Is Fitbit Ionic Waterproof? Read Before Jump into a Pool

Is Fitbit Ionic Waterproof? Can I swim With Fitbit Ionic? Here is the answer. Read this before you jump into the water with Fitbit Ionic in hand.

Is Fitbit Ionic Waterproof

Is Fitbit Ionic Waterproof? Can I swim with Fitbit Ionic? These are some of the questions recently asked by a few of our readers. Today let us discuss the same.

Fitbit Ionic is the most advanced Fitbit that comes with a lot of features. Even though Fitbit has introduced Versa Series, Charge 4, etc., I still believe that Fitbit Iconic is far ahead of them in terms of features and specs.

Now let us check the Fitbit ionic waterproof capabilities.

Is Fitbit Ionic Waterproof?

Fitbit Ionic is a waterproof fitness tracker with an IP 68 rating. It means that you can swim up to 50M underwater with Fitbit Ionic on your wrist. Also, you can even take a bath with this Fitness Tracker on your hand.

Now let us discuss the swim tracking feature of Fitbit Ionic. Many people have some misconceptions. I just want to clarify that now.

All waterproof fitness trackers can not track swim activities. Because these smartwatches are not able to track swim metrics to assess the quality of your swim.

So if you really want a swim tracking fitness tracker or smartwatch, then you must go for one of the best fitness trackers for swimming.

Fitbit Ionic can track various swim metrics such as the number of laps, distance, pace, calorie burned, and stroke count. After your swim, the Fitbit companion app can give a detailed insight into your swim quality based on these metrics.

It helps you in improving your swimming activities and it further increases your level of motivation to achieve your goals.

If you are a professional swimmer or preparing for a swimming competition, then you must go for smartwatches with advanced swimming features because it does not track stroke style and SWOLF. These metrics can give you more insights into the quality of your swim.

Also, Fitbit Ionic is one of the best Fitbit with in-built GPS. This makes it the best swim-tracking device for both open water and closed water swimming.

When you swim open water, the built-in GPS tracks the distance and speed of your swimming. While you swim in a pool, you have to set the distance of the pool for accurate swimming data.

Currently, Fitbit is the only device that allows you to set the length of the pool. On the other fitness trackers, by default, pool length is set to 25M and 75M. So you can not change the length of the pool even if you are swimming in the pool with different sizes. It is a significant disadvantage of other devices.

In a nutshell, for an ordinary swimmer(not professional), Fitbit Ionic is the best swimming smartwatch under $200. The other features are also quite impressive and accurate.

Features of Fitbit Ionic

Now let us have a quick look into Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch.

  • It is lightweight and non-bulky.
  • It has a 1.4-inch rectangular touchscreen display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Fitbit Ionic is suitable for both open water and closed water swimming.
  • In-built GPS.
  • On-board music storage: It can store up to 300+ music, and you can listen to it through a Bluetooth earphone or headphone.
  • Automatic activity detection.
  • It tracks various activities such as steps, sleep quality, active minutes, heart rate, calorie, etc.
  • Get SMS, call, and other social media notifications on your wrist.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Its battery can last up to five days in normal mode and 24 hours in GPS mode.

Like other Fitness Trackers, Fitbit Ionic does not track heart rate underwater. Heart rate monitoring automatically turned off when the swim mode gets activated. If you need underwater heart rate monitoring, then you have to upgrade to Garmin Swim 2, that specially designed for swimmers in mind.

FAQ Related to Fitbit Ionic Waterproof Properties

  1. How waterproof is Fitbit ionic?

    It is waterproof up to 50M underwater. It is enough for a regular pool swimming.

  2. Do Fitbit Ionic tracks swim metrics?

    Yes. It tracks various swim metrics such as pace, length, number of laps, and strokes.

  3. Can I use Fitbit Ionic for open water swimming?

    Yes. As it got an in-built GPS, you can use it for open water swimming.

  4. Does Fitbit Ionic Track heart rate while swimming?

    No. It does not track heart rate underwater.

Final Verdict

Even though it is waterproof, it is not recommended to use it while you engage in water activities such as skating, where strong water jet involved because the strong water jet can damage your device.

I think this article has given you the answer to your question, “is Fitbit Ionic Waterproof? What are your thoughts on it? Please feel free to comment below.

Saneesh VS is a Registred Nurse By Profession and Wearable Tech Enthusiast by Passion.

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