How Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitoring Can Help You Improve Your Health

Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor: As technology advanced, wearable technology has also improved a lot. Fitness Apps like Google Fit and Fitness Trackers can help you to track and improve your fitness to the next level systematically and scientifically.

How Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitoring

Even though Google Fit App tracks multiple activities, in this article, I will focus on how does Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor can help you to improve your health. And I am pretty sure that it will help you to monitor your blood pressure in a systematic way.

Google Fit is the most trusted and reliable activity tracker app, which you can download for free from Google Play Store or iOS store.

On top of that, it is compatible with over 40+ fitness apps and other wearable devices. Which makes it easy for you to sync and store all your fitness data more scientifically and systematically on a single platform.

Who Needs Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitoring?

Anyone who wants to monitor their BP in a more systematic way can use Google Fit App. As I said earlier, it is entirely free if you have a Google Fit Compatible Smartphone like iOS or Android smartphones.

Patients who are suffering from heart problems and Kidney problems are required to monitor their BP regularly as it is crucial for patient well being and treatment. A doctor uses this data for the future treatment plan. So it is essential to record the blood pressure accurately without any error or mistake. Advanced Bluetooth enabled Blood Pressure monitors to help you avoid such mistakes.

Benefits of Using Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor

The era of using pen and paper has gone. If you use a paper to record your BP, there is a chance to miss it at any point in time. In addition to that, keeping such a record for a long period on a paper is not practical. Just digitalize it using Google Fit blood pressure monitor.

Also, it is not possible to go through your old records easily for a doctor if you record it on a piece of paper or diary. Digitalizing your records related to BP, Blood Sugar, Pulse, etc. help a doctor to check it very quickly.

There won’t be any such issues if you use the Google Fit App to record your blood pressure. Here are the benefits of using the Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor.

  • Google Fit Help you to store your data digitally rather than recording it on a piece of paper.
  • Get old data instantly with a few taps on the app. It will be very useful for your doctor for planning your treatment ahead.
  • You can download the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Share your blood pressure details with your doctor on email or even on WhatsApp.

How to Record Your BP on Google Fit App?

You should be very careful while entering your blood pressure on Google Fit App. Wrong charting of BP may affect your health and future treatment plan as the doctor uses this data for your treatment.

Last time when you were in the hospital, you might be remembering that the sister had recorded your BP, Pulse Rate and Oxygen level(Vital Signs)  before entering into the doctor’s cabin. Do you know why checked your Vitals signs before you meet the doctor?

Because the doctor uses your vital signs to assess your health condition, and he plans your treatments accordingly.

So you need to record your BP very carefully. Sometimes you may ask to record BP three times a day. As the frequency increases the chance for BP recording error also increases. So it is important to measure and record BP accurately without an error.

How to Measure BP More Accurately?

Measuring accurate BP is very important. If you are asked to measure your BP at home, then you must ask your Doctor or Nurse to teach you how to do it. They will explain to you in detail how to measure BP accurately without any error.

Follow the Tips While Measuring BP at Home.

  • Sit on a chair in a comfortable position.
  • Sit without leg crossed.
  • Make sure that your BP Monitor and heart in level.
  • Apply BP Cuff on the upper arm above the elbow.
  • BP Cuff should not be too tight or loose.

Using a Google Fit Compatible Blood Pressure monitor helps you to measure and record your BP more effectively without an error. Whenever you check BP on Google Fit Supported BP instrument, it will display BP on your BP apparatus as well as on your smartphone app. Also, it simultaneously saves the data on the Digital BP monitoring app, and later you can sync it with Google Fit App.

Dr. Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth Dual Talking Digital Blood Pressure Testing Monitor Machine is one of the best and cheap Digital BP Monitoring device which you can buy from an online or offline shop. It automatically saves your data digitally each time you measure BP with it. Thus you can avoid recording errors while charting BP.

Features of Dr Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth Blood Pressure Testing Monitor

With Dr Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth Blood Pressure Testing Monitor, you can smartly check your BP. Just download Dr Trust BP Connect App from Android or iOS store depending upon your smartphone and connect the BP machine with your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

  • It is very easy to measure BP without support from others.
  • Dr. Trust BP Machine is lightweight and very easy to carry when your travels.
  • You can share your BP readings with your Doctor or family member through email.
  • Monitor Pulse Rate and Heart Rate with this smart BP apparatus.
  • Each reading stores on your smartphone.
  • Three Colour hypertension indicator which displays readings in red color if your BP is high.
  • This BP Machine also has a talkback in Hindi and English. And this will be very useful for people who have a poor vision.

While you check BP, make sure that the BP Equipment and heart are on the same level to get an accurate reading.

How to Enter BP Manually on Google Fit App

It is not mandatory to have a Bluetooth enabled BP apparatus to record BP on Google Fit App. You can manually enter the BP on Google Fit App very easily in a few taps. But make sure that you enter it correctly without any error.

Follow the steps below to enter BP manually on Google Fit

  • Open Google Fit App and tap on the “+” symbol, which you can see on the lower right-hand side of the app.
Google Fit UI
  • As you tap on it, a pop-up menu appears before you and select “Blood Pressure”.
  • Now you will get the option to enter your BP reading along with date and time. Every time you have to repeat this process to enter BP on Google Fit App.
  • Make sure you enter each reading with the correct time and date.

If you enter the BP on Google Fit, you can check your past readings on a monthly or weekly basis. This way you can check even previous years. This will be very useful for your doctor for your treatment.

I think this article on Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitor is very useful for you in measuring and recording your BP more accurately without any error. In addition to that, checking BP with an automatic BP machine is very easy compared to traditional BP machines. Even old age people can check their BP with Dr Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth Blood Pressure Testing Monitor by themselves without any support from others.

If you have Dr Trust USA BP A-One Max Connect Bluetooth Blood Pressure Testing Monitor at home, then you do not need to visit a clinic every day to check your BP. On top of that, it will cost you a few bucks at the clinic to check your BP.

Please feel free to comment below your thoughts on Google Fit Blood Pressure Monitoring.

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