New Wear OS Smartwatch Can tell you when it is safe to go outside in Summer

Google Wear OS with UV Index
Image Source: Google

Google has launched the UV light index to Wear OS, which helps you stay safe from the sun in summer. Google Tweeted about this along with a UV Watch face called Pixel Minimal Watch Face.

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Once the feature is available, the Wear OS smartwatches display UV Index on a compatible watch face along with the weather. Knowing the UV index of the locality allows the users to take necessary measurements when they go outside.

Canadian scientists developed the UV index to measure UV light intensity and later accepted it worldwide. It is measured on a scale from 1 to 11+. The higher the UV intensity, the higher the danger to the skin. Excess exposure to UV light can cause sunburn and many other diseases such as cataracts, skin aging, skin cancer, etc.

For more clarity, if the UV index is between 1 to 5, it is okay to go outside with a sun protective cream and sunglasses. Any reading above 5 is dangerous and should not go outside between 11 AM- 5 PM.
Even though it seems like a minor update, this will be a handy feature for people during the summer, especially for those who are very active in outdoor activities.

The feature may soon roll out on Wear OS smartwatches, but it is the smartwatch manufacturers’ sole decision to decide whether to include this feature on their smartwatches.

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