of them can defeat Qardiocore wireless ECG Monitor in any way. 

Don’t believe us? Then, make sure to keep reading our Qardiocore review

Qardiocore review

Before we review Qardiocore, let is have a quick look into what is ECG?

What is ECG?

Well, in short, Electrocardiogram, or, in short, ECG or EKG, is a computer-based tool that can efficiently monitor your heart’s rhythm and beat-rate. It is a painless test, which primarily more common among elderly and heart patients.

The whole procedure is done either in a hospital or a physician’s clinic while the doctor is present in the room. However, traditional devices cannot be carried around from one place to another. Hence, you’ll require Qardiocore to help you out in this aspect! 

FDA Approval Status

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, evaluates various medical devices, drugs, and foods and check if they are usable for human beings.  

Hence, if you do see the tag of FDA Approval Status on any product, then it will definitely be useful for you.

The Qardicore is waiting for US Food and Drug Administration clearance to start its sale in the USA. So the people in USA must wait for some time to get it available in the USA. Meanwhile you can check some other best wearable ECG monitors here.

This product is already approved in Europe(CE Approved), Canada (Approved By Canada Health), Australia(TGA HEalth), and Hong Kong.

Features and Specs of Qardiocore

Unlike most other similar devices in the market, Qardiocore comes with a plethora of features. The following are a few of the prominent ones among them. 

Thorough Analysis of Health 

Widely known as one of the best heart rate monitoring devices, Qardiocore can keep track of your heart rate on a regular basis. Besides, it can check your respiratory condition, skin temperature, etc., as well. Moreover, it can also provide a profound insight into your overall health condition to help your doctor know more about the current scenario.

Conduct ECG – Anytime, Anywhere 

Whether you are currently sitting at your office or lying in your bed peacefully – you can conduct an ECG monitoring procedure anytime, anywhere. All you would need to do in this aspect is to wear the Qardiocore model before beginning the process. 

Moreover, as a medical-grade tool, the device can record your heart’s performance quite precisely. Thus, you can definitely put all of your trust in the data you provided. If you see any anomalies in your report, then make sure to work in accordance with it. 

For example, if you see that your heart is currently beating too fast, then you will have to stop exercising promptly. You may also try to slow it down to ease your condition. Also, while you are at it, do not forget to jot down the timing of the heart irregularity issue.

The Capability of Blending In 

As you have probably already guessed, you can definitely put on the Qardiocore device. It is relatively lightweight and, thus, does not cause any discomfort while you are wearing it. Moreover, it has not been manufactured with any toxic material. Therefore, it also does not cause any skin issues at all.

Besides, each of the Qardiocore devices is water and splash-resistant. Therefore, you would not have to worry about raining anymore. Last yet not least, the overall design of the model seems pretty ergonomic as well. So, if you wear it under your shirt, no one is going to notice that it is there. Hence, with it, you won’t be embarrassed as well.

Sleek and Convenient Design 

The overall design of the Qardiocore seems to be quite exquisite as well. The exterior section is pretty and, thus, makes you feel comfortable even when you are wearing it. 

Moreover, the whole wearing procedure of the device is quite simple as well. However, if you still have not gotten a hold of it, then make sure to check out the users’ manual. You may also take the help of YouTube as well – whatever sails your boat. 

Clinically Authenticated 

As mentioned before, the Qardiocore ECG monitor has been approved by the health authorities in Europe, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Hence, it is absolutely safe and secure to use for any human being. Moreover, it also provides authentic data about your health.

There are several parameters available in it, which can help your doctors understand your health condition in a precise manner. If your physician has downloaded the app and has integrated it with your device, then he or she can check your data on a real-time basis as well.  

Excellent Data Sharing Technology 

In all honesty, there are several wearable ECG monitor devices available in the market. In essence, they are quite efficient as well. However, like Qardiocore, they do not have a top-notch data sharing system. Hence, you may encounter some issues with them while providing your weekly or monthly data to your client. 

On the other hand, the titular device provides its patients with the power to track his or her records pretty efficiently. Moreover, with it, you can also share your weekly data quite proficiently with your doctor. Furthermore, if your doctor has the app, he or she can offer her views on your report directly. 

So, as we have already discussed the features of the application, let’s learn more about its specifications. This way, it will become even easier for you to understand the viability of the device. 

