10 Best Fitness Trackers in India that Track Your Health and Fitness Level

Best Fitness Trackers in India

Fitness trackers are the best way to keep your health in check. They help you stay active and motivated by tracking your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and more. Some even have smartwatch features like notifications from your phone so that they don’t get left behind when it comes to technology!

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If it sounds like something you need, then we have some great news! We have a comprehensive list of the top 10 best fitness trackers in India based on their design, features, specifications, and price range so that finding one is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So make sure you read this guide before buying anything else! It will save time and money while helping us reach our goal of making people healthier with technology. Let’s do this together!

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

10 Best Fitness Trackers in India 2021

  1. Fitbit Charge 5
  2. Fitbit Luxe
  3. Fitbit Charge 4
  4. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6
  5. Fitbit Inspire 2
  6. Xiaomi Mi Band 5
  7. Oppo Band Style
  8. OnePlus Band
  9. Huawei Band 6
  10. HONOR Band 5

Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

It is the most advanced fitness tracker that you can buy in 2021. The Fitbit Charge 5 is specially made for those who want all the benefits of premium wearable technologies like high-end smartwatches but don’t want to spend too much money on them.


The Fitbit Charge 5 is a significant upgrade from the Fitbit Charge 4. It has a luxurious design compared to its predecessors. This best fitness tracker features an AMOLED color always-on display like the latest Fitbit Luxe bands. It is a significant upgrade when compared to the grayscale display in Fitbit Charge 4.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features

The Fitbit Charge 5 comes with advanced health and fitness features. The FDA Approved ECG and EDA sensor for stress monitoring is now available in this best fitness tracker. This makes it an affordable alternative to advanced health-tracking smartwatches like Fitbit Sense, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, and Watch 4.

Female health tracking, Fitbit Active Zone Minutes, and advanced sleep monitoring are the other health features that Fitbit Charge 5 offers.

The Fitbit Charge 5 tracks daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, floors climbed, and active minutes. Further, the built-in GPS makes it one of the best fitness trackers for tracking your outdoor activities.

Battery Life

The Fitbit Charge 5 has a fantastic battery life! With typical use, the battery may endure for more than five days. However, the battery life will deplete faster if you use features like always-on display and GPS.

Our Verdict

Fitbit Charge 5 is an excellent smartwatch that comes with many features of an advanced smartwatch. The FDA Approved ECG, EDA Sensor, and built-in GPS are the great features of this smartwatch. However, the lack of music support makes this activity tracker a worse choice for runners.

  • Premium durable design
  • Advanced health tracking features
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Monitors blood oxygen levels
  • No Music/Spotify Support
  • Some features are missing at launch

Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe is a luxurious fitness tracker that is specifically designed for women. It is loaded with all the basic fitness tracking features, along with critical elements that make it a perfect fit for women, like the female cycle tracking system and automatic sleep tracking.

Design and Display

Luxe comes with an aluminum bezel that looks classy on both small and large wrists. It features a bright AMOLED color display that shows all your stats clearly.

Fitbit also offers many bands specifically designed for the Fitbit Luxe to suit different occasions. Also, the best thing about the Fitbit Luxe is that it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you do not need to take it off when taking a shower or swimming.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features

The Fitbit Luxe comes with most of the health tracking features of the Charge 4. The heart rate sensor monitors your heart rate 24/7 and gives you real-time detailed heart rate data on display.

You can also check the heart rate variability(HRV) on the Fitbit App. This fitness tracker does not feature real-time blood oxygen level monitoring; instead, it monitors oxygen levels during sleep.

It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your steps, calories burned, distance covered, and active minutes. Moreover, it also shows you daily stats as total distance walked throughout the day.

However, this Fitbit fitness tracker does not feature a built-in GPS. So, you have to carry your smartphone to track your outdoor activities.

Battery Life

The Fitbit Luxe can last up to 5 days on a single charge which is significantly less than the 14 days of battery life in Mi Band 6 and band 6.

