Ultimate Fitbit Battery Comparison Table(Updated in May 2020

The battery is an essential part of any electronic device. It is the same for every smartwatches and fitness tracker as well. 

Fitbit Battery Comparison

Unfortunately, people do not much care about battery specifications while choosing a smartwatch. 

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As you check for other specifications, you should also check for battery specs while buying an activity tracker or smartphone.

All Fitbit Battery Compared at One Place

So here is the Fitbit Battery comparison table that compares the battery life of every Fitbit Smartwatch and Fitness Trackers. So you do need to go here and there to check which Fitbit has longer battery life. You can check all Fitbit’s battery spec in one place here.

Fitbit Battery Comparison Table

The use of NFC services and GPS will reduce the battery life dramatically. For example, if you use GPS in Charge 4, then the battery life will fall from seven days to five hours. So I suggest only use GPS whenever it is necessary.

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As your battery ages, the charging cycle will also increase. It is quite natural for all devices including smartphones. However, if you care about the batteries, it will last for long, for sure.

Fitbit Battery Saving Tips

Fitbit Battery Saving Tips

Here are some Fitbit battery saving tips to protect and prolong your battery life.

1. Use Original Charger

Always use the original or manufacturer-recommended charger to recharge your battery every time. Using a third-party charger can damage your battery and device.

2. Follow 20-80 Rule

Always recharge the battery before it is completely dying. Follow the 20-80 rules here. It is recommended to keep the battery percentage between 20 and 80%. So try to recharge the watch before its battery falls below 20%.

3. Do not recharge for over Night

Remove the charger as soon as the battery reached 100%. Recharging battery for a prolonged period will affect battery life in long terms.

4. Turn Off GPS

GPS drains the battery faster. So make sure you turn off GPS whenever it is not necessary. It is the same for shared GPS as well. 

5. Turn Off Bluetooth

Some smartwatches and Fitness trackers have the option to turn off Bluetooth. Turning Bluetooth helps you save battery. But remember to turn on Bluetooth and sync the smartwatch with your phone at least once in a day.  

6. Increase Sync Frequency

If your Fitbit does not have an option to turn off Bluetooth, please increase the sync frequency at the settings. This will also help you to save more battery power and thus prolongs battery life.

7. Decrease Display Brightness

Decreasing the display brightness can increase your battery life considerably. Please check your Fitbit settings for display brightness adjustments.

8. Turn Off Always On Display(For Smartwatches)

Turn off the always-on display if you really want to increase your battery life.

9. Do not use Bright or Animated Wallpapers.

If you use animated and bright wallpaper, then get ready for the recharge early. Rather than an animated watch face, use an analog watch face to save battery.

10. Restrict Smartphone Notifications

Restricting smartphone notifications also help to improve battery life. You can customize app notifications in the settings.

11. Limit Music related activities

Decrease oe limit the use of music control and other music apps to increase battery life.

The battery life of a smartwatch and fitness tracker closely related to how well one uses it. Using it in the wrong way can drain the battery life faster. I hope these tips help you to increase Fitbit Battery life.

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