Does Fitbit work on Treadmill? An In-depth Guide

Fitbit comes with onboard Treadmill mode to track treadmill activities. But you need to calibrate frequently for improved accuracy.

Does Fitbit work on Treadmill

Are you a fitness buff and regularly works on the Treadmill? If yes, then you must be actively looking for a fitness tracker for the treadmill.

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There are many fitness trackers and smartwatches that come with treadmill mode. But what about Fitbit wearables? “Does Fitbit work on a treadmill?”. In this article, I will be answering these questions.

Does Fitbit Work on Treadmill? 

Fitbit wearables come with advanced sensors and software to track your activities. It uses different sensors to track your direction and speed of movements to track various activities.

Fitbit devices come with a dedicated mode to track your activities on the treadmill. It can also track your treadmill automatically with the help of sensors.

How Fitbit tracks running or walking in a treadmill? 

As I said earlier, Fitbit comes with an accelerometer to track your movements. It tracks your running by detecting your movements of the hand. GPS does not work here as you are in the same location.

So it is important to make sure that you move your hands normally while running on a treadmill rather than holding your hands on the bar. If you hold your hands on the treadmill bar, the wearables can not track your running as you are not moving your hands. In this scenario, the accelerometer thinks that you are resting or standstill.

Accuracy of Fitbit reading on Treadmill 

Sometimes when you are trying to track your number of steps while walking or running on a treadmill, the treadmill reading and the Fitbit may give you different readings. Under such circumstances, there are maximum chances of your Treadmill giving more accurate results. 

In this case, as I said earlier, not moving hands might be the primary reason for the error. Secondly, If you are under or over-reported, you should calibrate the Fitbit with your strides on the Treadmill.

Here is an in-depth guide on how to calibrate your Fitbit for treadmill. I hope this helps.

Remember to wear Fitbit on your non-dominant hand because we move our dominant hand more than the non-dominant hand. So the Fitbit will record all this movement as steps. As a result, it will give you the wrong readings.


Fitbit is undoubtedly the best treadmill Smartwatches for tracking your treadmill activities. You can get accurate results if you use it correctly. I hope that this answer to your question on Whether Fitbit Work on Treadmill helps you clear your doubts in mind. If you have any further queries, please feel free to comment below.

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