9 Best Fitness Bands Under 2000 in India

Fitness trackers help you to stay fit and healthy. You should always choose the best fitness tracker to get more accurate and in-depth data on health and fitness metrics.

best fitness tracker under 2000 in India

If you are a beginer and do not want to spent huge money on your first fitness tracker, then you can start with some cheap fitness trackers available in the market. Even though it is cheap, still, it track your health metrics and activities accurately.

Cheap smart band makers such as Xiaomi, Honor, etc have a some best activity trackers that you can buy within 2000 price range.

Today I have compiled a list of the best fitness trackers under 2000 that you can buy in 2020. If you have a higher budget, then you can check our article on the best activity tracker under 3000 rupees in India.

Top 9 Best Fitness Bands under 2000 

Mi Band 3: Best Ovrall Pick

Mi Band 3
Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3 is one of the best smart bands under 2000 which you can buy right away from Amazon. Xiaomi is one of the most trusted brands for its smartphones and Fitness Trackers. At a reasonable price, it offers all the basic features that help you to reach your fitness goal. 

DisplayOLED Display, Touch Screen
Battery Life20 Days in normal mode
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Sleep TrackingYes
Water ResistanceYes. Up to 50 meters

The Design and build quality of Mi Band 3 is nice and beautiful. It has a 0.78 inches OLED touchscreen which displays the notifications from your phone. The adjustable silicone strap is lightweight, soft, skin-friendly, and is very comfortable to wear day and night. 

It can display notifications from your mobile phone when it is connected to your mobile phone through Mi-App.

The battery life of Mi Band is amazing as it lasts for up to 20 days on a single full charge on normal usage. If continuous heart rate monitoring is on the battery can last for more than one week. 

Mi Band 3 tracks heart rate, running, walking, biking, sleep, and cadence. After each workout, you can see your data on the Mi App on your smartphone. These data can help you in achieving your fitness goals.

The Mi Band 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters. So you can swim or bath with this watch. However, it is recommended to use this smart band during water sport activities such as skating as the water jet can damage the device. 

To explore your Mi band at its best, please download the Mi Fit app on your Android Phone or iPhone. It allows you to set fitness goals and also gives you a detailed insight into your activities. 

  • Nice and Simple Design.
  • Heart Rate monitoring.
  • Sleep Tracking.
  • Water Proof.
  • Up to 20 Days battery life.
  • Need Mi Fit App to work.
  • It is not easy task to take Mi Capsule from the Band.

Mi Band 3 is one of the top smart bands under Rs: 2000 price mark in India. Its 24/7 heart rate monitoring and a sleep tracking capacity are exceptional features at this price range.

Honor Band 5i: Runner Up Fitness Band Under 2000

Honor Band 5i is another best smart band under 2000 rupees in India. At this price range, it offers a lot of features that you really love.

The design of the smart band is simple, minimal, and lightweight. So you can wear it very comfortable throughout the day. It comes with a USB charging port and a 2.4 cm color display with HD clarity. The full touch screen control is an added advantage of Honor Band 5i.

Display0.96-inch TFT Color Full Touchscreen Display, Adjustable screen brightness
Water ResistanceYes. Up to 50 meters.
Battery Life6 Days battery life on standby mode.
SpO2 MonitoringYes.
Heart Rate MonitoringYes.
Sleep MonitoringYes

The Honor Band 5 can monitor various activities and health metrics such as 24/7 heart rate, running, walking, hiking, treadmill, etc. It uses advanced heart rate sensors and algorithms to monitor the heart rate accurately.

In addition to that, it can track your sleep and blood oxygen levels. It can give you a deep insight into your sleep data as it comes with TruSleep Technology.

Even though it does not have in-built music storage, you can control music right from your wrist from various music app such as;

  • Shazam
  • VLC for Android.
  • Google Play Music
  • YouTube
  • Tube Go. Spotify
  • Audify.
  • KKBOX.
  • Black player.
  • Pulsar.
  • Huawei Music.
  • Simple and Beautiful Design.
  • Multiple watch faces.
  • Waterproof.
  • Multiple Sports Mode.
  • Get Notifications from your smartphone.
  • Six Days Battery Life.
  • No Phone Free Music.
  • Remote Control Camera is availble ony on Honor devices.

If you want more features under the 2000 price mark, then Honor Band 5i is a good option. It has a lot more features that are only available on high-end fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Riversong Wave O2 Smart Band: Best Smartband with a color Display

Riversong Wave O2 Colored Smart Band

Our third pick in this list of best fitness tracker under 2000 is Riversong Wave O2 Colored Smart Band. It has some advanced features that help you to maintain your health regime in a positive way.

