7 Best Fitness Trackers under 3000 in India 2021: Best Pick

Here I have listed a handpicked list of the best fitness trackers under 3000 rupees in India in 2021

Best Fitness Trackers under 3000 in India

People are now aware of the importance of an active lifestyle. Walking can be beneficial for your overall health and wellness. Because of these reasons, the fitness tracker has gained tremendous popularity these days.  

You do not need to have an expensive fitness band to track your day-to-day activities. Many budget fitness trackers are available in the market under 3000 in India. 

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Xiaomi and Honor are popular smart band manufacturers in India. Even though these devices are cheap, they come with many features that help people stay active and healthy. 

Today, I have compiled a list of the best fitness trackers under 3000 in India in 2021. 

If you are looking for more advanced activity trackers, check our previous article on the best fitness bands in India in 2021.

7 Best Fitness Trackers under 3000 in India

  1. Mi Smart Band 5
  2. Oppo Band Style
  3. OnePlus Band
  4. Mi Smart Band 4
  5. Honor Band 5
  6. Noise ColorFit
  7. Realme Band

Mi Smart Band 5: Editor’s Choice

Image of Mi Smart Band 5

Battery20 days
Heart Rate Monitor/Heart Rate SensorYes
WaterproofYes (50 Meters)

Mi Smart Band 5 is the best fitness tracker under 3000 rupees in India in 2021. Our top recommended fitness band on the list is Mi Smart Band 5. 


The Mi Smart band is an ultra-lightweight and beautifully designed activity tracker. It weighs only 15grams, and you can wear it comfortably on your wrist. 

The Mi Smart Band 5 is almost similar to its predecessor Mi Band 4. But Mi Smart Band 5 has a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen, which is 20% larger than its predecessor. 

The display brightness can be adjusted at the settings for better display visibility in outdoor lights. 

It does not have any physical button, but it has a home button at the screen’s bottom. 

Activity Tracking Features

This fitness band comes with 11 preloaded activity modes to track your various indoor and outdoor activities. Walking, running, cycling, Yoga tracking, etc., are a few to mention. 

The sensors on the Mi Band 5 closely monitor your activities and give you an in-depth insight into your activities on the companion app so that you can improve your performance each day.

Goal-based activity tracking is another highlight in this budget fitness tracker. It allows you to set personnel goals and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals by showing real-time data on your wrist. 

Health Features

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a unique feature of this fitness tracker. It is a fitness score generated based on your health and activity metrics. A high PAI score means a higher level of fitness. 

It has an optical heart rate sensor that closely monitors your heart rate from the wrist. It can track your heart rate fluctuations accurately during your various activities. 

This tiny device also tracks your sleep stages, including REM. Every morning, you can have detailed sleep data on the Mi Fit App. 


  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Stress Tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Music control
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Poor strap quality
  • SpO2 is available only in China.

Our Verdict

It provides all the necessary information to lead an active lifestyle. Mi Smart Band 5 is our top pick as the fitness band under 3000 in India. This budget fitness tracker comes with many features which not even available in mid-range fitness bands, such as Samsung Galaxy Fit e. 

Oppo Band Style

Image of Oppo Band Style
DisplayAMOLED Color Display(1.1 inch)
Battery12 Days
Health FeaturesHR, SpO2, and Sleep
Sport Modes12
CompatibilityAndroid only

Oppo Band Style is the latest budget fitness tracker under 3000 rupees in India. 


The Oppo Band Style comes in a rectangular shape like other budget fitness trackers. It has 1.1 inches curved color AMOLED touchscreen display. It also has tempered glass to protect the display from scratches. 

Health and Fitness Tracking features

The Oppo Band Style also offers a SpO2 sensor to track your blood oxygen level. As it has SpO2, it can track your sleep pattern more accurately. 

It tracks your heart rate 24/7 and alerts you in case of a higher or lower heart rate. The irregular heart rate alert feature is not available on other fitness trackers at this price range. 

The Oppo Band Style comes with 12 indoor and outdoor 12 professional workout modes such as walking, running, cycling, cricket, etc. 

This cheap activity tracker comes with 5 ATM water resistance. It means that you can wear this smartwatch to swim up to 50 meters. 


