Garmin ECG: Do Garmin watches have ECG?

Man with ECG, Garmin ECG

Apple Watch Series 4 was the first smartwatch that comes with FDA approved ECG tracking feature. Later, both Samsung and Fitbit joined the club by successfully integrating the EKG feature into their smartwatches. Garmin Smartwatches comes with many advanced health tracking features such as heart rate variability, irregular heart rate alert, sleep tracking, calorie tracker … Read more

How Smartwatches Made Stress Management easy? – Try these Wearables in Handling Stress

Stress Management

In a time like this when the pandemic is causing a lot of trouble and working has become more difficult. People go through a lot in their minds which leads to stress, and that is not healthy every time. People who are not good at handling stress can lead to an unbalanced lifestyle, especially those … Read more

How Smartwatches measures Blood Pressure?

How Smartwatches measures Blood Pressure

According to CDC, more than 45% of American adults suffering from blood pressure. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, etc. As a result, it is also known as “Silent Killer.” So, it is essential to detect, treat and control blood pressure at the earliest. Related Post: Best Smartwatches with blood … Read more

Fitbit Blood Pressure: Does Fitbit Measure B.P? Everything you Must Know

Does Fitbit measure blood pressure

“Selected Fitbit Sense users can now track blood pressure using their smartwatch” Most people like the convenience of having a smartwatch that can measure their B.P. Is there any Fitbit blood pressure smart sports watch? Or Does Fitbit measure blood pressure? That’s the question we’ll be answering in this article. Keep reading.  Does Fitbit Measure … Read more

Top 9 Health Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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With each passing day, our lives are getting more and more influenced by technology. It started with computational tasks and communication but has now extended its presence in various fields. Smart wearables today are equipped with a galore of tracking devices and algorithms that assist the user in monitoring their well-being.  Related Post Best Smartwatch … Read more