Fitbit Sense Not Turning ON(Solved): Quick Fix

“If your Fitbit Sense is not turning on, then recharge the battery for one hour and try to turn it on before you do anything.”

fitbit sense not turning on

Fitbit recently launched Fitbit Sense, and it is the first FDA Approved ECG smartwatch from Fitbit. In addition to ECG also comes with other health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level, etc.

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But what will you do if your Fitbit Sense not turning ON? So frustrating, right?

Let me help you here!

Try these methods before you rush into a service center to repair your brand-new Fitbit Sense

What to do if Fitbit Sense Won’t Turn On? (Step by Step Guide)

If your Fitbit Sense smartwatch is not turning on, then you can try the following methods.

1. Charge the Battery

The Fitbit claims that the Fitbit Sense battery lasts for 5 to 6 days. But this varies depending on the usage of your smartwatch. 

When you continuously use the features such as GPS, music, etc., the battery drains much faster. In this case, your smartwatch does not last for more than 24 hours. 

If your Fitbit Sense is dead after heavy usage, recharge it for at least one hour and try to turn it on. 

If it is not turning on, go to the next step below even after charging for one hour. 

2. Check the Charging Cable and Connector

  • Check Fitbit Charger for any visible damage.
  • Make sure that you have correctly clipped the device into the charger. 
  • Check the connector of the charger for any damage. It isn’t easy to check but checking under a bright light with a magnifying glass will be helpful. 

If the charger is damaged, you can contact the Fitbit Support team for a replacement if you are in the warranty period. 

Otherwise, you have to purchase it online or offline. Fortunately, it does not cost you much like an Apple Watch Charger.

3. Check the Charging Pins

Check the charging pins of your Fitbit Sense for any visible dirt. Dust or any foreign material prevents the device from charging.

If you find any dirt or dust, take off the charger from the power supply and clean it with a clean and dry cloth. 

It is not recommended to use any liquids to clean the charging ports. If you use any liquid to clean the charger, make sure to completely dry the charger before you plug it into a power socket. 

4. Inspect Fitbit Sense Charging Ports

The charging port is more vulnerable to get dirty due to dust and sweat. It is always recommended to clean the device and strap as soon as you return after a workout. 

If you find any dirt at the charging port, clean it with a clean and dry cloth. You can even use a wet cloth to clean the charging port as Fitbit Sense is waterproof up to 50 meters underwater. 

Do not use any corrosive or sharp material to clean the smartwatch’s charging port as it damages the waterproof sealing of the smartwatch. 

Also, the chances are high to get damage to the adjacent sensors on the device. 

5. Check the Power Socket

Now it is time to check the power outlet for any supply issue. Try to charge any other device from the same power outlet, and if the issue persists, try to charge the device from another power source. 

If you use any power extension boards to charge the smartwatch, then charge the device directly from the power source. 

These are the some “home remedies” that you can try to fix Fitbit Sense not turning on issue

If all these methods fail to restart the Fitbit Sense, then your device is not working as it is expected to be. 

In this case, you have to contact Fitbit Customer support for further resolution. 

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