Fitbit Blood Pressure Study: Fitbit to Launch Wrist Based Blood Pressure Monitoring Soon

Fitbit is about to start a blood pressure monitoring trial on Fitbit Sense wearables. You may probably get an invitation on Fitbit App if you are eligible to participate in the study. Fitbit sends invitations to Fitbit Sense users more than 20 years of age in the USA.

Fitbit Blood Pressure Study

The new Fitbit Blood pressure study focuses on cuff-free blood pressure monitoring by measuring Pulse Arrival Time (PAT), in which they potentially measure how long it takes a pulse of blood to reach your wrist from the heart. 

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Fitbit Says that “Having easy access to blood pressure readings is important for people with hypertension, so, assuming we can correlate PAT and blood pressure, being able to track PAT with a Fitbit device might give people more power to manage their condition in between doctors visits.” 

Fitbit has already conducted a study on a small group of people and found a close relation between PAT and blood pressure. Now they want to conduct a study on a large group of people to ensure blood pressure monitoring accuracy by collecting data from large groups of people from different demographics.

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Last year most wearable devices came with advanced health tracking features such as ECG and real-time blood oxygen level monitoring. Now it seems that wearable technology companies are focusing on integrating cuff-free blood pressure monitoring features into their wearable devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Wearables and Omron Heart rate monitor watch have blood pressure monitoring features. However, it requires cuff calibration for improved accuracy.

In the light of the new blood pressure monitoring technology patent won by Apple, we firmly believe that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 probably has blood pressure monitoring along with non-invasive blood sugar monitoring.

The heart rate sensor manufacturer, the Valencell, has already introduced a wrist-based blood pressure monitoring technology at Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®. The Wareable reports that Amazfit is also working on a cuff-free blood pressure monitoring system.

The introduction of blood pressure on smartwatches would help 108 million adults in the USA who suffer from hypertension. It allows them to measure blood pressure from anywhere conveniently. 

It also allows people to detect the blood pressure at the earliest, enabling them to seek medical help at the earliest. 

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