OnePlus Watch Review 2021: A “Smart” Smartwatch under $200

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In general, you get what you pay for, and the cheaper things are, the quality levels tend to match the price level and drop accordingly. Smartwatches are not typically cheap and anything under $300 dollars normally sets alarm bells ringing.

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So, what to think of a smartwatch on the wearables market for as low as $159 that on the surface doesn’t appear to be missing any core elements of functionality or necessity?

OnePlus Watch Review: Features and Specs


Midnight Black


1. Type: 1.39" AMOLED
2. Resolution: 454×454
3. Case: Stainless Steel
4. Dimension: 46.4×46.4mm×10.9mm


1. 45 Gram without Strap
2. 76 Gram with Strap

1. Premium look and Design
2. Heart Rate Monitoring
3. Sleep Monitoring with Blood Oxygen(SpO2)
4. Bluetooth calls
5. Alarm
6. On-board Music Storage
7. More than 110 workout modes
8. Swim Tracking with posture detection
9. Waterproof up to 50 meters(IP 68)
10. Sedentary Reminder


1. Acceleration sensor
2. Gyroscope sensor
3. Geomagnetic sensor
4. Optical heart rate Sensor
5. Blood oxygen sensor
6. Ambient light sensor
7. Air pressure sensor
8. Capacitance sensor
9. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou


1. 14 Days on typical use
2. 25 Hours on GPS mode
3. Charger Type: 2 Pogo pin charger


1. Android 6.0 
2. Currently not supports iOS

Speaker and Micophone


First Impressions

OnePlus Watch Review
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Consumers are rightly wary of such a startling bargain but in the case of the OnePlus Watch, whilst it isn’t perfect, you don’t have to abide by the old cliche of ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.’ You will be pleasantly surprised that this unique and affordable product doesn’t fall into that assumed category.

Nobody would blame you for immediately looking for a catch in the list of impressive features in the new OnePlus Watch with it being feature-heavy and containing key components such as impressively long-lasting battery life, high-tech and advanced health innovation all embossed in a sleek and modern design. 

Features and Price

The new OnePlus Watch is accompanied onto the market by fellow new manufacturer products in the shape of the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro mobile phones. It is a high-end Smartwatch with a lot of great features to match its competitors in terms of appearance and user-friendliness.

Taking into account that there are fewer third-party apps available, and it is not yet compatible with iOS devices, you can understand the relatively low RRP (around$159/£149/AU$270) of the otherwise impressive wearable. 

You gain more than you sacrifice by selecting a OnePlus Watch and if you wanted to highlight one area in particular, it would be the battery life.

Lasting for over a week at a time is something that not even the sought-after Apple Watch or the renowned Samsung Galaxy Watch can compete with.

Other elements to appreciate include the eye-catching design and the superior health sensors that monitor both stress levels and blood oxygen.

Design and Appearance

OnePlus Smartwatch

The attractive stainless-steel frame comes solely in a 46mm case, has an AMOLED touchscreen, and has buttons on either side. Third-party alternatives are accommodated via interchangeable watch bands.

There is an undeniable likeness to the more expensive and two-sized sports watch, Galaxy Watch Active (around $250) because they both share the same round watch face.

OnePlus Watch Functionality 

Whilst at present, it’s only compatible with OnePlus and other Android phones, manufacturers have assured us that in time iOS support will arrive on the OnePlus Watch.

To compensate for the lack of music app support (Spotify etc), the internal storage of 2GB can house around 500 songs which can be paired with Bluetooth earbuds.

The OnePlus Watch enables you to serve as a remote for your phone camera and OnePlus TV on top of all the smartwatch functionality you would expect to accompany it like playing music, display and respond to notifications, and making or answering the phone calls.

Fitness tracking

Boasting accuracy and precision, the OnePlus Watch covers the basics and ups it to the next level with technology that can flag abnormally high heart rates, detect stress levels, and measure SpO2 (blood oxygen levels) on demand.

The basics include a comprehensive choice of over 110 separate workout options, not forgetting that the Watch is ideal for swimming a 5ATM IP68 rating and built-in GPS. The best thing is, if you forget your phone or do not like taking it with you to exercise, the OnePlus Watch automatically logs your runs regardless. 

Battery Expectations

Other than the price, this is probably the most enticing attribute for the consumer. It quite simply blows the competition away with the battery capacity. Take the company claimed ‘two weeks of normal’ use with a pinch of salt because what is normal for one is abnormal for another.

Basically, usage patterns vary but either way, the OnePlus Watch is streets ahead of both the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 3 which barely cover 48hours use. You can expect this new watch to be capable of lasting a whole week on full-fire repetitive use.

On top of that, the bonus is the rapid charge times with a week’s use from around a 20minute charge and an entire day’s power stemming from a 5minute power-up.

Key Dates

  • OnePlus Watch was unveiled on March 23. It is the company’s first smartwatch and will debut alongside the OnePlus 9 series mobile.
  • The OnePlus Watch goes on sale on April 14. It’s available from OnePlus.
  • OnePlus Smartwatch is already appeared on Amazon India with a “coming soon” tag.

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