Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews and Features: (Nurses Review)

Qardioarm blood pressure monitor reviews by a RN Nurse with over 12 Years of experience in Critical Care Nursing.

Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews and Features

Qardioarm is a wireless wearable blood pressure monitor that can measure and record your blood pressure systematically and scientifically. 

Self-Blood pressure monitoring is the key to managing and treating high blood pressure.  As an RN Nurse, I can tell you that self BP monitoring is very challenging as most of the time patients do not measure it correctly or they fail to maintain a record of their reading. It makes it difficult for a doctor to make a treatment plan for a patient. 

In such cases, the doctor may even hospitalize the patient just for continuous blood pressure monitoring. Obviously, this is very expensive and inconvenient for the patients. 

Here advanced blood pressure monitoring devices such as Qardioarm come into play. It has made a revolutionary change in Self Blood Pressure monitoring in terms of accurate BP measurement as well as maintaining a record of it. 

It is a trusted self-blood pressure checking device as it is an FDA approved wearable blood pressure monitor that meets European and American Standards.

So let us discuss Qardioarm blood pressure monitor review and features in this article. If you are suffering from high BP/hypertension, then it can change the way you measure and monitor your BP. Forget about traditional blood pressure monitors and paper records. 

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You can easily connect it with the Qardio Health App, and it keeps all BP records digitally regularly. It seamlessly connects with Apple Watch 5 Series, and you can check your BP with a few taps on your wrist. 

Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews and Features

Now let us discuss the features of the Qardioarm wireless blood pressure monitor.  

  1. It is easy to use and allows everybody to check blood pressure at home or office.
  2. FDA Approved Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and proved to provide clinically accurate blood pressure readings and heart rate.
  3. It is lightweight and easy to carry. 
  4. Share data with your family members.
  5. You can easily email data to your doctor regularly. 
  6. Set Reminders: Never miss a blood pressure reading with Qardio Arm. The feature-rich Qardio Health App allows you to set daily reminders for BP checking.  
  7. It measures both Systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  8. Irregular heart rate detector: It can detect any irregular heartbeat or rhythm,  which can be life-threatening and needs immediate medical attention. 
  9. Scientific and Systematic BP recording: Display data in graphs and charts, which give a detailed insight into your blood pressure trend. It helps your doctor to make a better treatment plan for you. 
  10. Location Tracking: It tracks your location in real-time and shares it with your family member with the help of the companion app. 
  11. It is compatible with Apple Watch, iPhone, Android Phone, Apple Health, and Samsung Health. 
  12. You can connect your Qardioarm Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor with eight smartphones. It helps you to share the device with your family members or friends. You do need to worry about data as it allows you to create multiple user profiles. 

Specs of Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor

Now in this Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews, let us look into its specs. 

Dimensions140 x 68 x 38 mm
Cuff Size(in circumference)22-37cm
Compatible DevicesCompatible Devices
Compatible AppsS Health, Apple Health, Google Fit, Alexa & Siri
BatteryFour AAA Size Batteries
Geo LocationPhone Supported GPS
Heart Rate Measuring Limit40-200 beats/min
BP Measuring Limit40-250 mm Hg
Downloadable MemoryYes
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes

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How to setup Cardioarm BP Monitor?

Now let us discuss how to set up Cardioarm. It is very easy to set up and measure blood pressure using Cardioarm. Follow the steps below;

  • Download the Qardio Health App.
  • Create your account using your name and email ID. It is important to create an account with Qardio to save your data.
  • Create a profile by entering your height, weight, age, etc.
  • Turn on Qardioarm and pair it with your smartphone using Bluetooth.
  • Now wear Qardioarm on your upper arm. It should not be too loose or too tight.
  • After that open the app and tap on the “Start” button. Make sure the “Start” icon is in green color and it means that your device is connected with your smartphone. 
  • Keep your hands stable during BP checking for accurate measurement. 

Tips to Measure BP Accurately

Here are some pro tips to measure Blood Pressure accurately on any BP devices.

  • Sit on a chair in a calm and quiet place at your home.
  • Wear BP Cuff on Upper arm just above the elbow.
  • It is recommended to wear a BP cuff on the left arm for more accurate readings.
  • If your Blood pressure is above normal range, make sure you contact your Doctor immediately to avoid any serious complications. 

It may take a few seconds to get the blood pressure readings and it is normal. If you get an error message during BP check-up, please check your BP cuff and wear it properly and check BP again. 

Qardioarm Accuracy

The Qardioarm is an FDA approved product which gives a medical-grade blood pressure and pulse readings. However, you can expect a 2% variation from the readout value. 

Now many doctors are recommending Qardioarm to their patients due to its accuracy in measuring blood pressure monitoring. This helps their patients to monitor and record BP at the house accurately. As a result, patients can save money and time. 

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Image: Getqardio

The Complutense University of Madrid, Spain conducted a study on the reliability of Qardioarm Blood Pressure and heart rate assessment and concluded that it is one of the best equipment for self BP monitoring.

I have also gone through real user Qardioarm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms and most of the users including Doctors are pretty impressed with this wearable blood pressure monitor device. 

Final Verdict

Qardioarm is an innovative wearable BP monitor to check your BP more accurately than any other consumer equipment available in the market. But does not mean that it replaces any medical grade equipment. 

The features such as email data to doctors is really exciting. As it supports multiple userprofile, you can use a single device to check blood pressure of different family members. 

As it allows data sharing, you can easily see the BP readings, and treads of your family members on your smartphone

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