Mi Band 3 Vs Mi Band 4: Price, Feature, Specifications and More

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 4

The announcement of Mi Band 4 has brought up freshness in the field of fitness trackers. Everyone is crazy about this fantastic option, and that is the reason why the sales also have touched the heights of success in just a few days of its launch. Mi Band 4 now has become one of the best selling fitness trackers in the Chinese market. 

Mi band 3 vs Mi Band 4

The last generation of Mi Band, i.e. Mi Band 3 was also a huge success and is supposed to be one of the leading fitness trackers to date. But the involvement of various new features in the next generation has made it even better. Check the comparison table for the major difference between Mi Band 3 vs4. 

Mi Band 3Mi Band 4
Heart Rate Monitor24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor
No Voice ControlVoice Control
No NFC SupportNo NFC Support
0.78-inches OLED panel Display0.95-inch AMOLED display
128×80 resolution120×240 RGB resolution
110mAh Battery135 mAh Battery
Claims 20 Days Battery LifeClaims 20 Days Battery Life
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Also, make sure that you go for a global version of Mi Band 4 if you are not from Chine. The Chinese version of Mi Band does not support any languages other than Chinese.

In look and design, there is not much difference between the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. Because of this reason, you can use the straps of your Mi Band 3 Straps on Mi Band 4 as well.

Mi Band 3 comes with a password-free phone unlocking feature which is only available for Android devices now. I.e, If you have a Mi Band, then you no more required to have a password or a pattern to unlock your smartphone.

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If you are also looking forward to upgrading your Mi Band 3 to Mi Band 4, just update yourself with the differences mentioned below:

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 4: Price, Features, and Specifications

Mi band 3 vs Mi Band 4


The display is one of the most obvious things that grab the attention for the very first time. The display of both fitness trackers is quite different from each other. Mi Band 3 was equipped with 0.78 inches OLED panel providing 128*80 pixel resolutions whereas Mi Band 4 is the one with a 0.95 inch AMOLED display with 120*240 pixel resolution.

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Mi Band 4 has come up with a higher resolution color screen which is much better than the monochrome display of Mi Band 3. Now it will give a significant change to your wrist and enjoy a vivid screen while enjoying the various premium features ahead.


The is not much difference between the design of Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. However, the display of Mi band 4 is a bit larger than the Mi Band 3. As I said earlier, you can even use the straps of Mi Band 3 on Mi Band 4.

The weight of Mi Band 3 (20g) and Mi Band 4 (22g) are also quite similar. With a slight difference, Mi Band 3 is available in three color variants, i.e. black, orange and blue. On the other hand, the Mi Band 4 is the one that is being available in five different color options, i.e. black, blue, purple, orange and beige. Both of the fitness trackers come up with a silicone band that you can easily change as per your preferences.


waterproof fitness tracker

The best thing about both of these fitness trackers is that both come up with a waterproof option, but one can only use it for 50 meters only. In short, if you are looking for the option for deep diving, it is not the right option to choose on. The waterproofing properties make it one of the best fitness tracker for swimmers. 

Charging pins

The main difference here is the location of the charging pins. Mi Band 3 includes charging pins at the bottom side whereas Mi Band 4 includes the charging pins at the backside of the fitness band. Adding more into it, the charging accessory also differs for both of the bands.

The charging slot of Mi Band 4 is much better than that of the Mi Band. Where one needs to apply pressure on the bottom side of the band to ensure proper connections, Mi Band 4 has come up with a better charger design and charging pin location to ensure proper connection.

Battery Life

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has come forward with the new NFC addition. Where Mi Band 3 was equipped with 110Mh battery life, the involvement of 135mAh battery has made this fitness tracker even much better. Users are free to enjoy a long-lasting battery life of about 20 days. In short, you don’t need to look forward to the charging point even after a shorter interval of time.

Additional Features

Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 both of the devices are great fitness trackers with various excellent features like step counting, a heart rate monitor, and various automatic activity tracking modes as well. You can easily use these for doing exercises, cycling and running as well. Mi Band 4 has brought up a difference with the addition of six sensors inside. It means that you can now easily have accurate and automatic swim tracking very conveniently. Users are free to enjoy constant notifications of your Smartphone through the display.


With the involvement of various advanced features, Mi Band 4 is obviously going to slight costly than that of the previous generation of this fitness tracker, i.e. Mi Band 3. But it is a reasonable price when we consider its features. 

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Mi Fitness Trackers are the most popular cheap fitness trackers available today in the market. In terms of popularity, Mi Band 3 has beaten even Apple bands because of its features and reasonable price. 

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