Do You Need A Smartphone For Fitbit? Everything You Should Know

A Fitbit require a smartphone for initial set up and you also need to sync it with a phone at least once in a day to save your data.

Do You Need A Smartphone For Fitbit

Recently I got a message from one of my readers. The question was do you need a Smartphone for Fitbit? Today let us discuss whether a Fitbit works without a smartphone.

Do You Need A Smartphone For Fitbit?

My answer is yes. But you need to have a Laptop or tab to sync your fitness data with Fitbit server for detailed insight into your Fitness data. Also, you need a smartphone or tablet for the initial setup.

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In order to stop losing your data, it is recommended to sync Fitbit with your laptop for at least once in a day. To sync Fitbit with Laptop you need to have a Fitbit dongle. Most of the time you can find it in the product packet at the time of purchasing your Fitbit.

Fitbit Dongle is basically a tiny gadget that helps you to connect your Fitbit with the laptop and then to the Fitbit server through the internet-connected to your laptop.

If you do not get it with the package, then you can get it from Amazon or directly from the Fitbit website.

See the detailed video below to see how to connect your Fitbit Dongle with Laptop. If you face any trouble during the process, you can comment below or even ask me at DigitMize Telegram Group.

Once you have successfully set up Fitbit wireless sync dongle on your laptop, you can see all your Fitness data on your laptop. It is a one time process and you do need to repeat the process every time to sync the data between your devices.

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Disadvantages Of Using A Fitbit Without Phone

There are some disadvantages if you are using Fitbit alone without a phone. When you a Fitbit without a smartphone, you won’t be able to track a few metrics. For example, you can only see your sleep data and blood oxygen level only on the Fitbit App. If you do not use it with a phone, you do not be able to see this at all.

Now let us have a look into some of the Frequently asked questions about Fitbit without a phone.

Fitbit Without A Phone FAQ

  1. Do you have to keep Bluetooth on for Fitbit?

    No. It is not required to keep your Fitbit Bluetooth ON every time. But in order to sync the data with your smartphone or laptop, you need to tun on it at least once in a day for some time.
    However, most of the Fitbit does not have a killer switch to turn off Bluetooth.

  2. Do you need a phone to use a Fitbit?

    No. You do need to have a phone or smartphone to use Fitbit. A laptop or tab is enough for you if you do not want to use Fitbit without a phone.

  3. What is a Fitbit dongle?

    Fitbit Dongle is a tiny gadget which used to sync your Fitbit with a laptop if you do not want to sync it with a smartphone.

  4. Does Fitbit work without Internet?

    Fitbit does not need an internet connection to work. It just needs Bluetooth to connect with a laptop or smartphone.

  5. Does a Fitbit require a data plan?

    Fitbit itself does not use any data. You just need to connect it with your smartphone or Laptop through the internet. But your mobile or laptop needs to be connected to the internet to upload your data to the internet.

  6. Can you use a Fitbit versa without a phone?

    If you do not want to use a smartphone along with Fitbit Versa, then you have to connect it to a laptop. You also need to have a desktop fitness software from Fitbit to sync the data with servers of Fitbit.

  7. Can Fitbit track run without the phone?

    Yes. Fitbit can track your running without a smartphone. But you have to sync it with your smartphone or computer to save the data from losing.

Final Words

If you do not want to use a smartphone or laptop, then a simple pedometer enough for you. To access advanced features in Fitbit you must have to sync it with either a smartphone or laptop.

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