Most Awaited Rendered Images of Google Pixel Watch Leaked

Google Pixel Watch rendered images

Prior to release, the images of Google Pixel Watch images leaked yesterday. The latest details of the upcoming Google Pixel watch were released by Jon Prosser, a famous leaker with a proven track record of accomplishment, on his YouTube channel.

Even though these are rendered images created by a 3 D artist Ian Zelbo, it gives vital information about the upcoming smartwatch from Google.

Google Pixel Watch Leaked Images

Google Pixel Watch image 2021 with blue strap

He displayed the images of the watch from different angles. The upcoming Google Pixel Smartwatch has a circular display with a beautifully designed crown that looks remarkably like a mechanical watch’s crown.

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The render images also include a few interfaces, including a traditional analog watch face as well as heart rate monitors. From the pictures, it is clear that Google is focusing on a minimal design concept.

He also commented about its bands. He said that” the source tells me that there will be something like 20 different band options”. He also created the rendered images of a while color strap. The watch has a unique locking mechanism to secure it on your wrist.

Jon Prosser does not have any further details about the watch’s features and spec. Of course, the watch will be using Google OS, and it is clearly visible on one of the leaked images.

Release Date

Google Pixel Watch image 2021 with white strap

Like Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, it also has a rounded edge without a bezel. Jon Prosser, the leaker, says that the Google Pixel Watch likely to release in October of 2021. This might be true because Google every year hosts dedicated events in October to show their new products.

Google acquired Fitbit recently, and now it seems that Google is all set to make its presence in the smartwatch market ruled by Apple and Samsung.

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