Our Verdict

Fitbit Luxe is a fashion-focussed activity tracker integrated with essential health and fitness tracking features. But it is far expensive compared to the Fitbit Inspire 2 that comes with almost similar features.

  • A fashion-forward fitness tracker
  • Always on display(new feature)
  • Daily readiness score
  • 20+ Sports modes
  • Sleep Tracking
  • No built-in GPS
  • No Music control

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 is a fantastic activity tracker that comes with health and fitness features. It has a color touch screen display, built-in GPS, Bluetooth support, and much more.

Design and Display

The Fitbit Charge 4 has an excellent, sleek, and minimal design, unlike many other activity trackers in the market. The Charge 4 comes with a physical button on the left side of the case, which helps you navigate back to the menu or access quick menus with a long press.

The Fitbit Charge 4 has a 1-inch grayscale OLED touchscreen display. This is the only part I hate in this device. The grayscale display is just basic, and you will find it very hard to see the data on the screen in bright sunlight outdoors.

Health and Activity Tracking Features

Fitbit Charge 4 comes with an optical heart rate sensor that accurately tracks your heart rate 24/7 during your various activities. The VO2 max is another excellent health feature in this activity tracker. When you sleep, it closely monitors your sleep stages and gives you a sleep score based on your heart rate, VO2 Max, and body movement.

If you want to get a detailed and accurate insight into the day-to-day activities, then Fitbit Charge 4 is here for you. It comes with 20+ goal-based activity modes that allow you to set your fitness goals. Besides, it also shows you a real-time stat of your progress towards your fitness goals. 

Once you hit the fitness goal, it alerts you with a buzz on your wrist. This motivates you to achieve daily, weekly, or monthly fitness goals. 

SmartTrack is another unique feature of Fitbit wearable devices. It automatically tracks and records your various activities like steps, walking, running, etc. 

Fitbit Charge 4 comes with a standalone GPS sensor, making it one of the best fitness trackers for outdoor activities. It allows you to get real-time pace and distance data even when away from your phone during a workout.


Fitbit Charge 4 is an activity tracker with advanced features available in the market today; there is no doubt about that. Solid fitness tracking features make it unique. It even has Spotify support which is not even available on the latest Fitbit Charge 5.

  • All-day activity tracking
  • Female cycle tracking
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Spotify control
  • Smartphone notifications
  • The grayscale display is outdated
  • No onboard music storage

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Mi Smart Band 6

Mi Band 6 is one of the affordable best fitness bands in India under 5000. It offers essential health and fitness tracking features, including blood oxygen, even at this price range.

Design and Display

Mi Band 6 has a similar design to its previous models, such as the Mi Band 4 and Band 5. It comes with a 1.56 AMOLED screen which is 50% larger than the Mi Smart Band 5. The rounded display edges give it a sleek and premium look.

It also has a water-resistant design with 5 ATM water resistance, which is excellent for the price. Unfortunately, this fitness tracker does not feature an ambient light sensor, so you must manually adjust display brightness.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features

This best fitness tracker comes with an improved heart rate sensor, which can now recognize your heartbeats every minute. It also supports blood oxygen saturation monitoring, giving you insights into blood oxygen saturation levels during physical activities.

The Best thing about Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is its built-in sleep monitoring system that detects light, deep, and REM sleep stages to give you a detailed insight into the overall sleeping pattern.

The Mi Smart Band 6 comes with more than 30 Sport Tracking modes, including running, walking, etc. It can measure your heart rate during workouts and show you a real-time detailed workout data screen.

It comes with a connected GPS feature which means that it uses the GPS Tracker on your phone to show real-time location data.

Battery Life

The Mi Smart Band 6 has a 125mAh battery which offers two weeks of battery life on a single charge. The magnetic charging technology makes it easy to charge this best fitness monitor in India via any USB port.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an activity tracker with the essential features, then the Mi Smart Band 6 is ideal. It offers a comfortable wearing experience and ensures that you keep fit through its accurate heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking system.

