Eufy P1 Smart Scale Review

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Introducing Smart Scales!

We’ve decided to add smart scales to our coverage because of the strong overlap they have with fitness trackers and smart watches. The combination of the two can give you deeper insight into your health and more data to evaluate when making health and fitness decisions. We’re starting by reviewing the Eufy P1 smart scale which has been available for a while now, so let’s dig in to see what makes it the smart scale to choose.  

Eufy is a part of one of the most renowned electronics companies, Anker. Eufy P1 is one of the flagship models that follows Anker’s typical process of delivering top of the line features at a lower price tag. However, the budget friendly price tag doesn’t exclude some key features that are normally packaged into one of the high-end smart scales on the market.  

Eufy P1 Features and Specifications

Eufy P1 Smart Scale

The Eufy smart scale works using Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis, that sends a weak electric current to your body through your feet to make all its calculations. The majority of smart scales that track bodyfat also use this method.  

Eufy claims that it tracks 14 distinctive metrics, with the addition of relatively unique metrics like estimated body age and body protein levels. Some measurements may be less valuable to users, but it’s best to track a metric for several weeks to see if it makes a difference in your fitness tracking.  

It’s easy to get carried away knowing the Eufy Smart Scale measures all these different metrics, however, you must keep in mind that these calculations are based on a few core metrics. So, it’s worth making them your primary focus. They are your: 

  • Overall weight 
  • Bone mass percentage  
  • Muscles mass  
  • Visceral fat 
Eufy P1 app

Using your scale

As you step on the Eufy P1 the LED display illuminates that shows your weight, which is probably the first thing you want to track with a scale. By lingering on the scale (after a short, one-time setup process) you get access to the rest of your key metrics. Jumping onto the mobile application you are greeted with a clear and crisp interface that provides your current stats, and over time from using, your history. The mobile application for Eufy P1 Smart Scale is one of the best features it packs.  

These detailed reports are readily available at your discretion, however, the historical records on the application are only available for weight, Body mass index, fat and muscle percentages. Your records can be shared with your health app of choice (Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit) for easy consolidation of your records.  

The mobile application for the Eufy P1 also allows you to set your weight goal which are associated with different profiles and up to 16 unique profiles can be configured against Eufy P1. The downside however is that unlike the high-end smart scales, the Eufy P1 connects to your phone via Bluetooth, there is no Wi-Fi connectivity option. 


Aesthetics and hardware are an equally important aspect of Eufy P1, the Eufy Smart Scale is square shaped gadget with curved edges that further enhances the subtle black and blue finish to the glass top.  

The illuminated LED appears at the top that lights up to show your weight, there is a switch on the back that lets you go between lbs. and kg. The minimalistic design is not only appealing but gives away a premium feel. 

There are a couple of downsides, that shouldn’t be deal breakers for most people. The rubber feet are not carpet-friendly, but most scales are used on a hard surface (usually in the bathroom). There’s also no Wi-Fi for background data uploads, but the scale quickly connects via Bluetooth to any modern smartphone. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Brilliant Connectivity No Wi-FI
Ergonomic Application AAA Batteries (not rechargeable)
14 Body Metrics No Athlete mode
16 User Profiles No Carpet Support
Budget Friendly


The Eufy P1 is one of the best scales, and best values, available on the market. The target customers are fitness enthusiasts and people someone who want to track their way to a healthier lifestyle. The scale and its associated app are easy to setup and use, reducing friction for those of you who just want to get started (you know who you are). Finally, the price at $40 – $45 makes this a guilt free purchase, that could have a lasting impact if used consistently.  

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