The Garmin Lily vs Fitbit Luxe – Which is the Best? (2021 Comparison)

Garmin Lily vs Fitbit Luxe

When comparing the best fitness trackers, there are quite a few options. Some wearables, though, are more similar than you might imagine. At least, that’s the case when comparing the Garmin Lily and the Fitbit Luxe. You may be surprised to learn that these two wearables have much in common.

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These instruments are incredibly similar under the hood, set apart by their designs. The Garmin Lily is likely to appeal to those who prefer a classic smartwatch. The Fitbit Luxe may be more your style if you want to choose something lighter and more compact. Not to mention, the Luxe offers a beautiful AMOLED display compared to Lily’s grayscale LCD.

Garmin Lily vs Fitbit Luxe: Features and Specs

Features and SpecsGarmin LilyFitbit Luxe
Display1. 34mm TFT LCD Screen
2. Resolution: 240 x 201 pixels
3. Dimension: 34.50 x 34.50 x 10.15 mm
1. 1.56” AMOLED touchscreen color Screen
2. Resolution: 124×124 PPI
3. Dimension: 1.43″ x 0.69″x0 .4″
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Health Tracking Features1. Heart Rate
2. SpO2
3. Female Health Tracking
4. Advanced Sleep Monitoring
5. Respiration Tracking
6. Stress Tracking
1. Heart Rate Monitoring
2. Nighty SpO2
3. Sleep Tracking
4. Stress Monitoring
5. Female Health Monitoring
6. Active Zone Minutes
Fitness Tracking Features1. 7 Activity Tracking Modes
2. Body Battery
3. Intensity Minutes
4. Saftey Tracking Feature
1. 20+ Activity Modes
2. Waterproof(5 ATM)
3. Open and Closes water Swim(Tracks duration)
Waterproof Rating5 ATM5 ATM
GPSConnected GPSConnected GPS
Sensors1. Garmin Elevate HR Sensor
2. Accelerometer
3. Ambient Light Sensor
4. SpO2 Sensor
1. Accelerometer
2. Heart rate sensor
3. SpO2 Sensor
4. Vibration motor
Battery5 Days of battery1. 5 Days of Battery life
2. Charging time: 2 Hours
CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid 8.0 or above and iOS 13.3 or above

The Fitbit Luxe is a stylish way to keep track of your fitness and wellbeing

Women with Fitbit Luxe

The Luxe is the brand’s latest fitness tracker that focuses on your overall health and well-being. Who’s to say it can’t also be fashionable? Yes, you’ll get a great range of features. However, the design is the real stand-out thing about this watch. The “better” Fitbit models have all the same essential functionality, but they aren’t necessarily the most attractive. The Luxe, thankfully, is here to fix that!


Fitbit Luxe White color

We’ll start with the design and work our way down. The Fitbit Luxe has a stainless steel casing that is both light and durable. Platinum, Soft Gold, and Graphite are the three stunning color choices available. It’s marginally thinner than the Lily at 36mm by 10mm.

As for the band, choose from Lunar White, Black, or Orchid. A limited-edition variant is available with a Soft Gold case and a matching stainless steel link bracelet. Fitbit went all out with the Luxe,  despite the fact that many brands don’t bother with AMOLED these days. The device has a sharp touchscreen, which adds to its appeal. Also, because of this feature, the battery will only last up to 5 days between charges. Which is marginally less than a typical Fitbit.

Fitbit is also well-known for providing a consistent core set of features across all of its trackers. The Luxe includes activity and sleep tracking, constant heart-rate monitoring, menstrual tracking, breathing exercises, stress monitoring, and 20 sport modes (which includes swimming as the device has a 5ATM water resistance rating). Also, this includes SmartTrack exercise identification, among other features. Also, it’s been confirmed that the Fitbit Luxe will eventually be capable of taking skin temperature measurements and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature...
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Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature...
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Fitbit Sense, the company’s advanced fitness smartwatch, was launched last year, and this device follows in its footsteps. Many of the same mindfulness techniques are available via the Luxe. For instance, you have stress tracking that provides a daily measure of how well your body handles stress. Your heart rate, exercise levels, and sleep cycles are used to calculate a stress score. Fitbit intends to include this as a standard option on all of its devices moving forward.

The Health Metrics dashboard on the Fitbit Luxe is handy!

Within the Fitbit app, Luxe has a handy Health Metrics dashboard. It details your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and breathing rate. The dashboard shows these metrics over the course of seven days. You can watch your monthly averages and personal average if you create an account with Fitbit Premium. The nice surprise is that the Luxe (and, actually, most Fitbit watches) comes with a complimentary 6-month trial.

