OnePlus watch vs Oppo Watch: Which one is the best?

OnePlus watch vs Oppo Watch

From the very onset of the year, tech-addicts are being overwhelmed with the release of smart wearables one after another. The new addition to this list is the OnePlus Watch, the first smartwatch from the family of OnePlus. In both specs and price, it is closely beating last year’s budget Oppo Watch.  

The first-ever OnePlus smartwatch is coming to the US and UK from the second week of April, and there is no news about its release in Australia yet. They are also introducing their product in the Indian market along with the OnePlus 9.

With a price tag of around 14,999, the OnePlus Smartwatch is ready to sweep the mid-range smartwatch market in India.  

So, what is the significant difference between the OnePlus Smartwatch and Oppo Watch? In this OnePlus Smartwatch vs Oppo Smartwatch battle, we compare both the smartwatches in terms of their design, features, and specs. 

OnePlus Watch vs Oppo Watch Comparison


OnePlus Watch
Oppo Watch


1. 1.39 inch AMOLED

2. Resolution: 454×454

3. 1.39 inch AMOLED

4. Resolution: 454×454

5.Dimension: 46.4×46.4mm×10.9mm

1. 1.91 inches AMOLED Screen

2. Resolutions: 402 x 476 pixels

3. Dimensions: 46 x 39 x 11.4 mm

4. Corning Gorilla Glass (41mm)

Health Tracking Features

1. Heart Rate Monitoring

2. SpO2

3. Sleep Monitoring

4. Stress Tracking

5. Heart Rate Variability

1. Heart Rate Monitoring

2. SpO2

3. Sleep Tracking

Fitness Tracking Features

1. More than 110 Activity     Modes

2. Swim Tracking

3. Sedentary Reminder

4. Built-in GPS

1. 5 Activity Modes


3. Sedentary reminder


1. Acceleration sensor,

2. Gyroscope sensor

3. Geomagnetic sensor

4. Optical heart rate

5. Blood oxygen sensor

6. Ambient light sensor

7. Air pressure sensor

8. Capacitance sensor

9. Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou

1. Accelerometer

2. Gyroscope

3. Heart Rate Sensor

4. Compass

5. Barometer

6. Built-in GPS and GLONASS


1. 402mAh battery

2. 14 Days(typical usage)

3. 25 Hours(with GPS)

1. 430 mAh Battery

2. Up to 30 hours(46mm)

3 . 21 Days in power saving mode(46mm)

4. 24 Hours(42mm)

5. 14 days on Power Saving Mode(41mm)


50 ATM

50 ATM






Yes(Only on LTE Version)



1. WiFi

2. Bluetooth

3. NFC

4. Cellular Connectivity(in LTE Model)


Design and Display: Which one is the best? 

Woman with OnePlus Watch
Source: OnePlus

The most notable difference between the OnePlus watch and Oppo Watch is undoubtedly the shape. The newbie is coming in a traditional round dial shape, much like Amazfit GTS 2 or Samsung Galaxy Active or Active 2. On the other hand, the Oppo Smartwatch is an Apple watch clone. 

The screen covered with 2.5 D curved glass, and the display bezel fitted into a 46 mm case made of stainless steel. On the other hand, Oppo Watch has a slightly wider 1.6-inch screen and comes in an aluminium case. It comes in both 41 mm and 46 mm variants. 

The OnePlus watch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with 326 PPI resolutions making it clearer and more feasible than its competitor. The watch is coming with a band made of fluoroelastomer, a breathable and comfortable material that is comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

The Oppo Watch comes with 1.91 inches AMOLED Display with a resolution of 402 x 476 pixels. The display is protected by the Schott Glass (46mm model) and Corning Gorilla Glass (41mm model). Another cool feature about the Oppo Smartwatch is its always-on display and is not available on the OnePlus Smartwatch. 

We are also excited about the limited-edition OnePlus watch, which uses a cobalt alloy instead of stainless steel. The cobalt variation is coming with a vegan leather strap and sapphire glass screen. The other two variants are moonlight silver and midnight black, just like the vanilla and black models from Oppo. 

Health tracking feature: Which one is more accurate? 

Inside the case, both the smartwatches have similar sensors to track your activities and health metrics. The list of sensors includes as follows: 

  • Acceleration sensor 
  • Gyroscope sensor 
  • Geomagnetic sensor 
  • Optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor 
  • Ambient light sensor 
  • Air pressure sensor 
  • Capacitance sensor 

When it comes to location tracking, the Oppo Smartwatch seems to be more accurate because of its high precision built-in GPS and GLONASS. However, the OnePlus Smartwatch got only a built-in GPS for location tracking.  

Both smartwatches have a similar health tracking feature. These devices track your heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep stages. You can get break-up data of your various sleep stages (deep, light, and awake stage). But the OnePlus smartwatch alerts you in case of a low or increased heart rate. 

Fitness Tracking Features: Which one is more dependable?

Woman running

In fitness tracking features, the new OnePlus watch is undoubtedly the show-stealer. To start with, the OnePlus Watch is coming with a full 110+ sports mode to choose from. Also, it automatically tracks your jogging and running. 

The disadvantage of the Oppo watch is the availability of limited workout modes. It comes with only 5 selective workouts, such as the running run, the fitness run, Outdoor walk, Outdoor Cycling, and swimming. 

Smart Features: Who is the Winner?

  • The new OnePlus uses RTOS or Real-Time Operating System, and it does not support many third-party applications. On the other hand, Oppo comes with Google Wear OS. So, you can get the benefits of Wear OS such as Google Pay, Google Assistance, etc. 
  • Both the smartwatches have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 1 GB. When it comes to storage, the Oppo Watch scores over the OnePlus watch. The Oppo Watch has a storage capacity of 8GB, whereas the OnePlus watch has only 4GB for storage.  
  • Both the smartwatches have general smart features like phone camera control, phone notifications, and music control. But with the OnePlus watch, you can even take a call, and it has a speaker and microphone for that purpose.  
  • Both the watches seamlessly connects to smartphones with Android 6 and above. However, the OnePlus watch does not work with iOS devices.  
  • Both the OnePlus Watch and Oppo Watch 46mm have a 5 ATM water resistance. However, the Oppo Watch 41mm is waterproof up to 30 meters only.  
  • OnePlus Smartwatch allows you to control your OnePlus TV right from the watch. Additionally, it automatically turns off the TV in case you sleep while watching the television.  

Battery Life: OnePlus Watch vs Oppo Watch

The OnePlus smartwatch comes with a 402mAh battery which can last up to 14 days on typical usage after full recharge. The battery may drain in 5 days if you use it for sleep and blood oxygen level monitoring. In GPS mode, the Battey can only last up to one day, which is more than the life of an Apple watch’s battery. 

On the other hand, when it comes to battery performance, the Oppo Watch falls back. It only lasts up to 30 hours in standard usage. During workouts with GPS and notifications turned on, the battery only lasts up to 15 to 17 hours.  

However, Oppo has a power-saving mode that can prolong the battery life up to 21 days (about 3 weeks). It can perform only basic features like step count, heart rate monitoring and receives notification in this mode.  

Finally, who is the winner?

After an in-depth comparison of OnePlus and Oppo Watch, we can say that both smartwatches are giving value to money. When it comes to health tracking features, both are performing equally well. But the OnePlus watch has a clear lead in terms of fitness tracking features.

After the edge-to-edge battle of OnePlus vs Oppo Watch, you have all the details to decide now. Let us know which smartwatch you purchase or planning to purchase. 

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