  • It comes with an affordable price tag
  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • It comes with a feature called PAI
  • Supports over 100+ watch faces
  • Musical control
  • NFC Feature not available in India(Only in China)
  • No built-in GPS

Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2

It is one of the most affordable Fitbit fitness trackers you can buy in India. It is a basic fitness band with essential features like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

Design and Display

The Fitbit Inspire 2 has a compact design with an improved and sleek look and feel. The band of this device is made of durable, soft materials to make sure it is comfortable to wear. 

The display of this wearable tracker is made of a 1.47″ OLED grayscale touchscreen display which you may find hard to read under direct sunlight.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features

This best fitness tracker from Fitbit has a heart rate sensor that monitors your heart rate throughout the day and gives you some valuable insights into your sleep.

This great fitness tracker gives you a solid fitness tracking experience. The Fitbit Charge 2 comes with 20+ fun workout modes and provides comprehensive fitness data via the Fitbit App. Like Fitbit Luxe, it does not have an onboard GPS. If you need a Fitbit tracker with GPS, you should go for Fitbit Charge 4 or Charge 5.

Another essential feature that you will find in this fitness tracker is the heart rate zones calculated using your heart rate data. The Fitbit Inspire 2 has one of the most accurate heart rate sensors in this price range.

Battery Life & Heart Rate Monitor

The Fitbit Inspire 2 comes with a battery that can last for more than ten days on standard usage.

Our Verdict

If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking for a cheap Fitbit under $100, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is a great option. The device comes with a decent design and excellent fitness tracking features.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Continuous heart rate monitor
  • Provides detailed sleep tracking metrics
  • No music control
  • Dark display

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Band 5

Mi Smart Band 5 is India’s top-selling best fitness band, and it was launched on 11th June 2020. It comes with many health, activity tracking, and smart features to make your day-to-day life easier and productive.


The Mi Smart Band 5 is almost similar to its predecessor Mi Smart Band 5. It comes with a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen display which is 20% larger than Band 4. The band’s display can be adjusted in the setting by pressing the “+” sign or “-” symbol. 

As it is lightweight (only 11.9g), you comfortably wear it during your various activities. Like Mi Band 4, it also comes with a rubbery plastic, but the strap size is larger in band 5. 

Health Tracking Feature

The Mi Smart band five is packed with many health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, calorie tracking, stress tracking, and female health tracking. 

The PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a unique health tracking feature in this wearable device. It is weekly health scores calculated based on your activities and heart rate. The PAI Score and Fitbit Active Zone Minutes have almost the same concept. As you work harder, you will get more PAI Score. 

Here is a helpful article on how the PAI score is calculated

It uses advanced sensors such as a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope to track your activities. With the help of these sensors, it tracks over 11 activities, including walking, running, and yoga tracking.

Automatic activity detection is also available in this fitness tracker but is limited to walking and running only. The connected GPS can give you accurate data about your running metrics, such as pace and distance traveled. 

Besides, it also provides a few more data about your activities such as Average heart rate, real-time heart rate, and the personnel’s best performance. 

This tracker has a 5 ATM water resistance so that you can wear this smart wearable while taking a shower or running in the rain.

Battery Life

The battery on Mi Smart Band 5 can last for two weeks on a single charge. However, the battery life may vary depending on your usage. 

The Mi Activity Band 5 comes with a separate magnetic charger which is very convenient to recharge its battery. It allows you to recharge the activity tracker without removing the strap.


Mi Smart Band 5 is a cheap activity tracker in India under ₹2500 rupees. If your goal is basic activity tracking, this wearable gadget has all the necessary features to satisfy your needs. It has a lightweight and minimal design, so you do not feel that you have something on your wrist.

  • Lightweight and cheap
  • Best for basic activity and fitness tracking
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Connected GPS
  • No Blood oxygen monitor
  • An issue with the weather feature

Oppo Band Style

Oppo Band Style

The Oppo band isOppo Band Style is an affordable fitness band that comes under ₹2,000 in India.


