Huawei to Launch Smartwatch with Blood Pressure Features in 2021

Huawei will launch a smartwatch with a wrist-based blood pressure monitoring function in the second half of 2021. The information was shared by Hua Hegang, the President of Consumer Business Mobile Phone Product Line, on a Weibo post.  

The blood pressure monitoring technology has passed the medical device registration test in China as per his post. Now it will be starting clinical trials soon in popular medical institutions in the country.  

Huawei to Launch Smartwatch

The rendered image of the upcoming Huawei Blood pressure smartwatch also surfaced along with the post. It has given a rectangular shape with two physical buttons on the right side of the smartwatch.

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Currently, many Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Active 2 offers blood pressure monitoring in various countries. However, it is not clinically validated by the FDA.  

Additionally, Fitbit is also about to release a blood pressure monitoring feature on their smartwatches. Eligible Fitbit Sense users in the USA recently got invitations to participate in the wrist-based blood pressure monitoring study. 

The Huawei Watch is a health-focused smartwatch with ECG monitoring capabilities. The ECG monitoring feature in this smartwatch is approved as a medical-grade device in China. The Huawei Smartwatch will be using a PPG Sensor and ACC data to screen the earlier signs of coronary heart disease.  

If it got the FDA Approval, it would be a strong rival to the ECG monitoring smartwatches from Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung. 

Integrating health tracking features to smartwatches helps users identify early signs of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, etc. This allows them to control or even prevent the further progression of the disease.  

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