Does Fitbit measure blood pressure? Everything you Must Know

Fitbit is a big name when it comes to smart devices for fitness tracking. It has several devices in its product line for heart rate count, calorie count, sleep monitor, and more.

Does Fitbit measure blood pressure?

Most people would like the convenience of having a device that can measure their BP. Is there any Fitbit blood pressure smart sports watch? Or better still, Does Fitbit measure blood pressure? That’s the question we’ll be answering in this text. Keep reading.

Can Fitbit measure blood pressure?

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Is there a Fitbit that monitors blood pressure? The answer to this question is no, as there is no Fitbit BP monitor.

However, in the recent past, Fitbit launched devices for monitoring oxygen levels. Other competitors, such as Apple, have FDA approved products that accurately measures blood pressure. Probably, Fitbit will follow the trend and measure BP in the near future.

Does Fitbit measure blood pressure?

Currently, there is no indication that Fitbit will be launching a blood pressure monitor soon. Like we mentioned earlier, Fitbit doesn’t have a blood pressure tracker in its product line.

However, such a device requires the use of the right technology and must meet certain standards for accuracy. It should also be comfortable on your wrist so that you can wear the entire day.

Why doesn’t Fitbit have blood pressure devices such as smartwatches?

So many smartwatches and wristbands promise accurate blood pressure monitoring. However, it’s essential to confirm whether they are FDA approved because any devices that are not FDA approved can not be used as medical-grade equipment.

Importantly, blood pressure accuracy by a wearable device would be an enormous task due to the complexity. Currently, some wearable devices can measure blood pressure, but they are expensive and out of reach to most people. The QardioArm smart BP monitor and Omron Heart guide are good blood pressure monitoring devices.

There are cheap smartwatches that claim to monitor blood pressure; however, they don’t give accurate results.

The technology to make BP monitoring devices is advanced and complex. As such, it can be challenging to find Fitness trackers with blood pressure monitor only.

However, the ASUS brand and Omron have succeeded, although they had to do away with some features.

Besides, Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is also expected to be release blood pressure monitoring soon. It already received clearance from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2 Active

The traditional Blood Pressure technology involves placing a cuff around the upper arm. During inflation, there is pressure on the arteries, and this stops the blood circulation. During deflation, blood returns to the arteries. It’s more accurate to measure the BP using the upper arm than the wrist due to its proximity to the heart.

A blood pressure smartwatch would have to be really advanced to measure the BP from the wrist. Luckily, two brands that we mentioned earlier, the ASUS and OMRON, can do it. Omron relies on Oscillatory technology, whereas ASUS uses sensors to detect BP.

Can Fitbit measure ECG?

Fitbit devices do not perform an ECG or EKG test. All the devices do not have an ECG monitor. On the other hand, Withings, Apple 4, and Apple 5 smartwatches can track ECG more accurately.
But they are pricey. However, some brands such as Amazfit, Withings Move, and Asus Vivo watch BP are affordable and can measure ECG.

An ECG test is painless, safe, and quick and provides accurate information about the heart. It estimates the electrical activity of your heart using electrodes on the skin, mostly the wrist.

An ECG reading is important since it can detect an abnormal heartbeat or rhythms. It also helps in detecting an enlarged heart and poor blood circulation to the heart. Lastly, it’s useful in detecting a thick heart muscle and any other abnormality.
Doctors normally recommend an ECG test to patients with heart complications and high blood pressure.

It’s important to note that an ECG is not a blood pressure monitoring test. However, in the absence of a BP test, it gives vital data regarding the heart. For the Blood pressure test to be accurate, there must be pressure on the vessels.

The solution to Blood Pressure monitoring

Here is some of the best devices to check your blood pressure.


Qardiocore review

The Qardioarm is a medically approved device for measuring blood pressure accurately. It’s easier when compared to the traditional cuff method. It displays the BP results in a chart for users to read.

Other than accuracy, it also has a dedicated Apple Smartwatch app that helps you to measure blood pressure with a few taps on your Smartwatch.

It has reminders to know when to track your BP and send the results to your doctor. Some of the notable benefits include heartbeat monitoring, data sharing with your doctor, charts, notifications, geo-tracking, and more. Additionally, it’s compatible with Android devices, and hence you can access your BP results anywhere.

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HalfSun Fitness Tracker

HalfSun Fitness Tracker

HalfSun Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch for tracking activity, blood pressure, and heart rate monitoring. The device is easy and comfortable on your wrist and acts as an automatic BP monitoring device.

You can connect to your iPhone through the app. Also, this wearable blood pressure monitor is perfectly built and durable.

Other uses include; sleep monitoring, counting your calories, and steps. It also monitors the distance and allows for connection to a GPS on the smartphone.

Care-Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Care-Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

This device looks like a Blood pressure watch and has a large display and stunning backlight that enables users to view the readings easily. Like a smartwatch, you’ll fit the device on your wrist and then check out for readings.

The most crucial function is detecting an abnormal heartbeat. A symbol or notification shows up in case the heart rhythm is not beating regularly.

The device is highly advanced and has a memory feature that enables you to access two months’ reading. It’s a reliable monitor that displays the reading quickly and accurately.

  1. How Fitbit blood pressure smart sports watch works?

    As we discussed in this article, at least as of now, there is not Fitbit Fitness tracker or smartwatch that tracks or monitor blood pressure.

  2. Is there a smartwatch that monitors blood pressure?

    As of now, there is no smartwatch that checks your blood pressure. But there are some fitness trackers that monitor the blood pressure.

  3. How accurate are smart watches for blood pressure?

    As of now there is no FDA approved fitness trackers or smartwatches to check your blood pressure. Unless an equipment is not approved by a medical authority, it can not be used or considered as a medical grade equipment.

  4. Can an Apple watch take your blood pressure?

    An Apple watch itself can not measure blood pressure. But you if you paired it with a digital blood pressure monitor, then you can use this to check your blood pressure. Eg: Qardioarm.


Can Fitbit track blood pressure? Since there is no Fitbit that measures blood pressure and hasn’t released a blood monitoring device yet, there are other devices on the market for monitoring blood pressure. It’s a complex procedure that involves inflating and deflating the vessels close to the heart.

Fortunately, other devices can tell the status of your blood pressure. For instance, an ECG test can monitor irregular heartbeats. Fitness trackers such as Fitbit blood pressure sports watch can help identify a problem with your heart and, consequently, your blood pressure.

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