DisplayColor large display
Battery Life90mAh battery which last over Seven Days
Heart Rate SensorYes
USG Charging PortYes
Sedentary ReminderYes

The wrist-based blood pressure monitoring is the unique feature of this fitness tracker. Even though it does not replace a medical blood pressure monitor, it can read your blood pressure and give you an idea of your blood pressure during various physical activities.

It has an advanced heart rate sensor. It can track your heart rate in real-time during various physical activities.

The Riversong Wave O2 Colored Smart Band comes with a larger color display that is even visible in bright sunlight. Also, the screen has a customized display interface, which makes you feel something new in everyday activities.

It monitors sleep scientifically with the help of a dynamic heart rate sensor and SpO2 sensor. A fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and SpO2 monitor tracks accurately than a fitness tracker without a SpO2 sensor.

It tracks various activities such as steps, running, walking, calorie burned, etc to improve your health and wellness.

Riversong O2 Colored Smart Band comes with IP 67 ratings so that you do not need to remove it while washing your hands or taking a shower.

The battery life of Riversong Wave O2 Fitness tracker is pretty good and it can last up to seven days on a single charge.

You should download the RC Care App to sync your fitness tracker with a smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Colur Display.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring.
  • SMS and other notifications.
  • Good Battery Life.
  • No extra bands are available.
  • Strap Quality is not good.

If you are looking for a cheap fitness band with a blood pressure monitor and other features, then the Riversong O2 Colour Fitness Tracker would be a good pick for you.

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker: Best unisex Fitness Tracker

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker is another fitness band under 2000 rupees price range currently available in the market. It is a basic fitness tracker with some basic features required for a beginner to track his steps in a systematic way.

DisplayDigital Display
Battery10 Days Battery life
SMS and call alertYes
Sleep MonitoringYes
ReminderSedentary alert and vibrating alarm

It comes with a digital display with a touchable button. It does not have any physical buttons. As it has a USB port, you can easily charge it by connecting to a laptop or power bank.

It can track steps and display steps, distance traveled, calories burned, etc. It also has a progress bar that motivates you to achieve your goal of the day.

Additional features include sleep tracking, sedentary reminder, SMS and call alert, and vibration alert.

  • Cheap fitness tracker with basic functions.
  • SMS and call aert.
  • 10 Days Battery life.
  • Tracks steps, calorie, distance and time active.
  • Strap quality is not so good.
  • Small Display.

If you are looking for a cheap fitness tracker under 1500 rupees, then Fastrack Reflex 2.0 good option for you. But if you add a few more bucks, then you can go for Mi Band 3 or Honor Band 5i.

Mevofit Drive Fitness Tracker: basic Activity Tracker

Mevofit Drive

Mevofit Drive is designed for people who want to take step tracking to the next level. It can track various running metrics such as Steps, Distance, Running, Calories Burned and Active MinutesAs it is lightweight, you do not feel that it is on your wrist.

DisplayOLED Display with Touch Screen
Sleep TrackingYes
Diet and workout plansYes
All day activity trackingYes

It offers an OLED touch screen display at this price range. It is waterproof with IP 67 ratings. So you can wash your hands or take a bath with Fitness trackers on your hand.

It is powered by a 75mAh battery which can last up to 5-7 days depending on your usage. The USB dongle makes your battery recharge easy and convenient.

It can track your activities such as steps, distance, running, calories burned and active minutes. Other features include sleep tracking, sedentary alert, find my phone feature and also stay updated with your notifications from WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It does have a sleep tracking feature but the accuracy may be not correct as it does not have a heart rate sensor.

  • Simpe and light weight design.
  • Push Notifications.
  • USG Charging Port.
  • Issue with Battery back up.
  • No heart rate monitoring.

It is a decent fitness tracker under 2000 rupees in India with smart features and functionalities.

Muzili Smart Band: Fitness Tracker with Smart Features

Muzili Smart Band IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker

If you are a fitness freak and looking for a fitness tracker under 2000, then you can consider Muzili Smart Band.

Display0.86 Color Display.
Stop watch functionYes
Heart Rate MonitoringYes
USB Charging PortYes
Remote PhotographyYes

Muzili Smart Band has an attractive design and feature-wise also it is a good pick under 2000 rupees. It has a 0.86-inch color display with an IP67 rating. This means that you can wash your hands with it on your wrist.