  • Dimension: The product comes with dimensions of 185 x 87 x 9 mm. Hence, it will fit against the chest of almost anyone and everyone. Make sure to check out the wearing tutorial in the users’ manual for more convenience. 
  • Weight: In essence, the device weighs around only 130 grams or 0.29 lbs, including batteries. Therefore, it will almost feel like a breeze in your body. 
  • Power Source: The wearable devices from Qardiocore draw the power of running from a powerful Lithium-ion polymer battery cell. It generally gets replenished a lot more quickly and provides the model a running time of a whole day. 
  • Water-Resistance: As mentioned before, the Qardiocore devices are entirely water and splash-resistant. The waterproof efficiency of the model is rated as IP65. 
  • Operable Conditions: The heart monitoring devices of Qardiocore are highly durable. Hence, they can operate in as low as 10⁰C and as high as 40⁰C effectively. It can also withstand 25% to 90% of maximum humidity quite proficiently. 
  • ECG Channels: The device comes with only a single ECG channel. Nevertheless, it works perfectly for a single person. 
  • Sample Rate and Frequency Response: It has a sampling rate of 600-sample/second, which is quite high and efficient, to say the least. Moreover, it also comes with a frequency response of 0.05Hz to 40Hz, which is quite decent as well. 

How to Wear Qardiocore?

How to wear qardiocore

As stated previously, the manufacturers of Qardiocore has also focused more on the wearing experience than anything else. Hence, you can definitely put the device upon your chest like a breeze. However, before we get started, we would like to provide you with a tiny bit of advice about it. 

For comfort purposes, you can definitely wear the model a little bit less snuggly. However, make sure that it does not move from its place continuously. If it happens, then the model would not be able to provide proper readings accurately.

Anyways, let’s get back to the main topic again. To wear the device in a proper manner, you would, first, have to strap it just a little bit lower than your sternum. Make sure not to tighten the strap too much. Otherwise, the skin under it might get affected a little bit. 

Additionally, you should always try to connect the right section of the strap first before moving onto the left one. To make it a little bit easier to remember, you would have to wear the product in such a way so that the logo of the brand stays on your left side.

Qardiocore App and Its Settings

Qardiocore review

Like any other best wearable ECG monitor in the market, Qardiocore has its own application. You can use it by downloading the same on your smartphone. The best thing about it is that the app is available in both Playstore and Apple Store. So, no matter which device you are using, you can always get avail of it on your phone. 

Now, what can you do with it? Well, for starters, with it, you can keep a proper track of your daily endeavors and heart rate measurements. It has a cloud-based portal, where it saves the accumulated data in a precise manner. Anyways, once you have collected enough, you can, then, send it to your doctor directly, only in an instance.

But how are you going to download it on your device? Moreover, how can you activate the support option? Well, here are a few steps that can help you out in this aspect. 

  • Firstly, you will have to go to the app store on your device and download the official application from there. It is a simple process.
  • Once downloaded, you will have to open it. Right after doing so, you will get notified to enable the Bluetooth connectivity of your device. Make sure to do it. 
  • Once you are done, then you will have to create your account on the app. You can do so by filling all the necessary details, like your name, age, etc. 
  • After that, you will have to switch to the device that you have strapped on your sternum. If you have created the profile successfully, then you can see a green light beeping on it.
  • Now, you will have to open the app and hold your phone in front of the device to complete the pairing-up procedure. After a few seconds, you will get a request for the same. Make sure to accept it.
  • After you have completed the previous step, then the app will automatically start collecting data from the device. If you want to stop it, you can do so merely by removing the device from your chest. 


Broadly admired as one of the best cardiac rhythm checking devices, Qardiocore provides an absolutely correct result almost every time. However, to allow it to do its work proficiently, you will have to wear it in a proper manner and make sure that it does not get displaced while you are exercising.  

How to Clean Qardiocore? 

The Qardiocore device, in essence, stays close to your skin almost always. Hence, if you do not clean it regularly, it might cause skin infection due to the accumulation of sweat. You should clean your device right after you have used it. This way, you will not forget about it anymore. 

To clean the device thoroughly, we would suggest using a non-abrasive cloth or a soft toothbrush with an amalgamation of mild detergent and freshwater. On the other hand, you can use the same water-detergent mixture for the strap and clean it by using your hands. Make sure to air-dry it after you have completed washing.

Where to Buy?

As I said earlier, it is not available for sale in the USA as it is still wating for the FDA Approval. Once it get approval, the product will start to ship to the USA as well.

However, if you do live in Canada, then you can also buy it from there. Besides it, the devices are also available in Hong Kong, Europe, and Australia. So, if you are a resident of any of these regions, then you can purchase it from there as well.


So, as you can see, if you want to keep your heart rate in check, you can blindly opt for the Qardiocore device. It is durable, long-lasting, efficient, and offers correct evaluations almost every time. Moreover, you can also wear it while working out to know more about your heart’s performance as well. It will help you to stay healthy and tackle anything that your life throws at you. 

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