Best Self Charging Smartwatches in 2020: Beginners Guide

The greatest challenge faced by Smartwatch users is its shorter battery life. The battery dies faster if you use the features GPS, music, etc. We have already discussed some best smartwatches with longer battery life. Anything that increases the battery life even for a couple of hours will be an excellent relief for smartwatch users. 

Best Self Charging Smartwatches

By keeping these points in mind today, I have listed the best self charging smartwatches that do not require frequent battery recharges like the traditional smartwatches

As the self-charging smartwatch technology is still evolving, it has some limitations and restrictions compared with other smartwatches. 

A smartwatch consumes more energy because of its features and other components such as display, GPS, and other sensors. So the electrical energy generated by these self-charging smartwatches is not enough to meet it’s overall energy needs. 

To cope with these limitations, most of these watches come with chargers you can use in emergencies. 

Technology Used in Self-Powered Smartwatch

Now let us have a quick look into the technology used in the self-powered smartwatches to generate electrical energy. 

Solar Power

Solar power is the most common energy source used in many electrical gadgets such as watches, calculators, etc. In these devices, solar energy is converted into electrical energy using specially designed solar panels. Garmin Fenix 6 series watches supported by solar energy in addition to traditional battery charging. 

Thermoelectric generator: 

In this method, electrical energy is generated from your body temperature. The Power Watch2 is an example of the best self-powered smartwatch. This watch comes with two-part in its body; a hotter part and a colder part. 

The temperature always travels from the hotter part to the colder part of the body. These watches generated electrical energy during the heat transfer and store energy in a battery. 

Kinetic Energy:

Kinetic Energy is another way to generate electrical energy. In this method, electrical energy is created from mechanical parts within the watch, and then it is stored in an energy reservoir like batteries. 

Best Self Charging Smartwatches

Now let us have a look into some best hybrid smartwatches that can be charged from solar energy, body temperature, and also through kinetic energy.

Garmin Fenix 6X Solar and Powerwatch 2 are the best self-charging smartwatches in 2020.

PowerWatch 2: Body Heat Powered Smart Watch

Power Watch 2

Powerwatch 2 is the most advanced self-charging smartwatch that comes with most of the advanced features and functionalities. It comes with patented thermoelectric technology that converts body heat into electrical energy. This helps the smartwatch to continuously charge the battery when you wear it on your wrist. On top of that, it also used solar energy to power the smartwatch for long.

Powerwatch 2 has a traditional watch design that tracks heart rate, steps, calories burned, etc. In addition to that, it also comes with a built-in GPS that helps you in navigation. 

This smartwatch does not have a touchscreen display, most probably, as it consumes more electrical energy. 

As it is waterproof up to 200 meters, you can use this smartwatch for swimming and other waterbased activities. But never use this watch in watersports that involved strong water jet as it can destroy the watch’s waterproof sealing. 

The PowerWatch2 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it also supports third-party apps such as Apple Health, Strava, Google Fit, etc.

  • Rugged design with color display.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Sleep Tracking.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Smart notification.
  • No touch screen.
  • Limited watch faces.
  • Costly.

Garmin fēnix 6 Pro Solar: Best Rugged Solar-powered Smartwatch

Garmin Fenix 6x Solar

Garmin Smartwatches are famous for its advanced rugged sports watches. Because of this reason, Garmin Smartwatches costs you more than the latest Apple Watch. 

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar series is also not an exception for that. It is perfectly suitable for people who work in challenging environments like construction workers, hikers, military personnel, etc. 

The Garmin Fenix 6 series is not a solar energy dependent smartwatch. But you can prolong the battery life of the smartwatch with the help of solar energy. 

Let us have an in-depth look into that. For example, the Garmin Fenix 5 Solar edition’s battery life can last up to 120 days in battery saver mode with solar. On the other hand, it can last only 80 days without solar. 

Even in GPS mode, you can increase the battery life more than a couple of hours with solar power support. This is very useful for people involved in prolonged outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, biking, etc. 

The combination of durability, built-in GPS, and Solar charging(longer battery life) makes it one of the best smartwatch for hiking and other outdoor activities. So you never feel lost or disconnected even when you are on unfamiliar routes.

  • Premium design.
  • Advanced power manager.
  • Animated workouts.
  • Pulse Ox Sensor & Heart rate monitoring.
  • In-built music storage.
  • Not a completer self-powered smartwatch.
  • Costly.

Sequent Supercharger 2

Sequent Supercharger 2

Swiss Watches are famous for their cutting edge technology and features. The Sequent Supercharger 2, which is listed in Indiegogo, is also not an exception. This hybrid smartwatch comes with a unique technology that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, and it stores a battery to power the watch. 

It comes with advanced sensors that track your various activities right from your wrist. You can see in-depth data of your activities in the companion app on the smartphone. It seamlessly connects with both Android and iOS devices. Just download the Sequent BioFeedback app from the store and connect it to your smartwatch to track activities. 


  • Premium Swiss Design.
  • GPS.
  • Sleep Tracking.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Real-time activity tracking.
  • International shipping.
  • One year warranty. 
  • It has a patented self-charging technology.
  • Calorie Tracking.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters.


As I said at the beginning of this article, the self-charging smartwatch technology is evolving, and it has to go a long way to get a smartwatch that is wholly charged by itself. Still, the best self charging smartwatches listed here help you increase the charging frequency of smartwatches. 

If you are looking for a self-powered or solar power smartwatches, the Garmin Fenix 6 Solar edition will be the right choice. The higher price of this smartwatch is wholly justified, especially if you are involved in hiking, trekking, etc. 

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