Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to Get New Exciting App store and Much More

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to Get New Exciting App store

The new galaxy watch is on its way to be launched on July 22nd, 2020. And we have already come across a few rumors on twitter regarding the outlook and features of this watch. Everyone is extremely eager to know about the upcoming attributes. It is expected to have an Outlook email app instead of Samsung emails, which were there in the previous version.

Latest News:

The leaked image clearly shows the blue icon for the Outlook email app. It is also imagined to come up with a new Galaxy Store icon, whose preview was leaked by a Tipster on Twitter. The icon can also be used to portray a new Galaxy Store App.

There are chances that the Galaxy Watch 3 will have a new Music Player app installed in it. Images of this new music player have been making rounds on the internet. As can be seen from the picture, the new music app will show the name of the song being played and its duration.

It is also expected to come up with a new notification icon for the apps installed. That will give the users relief from the monotonous yellow circle for notification. 

Instead of just the present date, the new Galaxy Watch 3 is expected to show the entire week in preview. The calendar app is most probably designed to show all the days of the week together, making it way more user-friendly. Also, keeping in mind the fitness record of this Watch, it is now supposed to have an added advantage of cycling tracking tools that can track the time and calories burnt on cycling.

Another fantastic advantage that is supposed to be incorporated in the new Galaxy Watch 3 is the women’s menstrual cycle tracker. Ladies need not worry any further to keep track of their monthly dates, and the smartwatch does it all for you. It is expected to have a total of 8 GB storage, out of which, 5.2 GB will be available for customer usage.

It is also anticipated that it might be equipped with a speaker. Both the LTE as well as  Bluetooth models are rumored to have speakers installed in them. The Spotify music app is expected to be installed by default for US buyers, and the Samsung health monitor app has already installed for Korean customers.

The new Galaxy Watch 3 is imagined to show the image of the weather condition that it will predict. Not to forget, the titanium cover is expected to look stunning on every wrist.