Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs, Features, and Price

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 specs

Since the beginning of 2021, we have witnessed the release of many smartwatches and fitness trackers. The G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000, added to the Pro Trek lineup, from Casio is the latest addition to the list of new smartwatches released in 2021.

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Specs, Features and Price

Display1. Size: 1.32-inch
2. Color TFT LCD
3. Resolution: 320 x 300 pixels
4. Weight: 104grams
Features1. Heart rate Monitor
2. 200 meters water resistance
3. Built-in GPS
4. 39 Sport modes
5. VO2 Max
Battery1. 1.5 days of battery life
2. 15 hours of battery on GPS mode

The G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 is the first G-Shock smartwatch that is specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts. This rugged smartwatch comes with more than 39 sports modes (24 indoor and 15 outdoor) to track indoor and outdoor activities like running, biking, swimming, and much more. 

For durability, it uses titanium, aluminum, and urethane material the case. Its 200 meters of water resistance makes this smartwatch one of the top-rated waterproof smartwatches in the market today. 

Unlike other modern watches, it doesn’t have an AMOLED screen. Instead, it comes with a 1.32-inch capacitive color TFT LCD + Monotone LCD touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 300. 

Inside the case, it is fitted with multiple sensors such as an optical heart rate sensor, built-in GPS, barometer, compass, etc. 


This smart timepiece’s battery lasts for 1.5 days only, and it is very poor compared with Amazfit T-Rex Pro rugged smartwatch. The battery can go up to one month on multi-timepiece mode. However, in this mode, you won’t be able to use many features of this smartwatch. 

Smart Features

On the screen, it displays call, SMS, and other smartphone app notifications. As mentioned earlier, the wearable map on the screen would be a great convenience during outdoor activities. 

As the Wear OS power, you can enjoy other popular Google apps such as Google Assistant, Google Play, and Google Fit. In addition to that, you can download many apps from the Google App store.

Price and Availability

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The G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 is available in three colors: red, blue, and black Casio official stores and Amazon. But remember, it is not a cheap smartwatch. It cost you about $700 at the time of writing this review.


Casio G-Squad Pro is a rugged smartwatch running on wear OS. It has many features, including GPS, NFC for Android Pay, and Google Fit integration to track your fitness goals. The price of this rugged sports watch may be hefty, but it’s worth the investment with its durability and functionality. You can find this watch in stores like Costco or Amazon!

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