Polar Unite VS Polar Ignite Smartwatch: Which One is the Best

Polar Unite vs Polar Ignite Comparison

With Garmin dominating the upper-end users of smartwatches for years, many competing brands are trying different strategies that will help them to take over the industry from them.

Polar seems to be implying a unique approach of targeting the most common users of the device who are looking for something affordable to pounce on and to improve their recovery and fitness.

Unite and Ignite from Polar are their recent lineups of smartwatches models. Both are driven by science and are based on years of research and knowledge. But, are you wondering about the major differences in Polar Unite VS Polar Ignite? Well, I have tried to answer all your questions in this write up by having a fair comparison between the two products.  

Polar Unite VS Polar Ignite: In-depth Comparison

The Polar unite is a fitness watch that consists of some of the best features of the remaining ranges from Polar. In many ways, Polar Unite reminds me of Polar Ignite. But there is also a subtle difference between the two.

Now to help you decide between Polar Ignite or Polar Ignite, I have done a thorough review based on parameters like activity tracking, design, price, GPS, NFC payment, and battery. I think by now, you must be waiting to read this article more! So, without further ado, let me begin the review.

Design and Style: Polar Unite vs Ignite

Image of Polar Ignite and Polar Unite

Polar has again gone circular in shape by giving you a 43 mm diameter Ignite watch with 8 mm thickness. The weight of this device is just 35 gm, which makes it really comfortable to wear all day long.

Unite, on the other hand, is a little thicker (10 mm) than Polar Ignite but is lighter in comparison to it as it has only 32 g of weight. Due to its weight, I can barely notice wearing it on my wrists.

The bezel of the Ignite is made up of stainless steel that gives a shiny finish to the gadget. It also comes in different color variants like copper, rose gold, black, and silver so that the user will never get bored of them. Unite is reinforced inside a polymer case and bezel and is available in pink, white, bluer, and black color options.

Both of them have a button on the right side of the watch with a unisex appeal and a tidy design. The most common thing in Polar Unite vs. Polar Ignite comparison is that when it is time to check your status of the day, you will be glancing down at 240 X 204 resolutions with IPS TFT touch screen display and ambient light sensors.

The display of both watches is a different approach against all the models of Polar, which I have seen before.

Also, the glass lens of Ignite is made up of Dragontrail, which makes it sturdier for everyday use and provides protection against scratches and abrasions.

However, Unite is composed of the Asahi Glass lens, which is famous for its molding techniques.

Besides, Polar Unite comes with a snap and Slip wristbands of silicone that includes no metal parts in it. The wristbands of Polar Ignite include a regular metal buckle to snug around your wrists tightly.

Both bands have a thickness of 20 mm and include spring bars that make the changing of the straps easy and quick.

Winner: Polar Ignite

Activity Tracking: Polar Ignite vs Polar Unite

Image of Polar Ignite
Polar Ignite

The GLONASS feature in Polar Ignite tracks down your outdoor activities like cycling and running. In addition to this, numerous sports profiles will help you in tracking your statistics in activities starting from strength training to hiking.

There is only an accelerometer present in the Unite, which can keep a record of the limited activities.

Also, Ignite has brought in more detailed features for training like the Running Index and Training Load Pro, which indicates the perceived and cardio load of the user.

These features will help you to access complex data analysis of your health. Unite offers the user a five minutes test to measure how effectively your body is using up the oxygen, thus providing a starting point for trying out new exercise routines.

Moreover, from the data accuracy point of view of this Polar Unite and Ignite comparison, Ignite does a fine job while picking up a quick signal and metrics of the body compared to Unite.

Well, both the watches offer a water resistance of 30 meters of depth that makes them suitable to wear even when taking laps in the swimming pool. You can track down all your swimming activities in Ignite on the swim tracking metrics to improve your timings better.

Moreover, Polar Ignite has a FitSpark feature that offers daily suggestions on the exercises based on your past workouts and nightly recharge history.

Also, the Serene Feature advises you with guided breathing exercises to relieve you from the stress. The sleep plus stage in Ignite gives you an in-depth breakdown of your sleep pattern (light, deep, or REM) and sleep score along with it. All these additional features in Ignite make it better than Unite. 

Winner: Polar Ignite

NFC Payment: Polar Ignite vs Unite

There is no facility of contactless payment or NFC in both the Polar Unite and Ignite. It would have been outstanding if there can be an inclusion of NFC in both the units to make them even more smartphone-free smartwatches.

Winner: Draw

GPS: Polar Unite or Ignite?

Polar Unite does not come with inbuilt GPS tracking. But through connected GPS, you can map down the route you have covered while walking, jogging, or running today. Unite connects itself to your smartphone through the Polar App flow to show the readings to you.

But if you want to leave your phone at home while exercising, then Polar Ignite is the best option to have as it comes with an integrated GPS that offers more accurate tracking. In this Polar Unite and Polar Ignite comparison, due to the GPS feature, the latter has scored one more point in this segment. 

Winner: Polar Ignite

Image of Polar Ignite
Polar Ignite

Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar Ignite or Unite?

Polar Unite and Ignite have a Nightly Recharge feature that measures the recovery of ANS (Autonomous nervous system) not just from the whole day but from the past workouts as well.

Furthermore, Polar Ignite comes with Prime sensors technology along with two LED lights of red and green color that penetrates deeper into your skin to give more precise readings of heart rhythm.

The Heart rate monitoring technology in Ignite also declares the highest and lowest heartbeats at the end of your day. Also, Ignite shows 24 X7 heart rate monitoring along with Serene, which leads you to the way of guided breathing and mindfulness. This Feature makes Ignite as one of the best smartwatches from Polar.

Winner: Draw 

Music Control: Polar Ignite and Unite

I was quite disappointed to find out that neither Polar Unite nor Polar Ignite can stream live music from any of the applications. There is also no storage or playback facility for music in both the watches. Thus, it can be a bit boring to use any of these devices while you are exercising or working out. 

Winner: Draw

Battery Life: Polar Unite and Polar Ignite

Ignite includes a 165 mAh battery that can perform without any charging for up to 17 hours straight in a training mode with GPS and wrist-based heart rate on. It can extend its battery life up to 5 days in watch mode along with continuous tracking of the heart rate.

But with 1 hour of GPS tracking, notifications coming throughout the day, and non-stop heart rate monitoring, I have noticed that it goes on for 3.5 to 4 days before putting it to charge.

On the other hand, Unite keeps going for up to 50 hours in a training mode along with heart rate monitoring and connected GPS. The device shows constant heart rates of the user for up to 4 days in watch mode without any hitch.

Winner: Polar Unite


The polar Unite is now available in all leading stores at around 135 dollars with four color variations of pink, blue, white, and black. This smartwatch is also accessible in small, medium, and large wristbands.

Well, in the competition of Ignite versus Unite, Ignite has lost a point as it is priced at nearly 230 dollars, which is quite high when compared to Unite.

Winner: Polar Unite

Final Verdict

Polar is now really stepping up its A-game with their range of great devices like Ignite and Unite. Well, in this article for Polar Unite vs. Polar Ignite, I have decided on my favorite one. Eager to know which one have I decided? Tada! The winner is Polar Ignite.

Due to the inclusion of the GPS, metrics like running index and training load pro, swim tracking, nightly recharge activity, battery life, and many more, Ignite is walking towards the winning line.

Thus, if you fall into the avid runner category and want to go the extra mile, then I would suggest you Polar Ignite. Keep visiting our website for more reviews like this!

Saneesh VS is a Registred Nurse By Profession and Wearable Tech Enthusiast by Passion.

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