How To Sync Google Fit With Fitbit? Ultimate Guide

You can sync Google Fit with Fitbit with the help of FitToFit App. It has a simple and easy to use interface.

How to sync Google Fit with Fitbit

Fitbit and Google Fit are two different fitness app that helps you in tracking your various activities such as steps, walking, cycling, etc.

Well, is it possible to sync Google Fit with Fitbit? Yes, it is very easy to connect Fitbit to Google Fit.

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The activity data in Fitbit is more accurate when compared with Google Fit data as Fitbit uses a fitness tracker or smartwatch to track activities. On the other hand, Google Fit uses smartphone sensors to track data and that is not so accurate as Fitbit.

Follow the step by step guide for connecting Fitbit to Google fit to transfer data from Fitbit to Google Fit. Connecting Google Fit and Fitbit helps you to view data from both the apps on a single platform.

So let us jump to the step by step guide to synchronize Fitbit to Google Fit. We have used this method on multiple Android smartphones, and we are pleased with its result. 

How to sync Google Fit with Fitbit?

After you connect both the apps, it may take some to display your fitness data in Google Fit app now. We hope that this issue will get fixed on the future updates of the FitToFit App. 

I also hope that the data transfer will be much easier in the future between these two apps as Google is acquiring Fitbit.

Step: 1 Download FitToFit App

Download FitToFit from Play Store. Currently, this app is available for Android users only. 

Step 2: Sign-In To FitToFit App


Sign-in into FitToFit App with your Fitbit login email and password. Once you logged in, a menu will appear. Now put a tick mark against the data that you want to share with FitToFit anf Google Fit App.

Step 3: Select Your Google Fit Account

As you signed in, a pop-menu will appear and tap on the Google account that is registered with Google Fit App. Now you have connected with your Fitbit app with Google Fit.

Step: 4: Final Step

Now tap on the “Transfer Data” icon and select a period to transfer data from Fitbit to Google Fit.

By using this method, you can transfer various activities, steps, distance, heart rate, sleep, body fat, and weight data into the Fitbit app. As FitToFit uses Fitbit API, the data transfer between Fitbit to Google Fit is safe and secure. 

You can also enable automatic app sync at the settings. To enable this follow the steps below;

  • Go to App settings.
  • Enable “Sync data automatically”.
  • Done.

If you wish,you can disable auto sync at the settings or in the app dashboard at anytime.

You can also set a shedule to transfer data from Fitbit to Goole Fit in the settings.

Additional Settings

The FitToFit App is simple to use, and it also has a user-friendly interface. 

With this app, you can select which activity data need to be shared with Google Fit and which not to be shared.

If you prefer manual sync, then you can set a daily reminder on the app settings. So you will not forget to transfer data to GFit.

By Connecting Fitbit to Google fit, you can see the most accurate data in Google Fit App as well. 


I think this step by step guide on how to sync Google Fit with Fitbit is useful for you in transferring data from Fitbit to Google Fit. If you have any queries, please feel free to comment below or connect us through our social media channels. 

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