How to turn off Green Light on Apple Watch? A Quick Walk Through

You can turn off the green light on the Apple watch at the settings. Read more to see the step-by-step guide on How to turn off Green Light on Apple Watch.”

How to turn off Green Light on Apple Watch

The bright light of the smartwatches and other gadgets is quite disturbing at night, especially a smartwatch’s green light. 

Have you ever thought about how to turn off the green light on an Apple watch? Then here is a quick and detailed guide to turning off the green light on the backside of an Apple watch

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But remember, Apple smartwatches use the green light to measure heart rate and blood oxygen level. So, if you turn off the green light, then your Apple Watch no more tracks your heart rate until you turn it ON. 

The short battery life is the big challenge faced by the people who use the Apple watch. The Apple watch battery usually does not last for more than one day on a single recharge.

The situation may even worsen if you use features like GPS, music, always-on display, etc. This short battery life makes them think about other Apple phone compatible smartwatches

However, you can try these simple steps to the extent of an Apple watch’s battery life to some extent. 

Turning off the green light, always-on display, decreasing the display brightness, etc., are a few tips to increase any smartwatch’s battery life

How to turn off Green Light on Apple Watch? Step by Step Guide

Follow the simple steps below to disable the green light? Herat rate monitoring on an Apple Watch. 

There is no option to turn off heart rate monitoring on Apple Watch. But you can do it through the Apple Health App on the smartphone. 

  1. Go to Apple Health App on your smartphone that is connected with your Apple watch. 
  2. Now tap on “My Watch” that you can see at the bottom of the My Health App.
  3. Now scroll down and look for “Privacy.”
  4. Now click on “Motion and Fitness.”
  5. A new window will open on the app.
  6. Now turn off heart rate by flipping the button. Make sure the green colour of the icon turns black.

How does Heart Rate Monitoring Work in Apple Watch?

Apple watch uses multiple advanced sensors to track various activities and body metrics. The technology used to calculate heart rate is called photoplethysmography.

The Apple watch’s optical heart rate sensor has green LED lights and light‑sensitive photodiodes to detect the amount of blood flowing through the arteries. The optical sensors in the Apple Smartwatch can measure 30–210 heartbeats per minute.

In the heart rate app, you can customize the range of heart rates so that it can alert you if your heart rate goes above or below the set limit. Even though it cannot be considered medical equipment, it can give you a bird view of your overall heart health. 

Final Thoughts

Before you disable the green light of the Apple watch, you should remember that it will disable the heart rate tracking. But you can definitely turn it off if you do not wear the watch at night. Also, it will increase the battery life of the smartwatch by at least a few couples of hours. 

Finally, I hope this article helped you answer your question of “how to turn off the green light on the Apple watch.” If you have any more queries related to this, please feel free to comment below.

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