Top 9 Health Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

With each passing day, our lives are getting more and more influenced by technology. It started with computational tasks and communication but has now extended its presence in various fields.

 Health Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Smart wearables today are equipped with a galore of tracking devices and algorithms that assist the user in monitoring their well-being. 

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The Galaxy Watch 3 that was recently launched by Samsung, also packed with a myriad of health-related features. Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Watch 3 with various sensors assisted by software features that should help users in tracking their health better. It comes with support for features such as ECG tracking, among others.

There are several health benefits that the new smartwatch possesses. It can automate and analyse your daily physical work without pouring in any extra efforts. 

Here is a list of the various health benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. If you are an Apple Phone user, check here for the health benefits of Apple Watch Series 6.

Health Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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1. ECG Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the best ECG smartwatches in 2021. It comes with FDA-approved Electrocardiogram (ECG). ECG Monitoring tracks the abnormalities in heart functioning. The Watch can track sinus rhythm and also the serious irregular condition called atrial fibrillation (AFib). To access this feature, users need to use the Samsung Health Monitor App. It is worth noting that the feature is being gradually rolled via S/W update to various countries.

However, ECG feature works only with a certain Samsung Galaxy Android smartwatches only.

2. Fall Detection

Following the footsteps of the Apple Watch, Samsung has also started providing support for Fall Detection. For those unaware, the Galaxy Watch 3 can detect if the user has fallen down and hasn’t moved for a specified period of time.

In such a scenario, the watch will automatically contact emergency contacts with the user’s location. This feature needs to be enabled in advance by defining the emergency contact.

3. Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Blood Oxygen Saturation or SpO2 indicates the amount of oxygen in the user’s bloodstream. The watch uses a red LED and infrared rays to measure blood oxygen saturation. This feature is especially useful and handy in present times.

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4. Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Samsung Health Monitor app is required for blood pressure monitoring. Blood Pressure is the pressure exerted by blood against the walls of the arteries. A higher or lower blood pressure can lead to health issues.

The normal range of Blood Pressure for humans is under 120/80mm of Hg. This feature, too, is being gradually rolled out to users in different countries via an OTA update.

5. Heart Rate Scanner

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes ships with a heart rate scanner. It measures the times the heartbeats or pulses per second. The watch can be set to automatically measure the heart rate at periodic intervals. This data is especially useful in tracking workouts and exercises.

6. Female Health

The smart wearable supports tracking of female menstrual cycles. The user will need to feed data into the Samsung Health App to track their period cycles. The watch can also predict information such as the next period cycle or fertility window.

7. Stress Monitoring

With the help of data acquired from the aforementioned heart rate scanner, the watch can predict stress levels. It requires the user to keep their hand still for the data to be collected. It uses this data to classify the stress level on the stress spectrum. If the stress level is inappropriate, the watch can also suggest various exercises to improve it.

8. Sleep Tracking

Samsung provides support for in-depth sleep tracking with the watch. It also has support to measure Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycles, deep sleep, and total sleep times. Using these parameters, the watch rates the sleep quality. The watch suggests steps to correct the sleep cycles for a healthier mind and body.

9. 40 Activity Modes

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 supports up to 40 different activity tracking. Out of these, 40, 8 are automatically detected and tracked by the watch. The watch uses various sensors such as an accelerometer, heart rate scanner, etc., to measure strides, heartbeat.

It also has an in-built GPS to track outdoor running. The smartwatch can also connect with a Samsung Smart TV to show a guided workout. The automated voice assistant in the watch gives constant alerts about pace, strides, and so on. Therefore, the watch can be used as a comprehensive tool when it comes to fitness tracking.

Thus the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 brings with it various health benefits. It should be noted that few features can be slightly inaccurate at times. This health companion is available in two sizes- 41mm and 45mm, respectively.

It also comes in an LTE variant allowing the user to completely leave their phone at home during workouts. Do let us know which health feature of the Galaxy Watch 3 impressed you the most.

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