  • Beautiful and lightweight design
  • Heart rate monitoring and SpO2
  • 12 days of battery life
  • Music control
  • Camera control
  • 12 Sport modes


  • Not compatible with iOS
  • Poor strap quality

Our Verdict

The Oppo Band Style is one of the budget fitness trackers in India. It looks nice and beautiful. The AMOLED display is also bright enough to see the data even in the outdoor lights. However, it doesn’t work with iOS devices. The App interface also needs some improvement. 

OnePlus Band

Image of OnePlus Band
Display1.1 inch AMOLED
Sport Modes13
Health modesHR, SpO2, and sleep
Battery14 days
Water Resistance5 ATM

OnePlus Band is one of the best fitness trackers in India in 2021. In features and specs, it is almost similar to the Oppo Band Style. 

Now let us have a closer look into it.


The OnePlus Band comes in the standard rectangular shape with a 1.1 inches AMOLED color display. However, it doesn’t have a screen guard or screen protector like Oppo Band Style. It allows you to set custom watch faces from your photo album. 

You can easily remove the activity tracker from the strap and use different straps to match your outfit.

Health and Activity Tracking Features

The OnePlus Band comes with a heart rate sensor and also a SpO2 sensor. With these data, it can give you an overview of your overall health and potential health issues. 

It comes with 13 dedicated exercise modes to track your different activities such as walking, running, yoga, cricket, etc., to name a few. Also, it is waterproof up to 50 meters and tracks swimming with a dedicated swimming mode. 

Forward Features

The smart features are also similar to the Oppo Band Style. You can get all the necessary notifications right on your wrist. Additionally, you can control music and the smartphone camera directly from your wrist. 


  • Traditional fitness tracker design
  • Waterproof
  • 13 Sport modes
  • Blood oxygen(SpO2)
  • 14 days of battery life


  • No screen guard
  • Do not work with iOS

Our Verdict

If you are an android user, it is no doubt that it is one of the best fitness trackers for you. If you spend a few more bucks, go for the Oppo Band Style that we feel better than the OnePlus. Having a screen guard makes us think so. 

Mi Smart Band 4:

Waterproof50 meters
Heart Rate MonitorYes
GPSConnected GPS

The Mi Smart Band 4 is India’s no one-budget fitness band you can buy in 2021. You can buy this fantastic fitness tracker for under ₹ 2000 now. 

Design and Display

The Mi Band 4 almost looks similar to its latest smart band Mi Band 5. It is a little smaller than Mi Band 5, but it is 40% larger than its predecessor Mi Band 3. 

It does not have any physical button other than a home button at the bottom of the display.

The Mi Band 4 has a color AMOLED touchscreen display that is bright enough to see the screen’s data even in outdoor lights. 

Activity Tracking Features

The Mi Smart Band 4 comes with six activity modes, including outdoor and indoor activities such as walking, running, treadmill, cycling, pool swimming, and exercise. 

Thanks to its 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope sensors for accurate step, distance, and calorie tracking. 

Health Tracking Features

Even if we cannot rely on its heart rate monitoring, it can give you an overall idea about your heart rate 24/7, especially during workouts. 

You can adjust your workout intensity by keeping a closer look at the heart rate. This helps you avoid overactivity and associated complications to some extent. 

Battery Life

The Mi Smart Band 4 is powered by a 35mAh Lithium Polymer battery and can last for over 20 days on a single recharge. However, the battery performance may vary on your usage and settings.


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Sleep tracking
  • Waterproof design
  • Swim Tracking
  • Music control


  • Limited activity modes
  • Heart rate accuracy

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an entry-level fitness band under 2000, Mi Smart Band 4 does not disappoint you. It is one of the cheap alternatives to Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 and Fitbit Inspire HR in terms of display and features. 

Honor Band 5

Image of Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 is one of the cheap fitness bands under 3000 rupees with many health and activity tracking features in India. 


The Honor Band 5 almost resembles its predecessor Honor Band 4. This wearable device comes with a 0.95-inch full-color AMOLED touchscreen display, and it offers better visibility of the screen. Thanks to its adjustable brightness so that you can have better visibility of the display in bright sunlight.

Health Tracking Features

It is one of the entry-level fitness trackers with a SpO2(blood oxygen) monitoring feature. It is a useful feature for people who suffer from breathing-related issues or hikers who go to high altitudes. 

The heart rate monitoring is also pretty good in this smart band. It can give you an overall idea about your heart rate during your day-to-day activities. 

The Honor Band 5 comes with an advanced sleep tracking technology called TruSleep. It automatically tracks your sleep and detects six common sleep-associated problems. 

