Mi Band 5 Vs Fitbit Inspire HR: Everything You Must Know in Detail

When it comes to the concept of fitness trackers, there are some consistent big brands that we come across. Fitbit is one of the leading and well-known companies in this section, while others like Samsung and Garmin also trail a little bit behind it. 

Now the smartphone companies like Xiaomi want a slice of this lucrative pie as well and thus have introduced their own fitness bands as well.

But you must be wondering which is the best fitness band among Mi Band 5 vs Fitbit Inspire HR. To answer this query in detail, I compared both the bands on some crucial parameters in terms of features and specs. Have a detailed look below: 

Mi Band 5 vs Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit has repackaged its existing technologies in a more modern form in the Inspire HR model and has made it available to the people at a more reasonable price. Mi latest fitness tracker is the updated version of the recent popular tracker named Mi band 4 and includes a stunning display. 

From the perspective of looks, both the devices feature a rubberized design and sporty look. If you are in two minds about which one to buy, then I have made a run down review according to factors like sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, design, battery life, and price.

Style and Design

Mi Band 5

The AMOLED display of Mi band 5 includes a 1.1-inch screen with tinier bezels and a more significant area to display all the important information. In Fitbit Inspire HR, some thick and big bezels are present at the bottom and top of the display. This tracker from Fitbit is 16 mm wide and 37 mm long with an OLED display. This leaves a small amount of space for the screen.

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The resolution of Mi 5 is set at 126 X 294 pixels and offer full support to the P3 color gamut. The Fitbit Inspire HR model comes in a resolution of 128 X 72 Pixels with a monochrome touch screen. The band 5 also comes with a 2.5 D glass panel that offers security to the tracker from unwanted abrasions and scratches.

The fitness tracker from Xiaomi includes bands of different colours so that wherever the user will get bored, you can change it according to your mood. The Inspire HR from Fitbit comes only in three colour variants. 

Both the models from Xiaomi and Fitbit are waterproof and are up to 50 m water-resistant. In addition to being water-resistant, the Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness band can also track the length of the swim, distance covered pace, and the duration of the swimming. 

Mi band 5 does not need to be taken out of their silicone strap as it includes a magnetic Charging facility that makes powering it hassle-free and easy.

Winner: Mi Band 5

Activity Tracking and Other Features

Fitbit Inspire HR

More than 100 themed dials are incorporated in Mi band 5, including various featured themes like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Detective Conan, and Spongebob Squarepants. The band interface can also be customized in this fitness band per your mood and preference.

There are 11 sport modes like Rowing machine, indoor cycling, Yoga, Elliptical, jump rope, and many more in Mi Band 5. Fitbit Inspire HR includes numerous fitness tracking features like step tracking, heart rate monitor, average pace, distance covered, calories burned, and others. It is one of the most accomplished activity trackers that operate with 15 exercise modes. 

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The Mi band 5 gets an inbuilt tracker for blood oxygen. This tracker can detect the oxygen saturation level in the blood for every second up to 8 hours. It also includes other features like breath training, menstruation cycle for women, PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), and a smartphone camera. 

Moreover, in Fitbit Inspire HR, guided breathing exercises are already present in the meditation form. In the menu section, there are two or 5-minute exercise options also. You can even directly start up jogging without beginning with the exercise section, and this tracker will recognize that.

Winner: Draw

NFC Payment

Xiaomi has brought in support of NFC payment and voice assistance from Xiaomi. The voice functionality is awesome in this Wearable tech device due to an inbuilt microphone.

Fitbit Inspire HR does not include any feature for NFC payment. 

Winner: Mi Band 5


There is a feature of connected GPS in Fitbit Inspire HR, which means there is no inbuilt GPC facility in this gadget, but you can connect it with your smartphone to track your fitness. It will use the GPS feature of your phone while you walk or run and will bring the required data directly to this device. Connected GPS helps to give you a clear picture of the route and the distance you have covered. 

There is no feature of GPS or connected GPS in Mi band from Xiaomi.

Winner: Fitbit Inspire HR

Heart Rate Monitoring

Xiaomi Band 5 also has a heart rate monitoring ability that records your heart rate 24 hours a day. It even keeps track of your heart rating during your sleep. Xiaomi has also combined sleep tracking aspects in this minute wonder that tells you how much time you have spent in REM, light, and deep sleep.

The heart rate monitor facility of Mi band 5 will alert you about different sleep problems like sporadic or irregular sleep patterns. 

The device will also suggest ways to control the heart rate and improve sleep quality based on the collected data.

Moreover, Fitbit Inspire also tracks the heartbeat during sleeping, but many users have raised accuracy concerns of this data. 

Winner: Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Music Control

Fitbit Inspire HR does not come with a music control application to play, pause, or stop the music directly from your wristband while working out.

There is a music control feature on Mi Band 5 that will connect to the market’s top music playing apps.

Winner: Mi Band 5

Battery Life

The Wearable tech device from Xiaomi has a 100 mAh battery. It can go up to 14 days of continuous tracking with the lights on when once charged for full. 

When the Fitbit Inspire HR is 100% charged, it can run only up to 5 days due to continuous operation. This means you have to recharge it at least twice. It takes a couple of hours to get fully charged. 

Winner: Mi Band 5


The current price of Mi Band 5 is about 30$ in China and which is far cheaper than the Fitbit Inspire HR. However, to know the exact amount, we have to wait until July 2020 for the global release.

Wrapping it Up

At the end of this article, we can conclude that the comparison of Mi Band 5 vs. Fitbit Inspire HR was quite tough. Although Inspire HR from Fitbit is a premium fitness band, many backdated flaws and features come with. 

In my opinion, Mi Band 5 has won this race of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and Fitbit Inspire HR comparison. It will definitely be a good deal if you are more inclined towards this model from Xiaomi. 

And I hope that this detailed comparison guide on Mi Band 5 Vs Fitbit Inspire HR has helped you in choosing the right Fitness tracker based on your needs.

Well, I will be right back shortly with another write-up. Till then, enjoy reading and do write to us if you need any further information!

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