Honor Band 6 Review: How Good it Going to be?

Honor band 6 Review: Check the features, specs, pros and cons

Honor Band 6 Review

Honor smart bands are swiping the market even before its official entry! All features of a smartwatch in a striking band and reasonable pricing-all that can be said on the go. Honor is probably planning for a worldwide release this spring. So, keep your finger crossed.

According to the news moving around, the Honor 6 smart band is ready to beat the standard set by its earlier Honor 5 in specs and looks. With a wider display, smart health monitoring, and additional features, it is going to be an exciting treat for all smartwatch lovers.

Are you excited to take a look at the nitty-gritty of its specs even before it lashes the market? Then let us start with an in-depth Honor 6 smart band review without much delay.

Honor Band 6 Review: What is its feaures and Specs

Display Size

1.47 Inches

Display Type

AMOLED Color Touchscreen

Heart Rate

Heart Rate alerts

Alerts increase or decreased heart rate

Blood Oxygen

Yes (SpO2)

Sleep Tracking


Calorie Tracking


Female Health Tracking


Sport Modes


Battery Life

14 Days

Smartphone App Notifications


Find My Phone



18 gramms(without strap)

Designing features

If you are using Honor wearables for quite a long time, you are familiar with its looks, but obviously with some new add-ons.

  • The new Honor band 6 is reported to be sporting a 1.47-inch AMOLED display screen with a 2.5D glass-face to give it a stylish look. The screen size is larger than other rivals such as Oppo Band Style, Mi Smart Band 5 and One Plus(1.1 inches)  
  • The resolution and screen size is much bigger than Honor 5 bands that have made the touch device more readable and easy to handle. 
  • The weight is also less than its earlier version. (18g weight without strap) 
  • The new band is also water-resistant up to 50 meters like its predecessor. 

What more? Unlike Honor 5, it has a full-touch navigation system without a home button. But it has distinct side buttons, designed with a red stripe to make it more attractive. The brand logo is also very much visible on the other side.

With more than 100+ watch faces, the Honor 6 will give you multiple ways to find out dials on your own choice.

You can change your band and use one that suits your outfit. In short, you can experience all smart features without compromising your style.

What are the features Honor 6 will offer you?

Every smart band’s primary use is tracking your health and activity and analyzing them for your wellness. Honor 6 has included all these health monitoring and tracking features to suit the customer’s needs. 

1. Heart health monitoring

In today’s busy life, anxiety, sleeplessness, and lack of proper disciplined life negatively toll our heart’s health. Honor 6 understands your health need even before you pay heed to your body’s demands.

With TrueSeen 4.0 heart rate detection technology, it monitors the heart rate throughout the day and alerts you in case of increased or decreased heart rate. 

2. Blood oxygen monitoring

Blood oxygen is an essential health metrics to be measured to understand health and wellness. Honor smart band 6 keeps tracks of the oxygen saturation in the blood(SpO2), much like its earlier version. The SpO2 feature keeps an eye on your blood oxygen level, and it helps you seek medical advice in case of a decrease blood oxygen level. 

3. Sleep monitoring

Your sleep-routine is another crucial factor that affects your health. Honor 6 band monitors your sleep with Trusleep 2.0 sleep monitoring technology and can give you some useful insights into your sleep pattern. 

Additionally, the new Oppo Smartband can now keep a tab on your evening naps more perfectly than the Honor 5.

4. Fitness tracking features

If you are a sports enthusiast, then this band is just the right for you. It has 10 professional sports modes with activity trackers for indoor and outdoor runs, cycling, calorie checking, swimming, and training practices.

You can easily access such data in the companion app in a chart form. Just select the right exercise mode, and the band will track your activity. Now enjoy your sports time without worries; the rest will be tackled by your new Honor band 6.

5. Features for women

This feature is new to Honor 6 and was not available in Honor5. The smart band helps women track their menstrual calendars and gives suggestions for different health-related issues specifically for women.

If you are a male user, take the opportunity to take care of your dear one’s health with the band. Other than these, you can use the band for calling, messaging, or receiving notifications. It has inbuilt Bluetooth version 5, which is the updated version from Honor 5.

6. Battery life- Important point! 

After reading about all such activities, are you not thinking about battery-life? Here we are assuring you that Honor 6 is reportedly giving you a 14 day-long battery life with notification off and with a normal heart and sleeping rate, much like Honor 5. 

Further, talking or sharing data may take more battery than normal. You can use it ten days at a stretch with high uses. Not much time in hand? Don’t worry, and a 2 minutes charge will let you use it for the next 2 days!

What is the Pros and Cons of Honor Band 6

Pros of Honor Band 6

  • Wider screen than other cheap fitness trackers
  • Health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, SpO2, sleep tracking and calorie tracking
  • Waterpoof
  • Music control
  • Selfie control
  • 10 Sport Modes
  • 14 days battery and fast charging

Cons of Honor Band 6

  • No GPS
  • No NFC in standard version

Honor Band 6 provides you with all the latest health features along with a good display and a broader screen. You can enjoy all the features at an affordable price range. 

However, buying Honor 6 at its current price is also not going to be a wastage of your money. I hope this Honor 6 smart band review helps you make an informed decision in the process of buying a smart band.  

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