You may notice that certain features are lacking if you’re an experienced Fitbit user. There is no built-in GPS or contactless payments on this tracker. These can seem to be small drawbacks for some, but others may find it difficult to survive without them. If these omissions don’t bug you, the sleek Fitbit Luxe would be a great fit for you.

It’s worth noting that the company’s other devices do have the whole kit. When you evaluate the Fitbit Luxe against the Charge 4, for example, you’ll notice some significant variations. The Charge 4 is less expensive, and it has built-in GPS as well as Fitbit Pay. It isn’t quite as opulent as the Luxe; however, some people would rather have more versatility over elegance. 

Garmin Lily

Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen and Patterned Lens, Dark Bronze
599 Reviews
Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen and Patterned Lens, Dark Bronze
  • Small stylish smartwatch complements your look...
  • Choose from classic or sport designs with a...
  • Understand your body by monitoring your...

There’s a commonality across Garmin smartwatches. In that, most of these gadgets aren’t particularly chic. The Garmin Lily and the new Garmin Venu Sq, for example, are two smartwatches that deviate from the company’s normal bulky aesthetic.

The Garmin Lily is in a class of its own. This is the first Garmin watch made just for women. It’s definitely not a durable and bulky sports watch designed for mountain climbing. Although truly athletic people and outdoor enthusiasts might not be interested, the Lily caters to a different demographic.

There are two versions: A Sport and Classic Edition. Both have the same grayscale LCD touchscreen, housed in a slim 34mm case. Cream Gold, Rose Gold, and Midnight Orchid are the three aluminum bezel colors available if you like the Sport Edition. Garmin chose a 14mm silicone band that comes in three different colors: White, Sand, and Deep Orchid. As such, the Garmin Lily is one of the best fitness trackers for women; mostly thanks to its attractive looks.

If you want something more upscale, the Classic Edition comes with a luxury stainless steel bezel in Dark Bronze, Light, or Cream Gold. Plus, Italian leather bands are available in three colors: black, white, and Paloma. Although the Lily straps aren’t compatible with traditional quick-release bands, third-party alternatives that offer the 14mm proprietary system are available. So you can quickly and easily swap the straps.

The Lily includes features such as activity/sleep tracking, heart rate control, blood oxygen monitoring, stress tracking, and Garmin’s famous Body Battery. (This calculates your energy levels during the day). Your energy level is represented as a score from 1 to 100. This will assist you in determining when to plan your exercises and when to relax.

When it comes to activity monitoring, the Lily has a variety of profiles to pick from. Walking, biking, swimming (being water-resistant to 50m) yoga, cardio, treadmill, and breathing techniques are some of the most common profiles. Up to seven activities can be saved on the watch, which can be changed at any time using the Garmin Connect app.

The Garmin Lily, like the Fitbit Luxe, lacks built-in GPS and NFC for contactless payment capabilities. For those who are more concerned about buying a watch that looks chic, this may not be a significant loss. When you choose beauty over features, you’ll have to make some concessions, but these could be worthwhile compromises.

Garmin Lily vs Fitbit Luxe: The Verdict

Fitbit Luxe
Garmin Lily

You’ll get a similar set of features if you go for either the Luxe or Lily.  Neither of these smartwatches is are as feature-packed as some of the other popular smartwatches (like the Apple Watch, or even the Fitbit Sense).  They do, however, have all the essentials in an appealing case that purely focuses on elevating your look. Both devices are fine choices for fashionistas but remember neither model has GPS or NFC payment capabilities.

You’ll probably want to pick the Garmin Lily if you’ve always preferred smartwatches to fitness trackers. It is technically a smartwatch, but it’s not too bulky, so it’s a good choice for anyone looking for a stylish timepiece that can still track simple fitness and health data.

The Fitbit Luxe, however, is best suited to you if you prefer fitness trackers to smartwatches. For a marginally lower price, it provides pretty much the exact same feature set as the Lily. It’s smaller and lighter, but you’ll never be weighed down. It’s simple to make your tracker match your clothes and even switch out bands as necessary. Don’t overlook the vibrant AMOLED display, either, as this gives a bit more elegance.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours!

Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen and Patterned Lens, Dark Bronze
599 Reviews
Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen and Patterned Lens, Dark Bronze
  • Small stylish smartwatch complements your look...
  • Choose from classic or sport designs with a...
  • Understand your body by monitoring your...

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