The New Mobvoi TicWatch E3 Specifications, Features, and Price

Mobvoi TicWatch E3 Specifications

Mobvoi just launched TicWatch E3 based on the 4100 Qualcomm wearable chipset. It is the second smartwatch that features a Qualcomm 4100 wearable chipset. In this article, let us have a closer look at the newly launched Mobvoi TicWatch E3 specifications, features, and availability. Mobvoi TicWatch E3 Specifications, Features and Price Display 1. Circular Case2. … Read more

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs, Features, and Price

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs

Since the beginning of 2021, we have witnessed the release of many smartwatches and fitness trackers. The G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000, added to the Pro Trek lineup, from Casio is the latest addition to the list of new smartwatches released in 2021. Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs, Features and Price Display 1. Size: 1.32-inch2. Color TFT LCD3. Resolution: … Read more