Google Fit Review: Best Companion Towards Journey to Fitness

Google Fit Review: Best Companion Towards Your to Journey to Fitness

A journey to fitness is hard! It requires dedication, motivation, hard work, and much more. During your journey to fitness, every action needs to be counted. This is what a fitness app or fitness tracker exactly does.

Google Fit Review

But you always do not need a costly Fitness Band to track your physical activity and other workouts. But a fitness tracker or smartwatch can give a deep insight into your fitness activities.

Today l will introduce you to a free fitness app from Google called Google Fit App or GFit App for your fitness needs. It is a perfect companion for your journey to fitness.

Google Fit Review By DigitMize

Google Fit App can track all your physical activities like walking, running, etc. with the help of a smartphone or Fitness Band. In this Google Fit review, let us discuss in detail about the features of Google Fit Activity Detection App.

WHO and the American Heart Association(AHA) partnered with Google Fit to reach more people to make them physically active to improve health.

With Google Fit, you can set two activity metrics namely move minutes and heart points to improve your health.

After a long wait, Google Fit has come up with a dark mode that you can enable it in the settings. To get this feature for your app, please update the app into the latest version (2.16.22).

What is Move Minutes?

The move points concept is basically for those who do not do exercises regularly. Small changes in the day to day routine make a vast difference in your health by increasing physical activity.

All activity counts in move minutes

For example, use staircases instead of a lift to increase physical activity. Likewise, walking a small distance to meet a friend instead of using a car also helps you to improve your physical activity.

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You can also use a bicycle to travel a small distance. There are many people around those who follow this strategy to increase physical activity and stay healthy.

Heart Points Explained

More vigorous activities earn more heart points. Activities that pump more blood from the heart earn more health points. You can gain heart points by increasing the speed of walking.

Running earns double heart points as the heart needs to pump more compared to lighter activities.

Google Fit can track all these data, and it can also give you a detailed report about the physical activity so that you can make changes to your physical activity accordingly to reach the goal.

How Google Fit App Works?

Have you ever think of how Google Fit and other fitness app works?

Well, Fitness app uses the smartphone sensors to track your workout and other activities like walking, running, cycling, etc.

To track calories and weight, you have to provide some data to Google Fit app, including Age, Sex, and weight.

If you do not have Google Fit App installed on your smartphone, then you can download it from the App Store for free.

At the time of writing this article, Google Fit App has more than 10,000,000+ installs and 3.8 in the Google Play Store App.

Now Google Fit App is available for download in iOS stores also. In addition to that, now it is also compatible with Apple Wear Devices as well. Download Google Fit App for iOS to track your fitness data on your Apple Devices.

Features of Google Fit Mobile Application

Now let us look into the essential features of Google Fit, which help you to lead a healthy life by monitoring different activities.

1. Design and UI

Google Fit App has a beautiful design and user interface compared to the previous versions. Users can easily navigate through the app to add or track physical activities.

The graphical representation of the activity report is more useful for a user to keep track of his/ her fitness activities.

After downloading the app, you have to set up a profile on Google Fit App using an email ID. You also asked to enter the data, including Age, Sex, and Weight to calculate calories.

Make sure you enter the correct details here as the app uses these data to calculate your level of fitness. Incorrect data may cause an error in the final calculation.

After profile set up, you are ready to go!

Now tap on the Plus(+) sign to add and track different physical activities including Blood Pressure Charting, and Weight monitoring.

2. Blood Pressure Monitoring With GFit

To add blood pressure manually to Google Fit app, just tap on the plus sign on the Google Fit App and add the value with time and date.

Google Fit will automatically record the BP if you use a Google Fit compatible BP apparatus. When you check the BP on such a machine, the data will automatically transfer to Google Fit Mobile Application through Bluetooth connectivity.

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the best Google Fit Compatible wireless BP monitor. You also need to download the Qardio App to your device from Google Play Store or iOS store depending upon your mobile phone.

Google Fit Compatible BP Apparatus

At any time, you can see the graphical representation of your BP chart weekly, monthly, or yearly.

From this BP chart, it is effortless to understand the trends. So the Physician can take a better decision.

3. Weight Monitoring With Google Fit App

With Google’s Fitness App, you can chart your weight daily as we did in the case of BP Monitoring.

A weighing scale that is compatible with Google Fit App can transfer data automatically to the Fitness App. You can connect this app to Android and iOS phones with Bluetooth connectivity.

It is not mandatory as you can enter the data manually to Google Fit App with date and time.

Likewise, you can also add an activity to the GFit app by tapping the Plus Sign. Remember to add the beginning and end time of the activity without error.

4. Track Different Activities With GFit

In this Google Fit Review, let us discuss how effectively track different physical activities. Follow the steps below.

  • Tap on the + sign.
  • From the menu, tap on ” Trace Workout.”
  • From the newly opened window, tap on the icon on the right upper corner of the app.
  • Choose an activity from the drop-down menu. Over 100+ activities are available for tracking in GFit App. This helps you track all your physical activities without error.
  • After selecting an activity, start activity tracking by tapping on “Start Workout.”

5. Pulse Monitoring Using Google Fit

You can also chart your heart rate with the sensors of your wearable tech device such as a fitness tracker or smartwatch. With the help of SmartWatch, GFit can monitor your heart rate continuously, even while sleeping.

6. Journals

Under the GFit App home screen, you can see “Journals” from where you can find all your activity information. This includes the data collected from the app and wearable. From this report section, you will also get data about calories as well.

7. Support Third-Party Apps

Google Fit can be integrated with multiple apps and other devices such as Smart Watch, Fitness Bands, weighting Machines, etc. From the profile section, you can access all connected apps and devices through the GFit Application.

You can connect and sync Google Fit Compatible apps easily to share data. This will save your fitness data even if you switch from one app to another app.

The option to connect partner app is available in the settings of every app. The location may vary on different devices.

If you want to delete data from GFit App, then you can do it at the settings very easily. If you delete data, then it cannot be retrieved as the data wholly erased from the servers as well.

8. Improved Sleep Tracking

In a recent update, Google Fit has brought back sleep tracking features which were early removed from the app. With the help of a Google Fit Compatible Fitness Tracker, now you can track your sleep as well. If you do not get this update, please update it to the latest version of the Google Fit app as soon as possible.

Pros and Cons of GFit Application

  • Track Over 100+ Activities
  • Compatible With Multiple Apps and Wearables
  • Track SpO2 With 3 party Wearables
  • Calculates Heart Points
  • Google Fit now track your sleep.
  • Do not track your diet
  • It Does not Work with Samsung Gear Devices
  • No Option to track Blood Sugar level

Google Fit Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some FAQ about Google Fit Activity Detection App.

  1. Why my GFit does not track my activity?

    Clear the app cache and restart the device. Hopefully it will fix the problem.

  2. Why do the values are Different in GFit and My Fitness Band?

    This issue is maybe due to the Bluetooth connectivity issue. Unpair the device and connect it again.

    Also, decrease the distance between the Google Fit App and Fitness Band.

  3.  Can I rack Heart rate on Google Fit?

    Yes. But you need to have a GFit compatible smartwatch with pulse monitoring sensors.

  4. Can I use it for medical purposes?

    No. Never. Google Fit and accessories cannot replace any medical advice or medical equipment. Always follow the instructions of your doctor.

I think this article on Google Fit Review was helpful for you. If you need any further assistance on GFit App, please feel free to contact us.

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