The Oppo Band Style looks very nice and sleek. It comes with a 1.1″ OLED touchscreen color display protected by scratch-resistant tempered glass. It does not have any physical button, so swiping across the screen can do all your tasks.

The strap of the tracker is made of plastic material and yet is comfortable to wear. The 50 meters(5ATM) water resistance allows you to wear it comfortably while swimming or bathing. However, you should avoid it wearing while more intense water sports.

Health Tracking Features

This Oppo Smart Band comes with sensors for tracking SpO2 and heart rate in addition to calorie tracking. It can also keep an eye on oxygen variability when you sleep. So, you can have more accurate data on your sleep pattern. 

This best cheap fitness tracker comes with 12 sports modes to track outdoor and indoor activities such as walking, running, indoor and outdoor cycling, Cricket, Badminton, etc. However, it does not feature an onboard GPS.

Smart Features

It shows you the smartphone app notifications on your wrist, including calls and SMS. You can even reject a phone call right from your wrist. 

The camera and music control are the other two impressive features of this activity tracker. It also shows activity bars that show the progress of your walk. Calorie burned exercise duration and activity of the day. 

Our Verdict

Oppo Band Style is one of the fitness trackers that offer essential health and fitness tracking features. It shows you the smartphone notifications on your wrist. However, this tracker does not have a built-in GPS. You can still enjoy most of its features by using it with Android smartphones.

  • Attractive design
  • Smartphone camera shutter control
  • 40+ clock faces
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Limited features
  • No NFC
  • Issues with iPhone connectivity

OnePlus Band

One Plus Band

OnePlus is the latest electronic gadget manufacturer that enters affordable fitness band space and Xiaomi, Amazfit, and Honor. 

Display and Design

The OnePlus Band looks like other cheap fitness trackers. It also has a rectangular shape with a 1. inch OLED display similar to Mi Smart Band 5 and Oppo Band Style.

Like the Mi Smart Band 6, it does not feature an ambient light sensor forcing you to go to the settings to adjust the display brightness manually. The straps of this fitness band are made of rubber material that is comfortable to wear for a long time.

Health and Activity Tracking Features

In addition to continuous heart rate monitoring, the OnePlus Band comes with a SpO2 sensor. It comes with 13 unique exercise modes to track your day-to-day activities, such as walking, running, yoga, cricket, and much more. 

The OnePlus smart band comes with 5 ATM water resistance. It means that it is suitable for pool swimming up to 50 meters underwater.

Battery Life

This fitness tracker comes with a 100mAh battery that can last for five days. Again, it is significantly less compared to the Mi Smart Band 5/6.

Our Verdict

The One Plus Band is a perfect fitness band for those looking for an affordable product with the best health tracking features. It comes with all sensors you need to track your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep pattern. The Mi Smart Band 5 and Band 6 are better alternatives if you dislike the OnePlus brand.

  • Excellent and sleek and design
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Limited third-party app integration
  • No GPS
  • No Screen protector

Huawei Band 6

HUAWEI Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Huawei Band 6 is another best fitness tracker in India that you can buy now. This cheap fitness tracker costs you under ₹4,000, yet you can have health and fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, etc.

Design and Display

The Huawei Band 6 has a 1.57″ AMOLED touchscreen vibrant color display. As it is lightweight, you can use it as a running band and never feel uncomfortable.

Health and Fitness Tracking Features

In addition to heart rate monitoring, the health tracking features of the Huawei Band 6 include SpO2 monitoring, Menstrual Cycle Tracking, and improved sleep tracking.

Every day you can get detailed data of your sleeping pattern, including the number of hours you have slept, how long it took to fall asleep, and the number of times you woke up. Thanks to its advanced TruSleep 2.0 Sleep Tracking feature!

It also features the TruRelax Stress Monitoring feature that notifies you when your stress level is high so you can do some yoga or breathing exercises.

