Chulalongkorn University innovates a smartwatch to measure Blood Glucose level from Sweat

After bringing some exceptional innovations in the field of the telephony world. The researchers looking for ways to make smartwatches more useful and comfortable to wear. In such an evolution, Chulalongkorn University in Taiwan has innovated a new smartwatch that can check blood sugar levels from sweat in real-time.  It can be exciting news for diabetes patients who often measure the blood sugar level via a blood sample.

blood glucose smartwatch

The new innovation will boost the smartwatch market and will enable a new sphere for future smartwatches. Diabetes has become a common disease among the elders and Millions of people suffer. It is a lifestyle disease and nowadays is prevalent among the young population.

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In a collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Taiwan, the research team at Chulalongkorn university successfully measured the blood glucose and lactate levels from sweat. The team even received the Good Invention Award for Science and Pharmacy 2021 in Taiwan.

The blood sugar level is currently measured by drawing blood from the fingertips which bit difficult and waste a lot of money. The new method is simply a time-saver and saves the users from unnecessary stress and pain.  The Chula-NSTDA project uses a biochemically modified special yarn material that absorbs glucose. The material is sensitive to lactate enzymes and glucose.

“This special yarn transmits the obtained data to a test sheet inserted inside the smartwatch case… to compare the measurement against a standard Calibration Curve.  If the blood glucose is low, the color will be light, if high, the color will be dark, while the lactate value will appear even darker in color, “ Prof. Dr. Natnadda explained.

The method is currently being tested to prove its effectiveness under different circumstances. Later, it will be developed and evolved for real-time usage among patients and health-enthusiasts.

Moreover, Apple and Samsung are rumoured to bring the blood sugar measurement feature to their respective smartwatches this year It would be interesting to see which manufacturer launches it first.


Saneesh VS is a Registred Nurse By Profession and Wearable Tech Enthusiast by Passion.

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