New Samsung Wearables Revealed on APK Teardown

Image Source: Android Police

Samsung is about to launch the next generation Smartwatch and earbuds. The Android Police team tear down the latest Samsung APK and found software codes that indicate the imminent release of the most sophisticated and latest generation earbuds, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Watch 4.

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We also expect some significant improvements, especially in the connection features compared to Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus variants.

They have given an exclusive code name “Berry” to their latest model that indicates they can be connected to more than one device at a time. This will be revolutionary because their previous high-end models, such as Galaxy Buds and Buds plus, do not have this feature.

You can expect some surprises for the smartwatch segment too. The code “newos” clearly suggests the arrival of a new and advanced Wear OS.

Two of their most successful models, Buds and its higher variant, Buds Plus, were more than a year old.

Even though both Buds and Buds Plus were a huge success, the previous one was more than two years old, and the latter was more than one year old.

If you observe Samsung’s trend, it is already late to replace them with a new model. And that is what Galaxy Buds 2 is. A perfect replacement for the above two models and few shots below Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Pro.

Another interesting fact if we believe the latest twist is the return to Wear OS. Even though Samsung started with Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear), they shifted to their own Tizen software since Samsung Gear Live.

Since then, they used the same for all their wearables till now. If the shift to Wear OS happens really, it’ll be a miracle and really interesting to see how this gonna work after such a long period.

The mystery was not over until Max Weinbach further cracked down the code “newos” as Wear OS and found it used in Galaxy Watch 4.
Even though we don’t have any official confirmation from Samsung about the same, it is expected to release both TWS Galaxy Buds 2 and watch 4 by next month.

Source: Android Police

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