The 90+ built-in workout modes allow you to track your indoor and outdoor activities, including running, cycling, etc. However, because it lacks an onboard GPS, you’ll need to bring your phone with you when performing outdoor exercises.

Battery Life

As for its battery life, Huawei Band 6 can last up to 10-14 days on a single charge. It will take 2 hours of charging time, and you can get more than 25 days of standby time.

Our Verdict

The Huawei Band 6 should be your best pick if you need just basic fitness tracking needs. It offers most features like SpO2, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, stress level monitoring, etc.

  • Wider screen
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Blood oxygen sensor
  • No built-in GPS tracking technology
  • No NFC connectivity feature for Android smartphones

HONOR Band 5

Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 is another best fitness band in India, under 5000. It comes with a lot of killer features that are not even available in Fitbit Inspire 2. 

Design and Display

The Honor Band 5 almost looks similar to its predecessor Honor Band 4. Like Band 4, it also has a minimal design. In India, it is available in four different colors to choose from. 

The strap material is also of good quality to wear comfortably on your wrist. Even though different strap sizes are not available for this device, the multiple holes on the strap allow everyone to wear it comfortably, irrespective of their wrist size.

The Honor Band 5 has an 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a home button at the lower end of the display. The screen resolution and brightness assure better visibility of data during your outdoor activities in brighter sunlight. 

Health Tracking Features

Many Budget tracker does not offer SpO2 feature. However, this cheap fitness tracker comes with a SpO2 sensor that tracks and monitors your blood oxygen level right from your wrist. 

Even though it cannot be used as medical equipment, this feature would be helpful for people who have asthma or other breathing problems. 

The Honor Band 5 can monitor your heart rate 24/7 with the help heart rate sensor and also with TruSeen 3.0 technology. The heart rate monitoring in Honor Smart Band, backed by AI-driven algorithms and infrared technology, gives accurate heart monitoring data during your everyday activities. 

Activity Tracking Features

This cheap and best fitness tracker can track both outdoor and indoor activities right from your wrist. This tiny smart band comes with multiple sports modes, including swim tracking.

If you are a swimmer and looking for a fitness tracker for swimming, then Honor Band 5 is the cheap activity tracker for you. The Honor Band 5 activity tracker is waterproof up to 50 meters and tracks various swimming metrics such as swimming speed, distance, Lap, stroke style, and SWOLF.

Smart Features

This activity tracker offers many smart features to its users. It alerts you with various smartphone notifications such as SMS, call, e-mail, and much more. 

The music control is another great feature in this smart band. It allows you to control music and music volume right from your wrist. This music control feature is not even available in Fitbit Inspire 2. 

Find my phone, alarm, reminder, etc., are a few other useful features in Honor Smart Band 5. 


Honor Band 5 is a decent and cheap fitness tracker in India. It has all the necessary features to track your activities along with body metrics. SpO2 monitoring feature is an added feature in this smart band as most activity tracker at this price range does not offer SpO2.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • 14 days of battery life
  • 10 Fitness modes
  • Multiple watch faces
  • Smartphone camera control
  • Outdated design
  • No screen protection
  • Connectivity issues

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker? Pro Tips!

If you are new to the world of wearable devices and smartwatches, then this smartwatch buying guide will help you find the best fitness trackers in India in 2021

Before you buy a fitness tracker, you must ask a few questions yourself. This will help you to understand your reason for buying a fitness tracker. Once you have confirmed the requirements, it is not too hard to pick a suitable activity tracker.  


Design and build quality are the two essential factors that you consider while buying a fitness tracker. If you are active outdoors, then try to choose a durable fitness tracker. 

Likewise, if you are looking for an ankle fitness tracker, you do not need to worry about style and design. You must go for a fashionable fitness tracker or smartwatch if you want to use it everywhere, including parties.  


The display is the very next thing that you should consider while buying a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker should have a brighter display so that the screen will be visible even in bright sunlight. 