Activity Tracking Features

The Honor Band 5 comes with ten activity-tracking features, including swim tracking, cycling, etc. It monitors your movements and displays real-time data on the screen, along with your heart rate. As a result, you can optimize your workout for optimal performance. 

It is waterproof up to 5o meters and can track various swim metrics, including the stroke type.  


  • Light Weight
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Smart Music control
  • Smartphone alerts
  • 14 days of battery life
  • Camera control


  • Poor design
  • No screen protector

Our Verdict

At this price range, no other activity trackers offer the SpO2 feature. If you are looking for a fitness tracker with real-time blood oxygen levels, then Honor Band 5 is the right choice for you. 

Noise ColorFit

Image of Noise ColorFit2 Band

If you are looking for budget fitness bands in India under 2000, then Noise ColorFit 2 has all the necessary features and functionalities to stay updated with the trends.


The Noise ColorFit2 is an excellent-looking activity tracker that almost looks similar to Fitbit Charge 3. You can find a virtual onscreen home button at the bottom of the display that helps you in navigation along with its 0.96″ Full-Colour LCD touchscreen display.

The strap is made up of plastic materials, but its quality is not so good. Overall, the smartwatch has IP 67 waterproof ratings, which means you can use it while taking a bath or running in the rain. Also, make sure that you do not jump into a pool with this tracker on your wrist.

Activity and Health Tracking Features

The Noise ColorFit2 comes with 14 sports modes, including walking, running, yoga, etc. It also has a wrist-based heart sensor for your heart rate monitoring. As a result, you can look into your heart rate and fitness metrics on your wrist in real-time.

You can also have a detailed look into your activity metrics and progress at the NoiseFit app. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Besides, as it is compatible with Google Fit App, you can have all your fitness and health data on one platform.

Female health tracking is a useful feature in this device for women. It allows women to monitor their menstrual cycle closely.


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Camera control
  • Smartphone notifications
  • The battery life of up to 5 days


  • Not swim-proof
  • Low built quality, especially the straps
  • No music controls

Our Verdict

The Noise ColorFit2 pro is one of the best fitness bands if you are a fitness freak and strictly under the 2000 price mark. If you can spend a few more bucks, we suggest Mi Band 4 or Honor Band 5, as it comes with many features and functionalities.

Realme Band

Image of Realme Band

Realme Band is another best fitness band under 3000 in India. It comes with all the essential features to track your day-to-day activities.

Design and Display

It comes with a wider 0.96-inch rectangular color display. It does not have any physical button, but it has an onscreen home button at the lower end of the display. The screen is bright enough to see the data in bright outdoor lights.

It comes with a USB port for charging the device. Just remove the strap and connect it to a USB port to charge the device. This fitness band comes with IP 68 ratings, which means you can use it in dust and dirt. As a reminder, you can occasionally wet the band but are suitable to wear while swimming or bathing.

Health and Activity Tracking Features

The Realme Band comes with nine sport modes, including walking, running, and much more. It comes with a PPG optical heart rate sensor that accurately monitors your heart rate every 5 minutes. Besides, it also tracks your sleep with the help of its advanced motion detection sensors and heart rate sensors.

In the Realme App, you can see detailed data on your sleep metrics and sleep patterns. It allows you to make necessary changes to your sleeping pattern for better sleep.

Battery Life

This fitness band has a battery life of 10 days on a single recharge. As it comes with an in-built USB charging port, you do not need to carry a separate charger for your smart band.


  • Cheap and Comfortable to wear
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Limited features


  • No music controls
  • Not Waterproof

Our Verdict

This fitness tracker is not suitable for advanced fitness tracking purposes. If you are looking for the best fitness tracker under 3000 to gift your younger sister or a kid, then this is the best fitness band for you. Also, it is suitable for people who are looking for a budget fitness tracker with limited features.

Final Verdict

Here is our list of the best smart bands under 3000 rupees in India. Although it does not have advanced fitness tracking features, it comes with essential fitness and health tracking features to meet your basic needs.

If you have any further questions or doubts, please feel free to ask below.

Saneesh VS is a Registered Nurse by Profession and Wearable Tech Enthusiast by Passion. He loves to write about fitness, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. He also loves reading books on wearable tech, technology in healthcare, artificial intelligence etc., which he has been writing for the past 5 years.

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