It is specially designed for tracking your all-day activities automatically including steps counting, distance traveled, calorie tracking, etc.

Also, it has features such as heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. This fitness tracker allows you to set up to 6 alarms.

In addition to that, you can get your smartphone notifications on your wrist when it paired with VeryFitPro App through Bluetooth. It also includes notifications from social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

It is powered by Lithium-ion batteries which can last up to 7 to 10 days depending on your smart band usage.

It is the only fitness tracker with GPS tracking in this list of best health band under 2000. So that you can track your location in real-time. It would be very helpful if you are a person who likes to explore new routes.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Sleep Tracking.
  • Call and Message Notifications on your wrist.
  • Not happy with the display.
  • Low strap quality.

So overall, Muzili Smart Band IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker is an entry health band with all the essential features to track your various physical activities and other important health metrics.

Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Band: Fitness Tracker with Female Health Tracking

Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band

Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band is a less know germ which you can buy under 2000 rupees in India. Even though it is one of the cheapest fitness trackers under the 2000 rupees mark, it has all the essential features which help you to keep motivated during your fitness efforts.

DisplayColor LED Dispaly
Feamle Health CheckYes
Battery120 Hours
Sleep TrackingYes
Heart Rate MonitoringYes

It comes with a decent 0.96 LED display with a bright display. So you can easily see the data displayed on its screen. It is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery which can last up to 120 hours during normal usage. It is available in three beautiful different colors such as Pink, Black, and Blue.

As it has a USB charging port, you can simply charge this cheap fitness tracker by connecting to a laptop or power bank.

Now let us have a look into its features in detail. With this health band, you can track over 14 different physical activities that you can select with the NoiceFitSport App.

Like other fitness trackers that we have discussed here, it can also track various activities such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step tracking, etc.

The waterproofing rating for this fitness tracker is IP68 and so you can use this fitness tracker even while bathing or washing your hands.

Also, get notifications from your mobile on the fitness tracker when it is paired with the smartphone. You can get call and SMS notifications and also notifications from social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

It also has an optional female health check feature that can be activated through the NoiceFitSport App if need. It is guesswork to calculate the female menstrual cycle.

  • Simple and Light Weight Design.
  • Waterproof.
  • Female Health Check.
  • Sleep Tracking.
  • Strap quality is not good.

You can consider Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band as a secondary band for your physical activities. Nobody wants to wear a costly Fitbit or Apple watch during a tougher workout section. But you can use this band such a situation without any stress in mind and still you can track all the basic activities.

Mi Band HRX Edition: Best For Basic Use

Mi Band HRX
Sedentary ReminderYes
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Battery Life23 Days

Mi Band HRX edition is another best fitness tracker under 1500 rupees. It has a sleek, lightweight, and beautiful design. 

It comes with a lower power consumption OLED display with a clear vision, even in bright sunlight. So you can easily see your metrics on the screen even in bright sunlight.

It has an advanced accelerometer and algorithms that filter out unwanted movements to give you accurate step counts. 

Other features include sleep tracking, calorie burned, smartphone notifications on the wrist, sedentary alerts, etc.

It comes with an IP rating of 67; this means that the device is splashproof but not swim-proof. 

  • Sleek and simple design.
  • Longer battery life(up to 23 days).
  • Get call and SMS notifications on your wrist.
  • Vibration alert.
  • No heart rate monitoring.
  • Not waterproof.

HolyHigh Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

HolyHigh Fitness Tracker
Heart Rate MonitoringYes
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
GPSConnected GPS
Sleep TrackingYes

It is another fitness band which you can buy under 2000 rupees in India. It comes with an OLED display with a beautiful and sleek design.

It tracks over 14+ activities such as steps, speed, distance traveled, cycling, heart rate, sleep, and calorie burned. 

The smart features in HolyHigh Fitness Tracker include call and SMS notifications, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, connected GPS tracking, etc. 

Its battery can last up to four to seven days based on your usage. If you use connected GPS, then the battery will drain faster. 

The recharging process is simple as it got a USG charging port. You can easily remove the strap to charge it through a USB port of your laptop or power bank.

  • Beautiful and lightweight.
  • Heart rate monitoring.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Splashproof.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS phones.
  • No blood oxygen level monitoring.
  • Shorter battery life.

Final Verdict

So here is the list of best fitness bands under 2000 rupees in India which you can buy now from Amazon. I think this article Haas helps you in choosing the best fitness tracker for you under the 2000 price mark.

Please feel free to comment below your thoughts in the comment box below.

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