But having a brighter display may drain your battery faster, so make sure to decrease the level of brightness while you are indoors. 


You should always check battery spec while selecting a fitness tracker. I always prefer a fitness tracker with a longer battery life rather than choosing an activity tracker with shorter battery power.

Because I believe that all features are useless if it does not have a powerful battery. The Fitbit devices have longer battery life. All models of Fitbit batteries last for an average of five days. 


Now, most fitness trackers are waterproof for at least 50 meters underwater. However, some fitness trackers are just spillproof but not waterproof. 

If you are looking for a fitness tracker for swimming, you must choose a fitness tracker with swim-tracking features such as Mi Smart Band 6 or Fitbit Charge 5. 


Before you buy a smartwatch or fitness tracker, make sure that it is compatible with your smartphone. Some fitness trackers and smartwatches do not work with iPhones. Plus, a few others are partially compatible with iOS devices. 


The performance and accuracy of a fitness tracker are totally dependent on its sensors. To track health metrics and activities, a fitness tracker uses various sensors. If a fitness tracker does not have the best sensors, the device cannot track your activities or body metrics correctly. 

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Blood oxygen(SpO2) is an essential feature on smartwatches and fitness trackers. With the help of oxygen sensors, your activity tracker measures the level of oxygen in your blood. This data can give you some important data about your overall health and fitness. 


ECG is one of the most advanced health tracking features available in modern smartwatches and fitness trackers. The Fitbit Charge 5 is the only activity tracker that comes with a sensor for ECG monitoring.


Many smartwatches and fitness trackers come with a temperature monitoring feature. It has great significance as we are living in a world of COVID-19.


A GPS sensor is used to track the location of a person. It also tracks the distance covered by the user. A modern fitness tracker with built-in GPS sensors, such as the Fitbit Charge 5 and 4, allows you to track real-time speed and distance traveled without requiring a smartphone.


Price is a very crucial factor when it comes to selecting a fitness tracker. I suggest you not compromise with the price if you are searching for an activity tracker with advanced features. Advanced smart wearables give you peace of mind by offering more accurate measurements.

What are the Best Fitness Trackers in India?

Fitbit Charge 5 is one of the most advanced fitness trackers in India. If you are looking for a budget fitness tracker, go for the Mi Smart band 6. Both the devices work seamlessly with both android and iOS phones.

Do all fitness trackers have built-in GPS sensors?

No. All fitness trackers do not have built-in GPS. Fitbit Charge 5 and Charge 4 are reliable fitness trackers that have GPS.

Which is the best budget fitness tracker in India?

Mi Smart Band 6 is the best budget fitness tracker in India. It comes with all the features of affordable fitness trackers in India for under ₹4,000.

Do activity tracker monitor ECG?

Yes. Fitbit Charge 5 is the most advanced and latest fitness tracker with an ECG sensor approved by the FDA.

Which Fitness Tracker is the most accurate?

Fitbit Charge 4 and Fitbit Charge 5 are the most accurate fitness trackers in India. Both Fitbit wearables come with advanced sensors for health and location tracking(GPS).

Is there a new Fitbit coming out in 2021?

Fitbit has already released two fitness trackers in 2021. The expected upcoming wearable from Fitbit is the Versa 3.

Is Fitbit Charge 5 waterproof?

Yes. Like most of the Fitbit wearables, the Fitbit Charge 5 is also water-resistant with 5 ATM ratings. But it is not recommended to use water sports involving a strong water jet as it can damage the fitness tracker.

Is there a Best Fitness Tracker with Temperature?

Yes. Fitbit wearables offer more reliable skin temperature monitoring features. However, this feature is available only for Fitbit Premium users. Fitbit offers a free premium trial along with most of its fitness trackers and smartwatches. Try Fitbit Premium for free and enjoy some of the most outstanding features.

I hope this article about the best fitness trackers in India should help you hunt for Best Fitness Tracker in India. If you have any questions about smartwatches and fitness trackers, do let me know in the comments section below.

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