32 Best Apple Watch Faces That You Must Try Today

Best Apple Watch Faces

If you are an Apple Watch user, you might be in search of the best Apple Watch faces to customize the display of your Apple Watch. However, with so many options out there, how do you go about deciding which one is best for you?

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To help you choose the watch face, we have compiled a list of our favorite Apple Watch Faces that will help to get things started. These famous Apple Watch faces will enhance the look of your Apple Watch and make it appear more stylish.

With attractive different watch faces, you can make your Apple Watch a fashion statement, and it helps you stand out in a crowd. Some of the gorgeous watch faces are animated, while some others are classy and elegant.

Some dedicated watch faces have been introduced since the new Apple Watch Series 7 has a larger screen than the previous Apple Watches.

32 Best Apple Watch Faces You Must Try Today

1. Contour (Series 7 only)

Contour Apple Watch Face

The contour looks minimalistic in its design and also supports the watch face background customization. However, this may be the reason why it looks so classy and elegant. This watch face is unique to the Apple Watch Series 7 and enables you to customize your Apple Watch screen with different colors. It is specially designed to show off those curvey edges of the Apple Watch Series 7 and proves to be a winner for those who love classy and elegant watch faces.

2. Modular Duo (Series 7 only)

Modular Duo watch face

Modular Duo is another watch face dedicated to the new Apple Watch Series 7. When it comes to customization of the Apple Watch face, it allows you to customize the font and color. It is also meant to show off the extra screen space of the new watch, allowing you to display more information on the display. You may add up to three complications of your choosing with this watch face.

3. Astronomy (watchOS 8)


This beautiful watch face displays 3 D images of the solar system, moon, and earth on your Apple Watch screen. It supports only WatchOS 8 and comes with over 23 watch complications from the heart rate to the noise levels widgets. This watch face is perfect for those who like outer space, especially the students and kids. It also allows the customization of the view.

4. Portraits (watchOS 8)

Portraits watch face

Portraits watch face is one of my favorite watch faces that allows you to display portraits on your watch face. It is simple, minimalistic, and rotates through several images of your choice every hour. The photo style can be set to one of the three presets you may choose from modern, classic, and rounded designs. However, it only supports Apple Watch Series 4 and above that runs on Wear OS 8.

5.GMT (watchOS 7)

GMT watch face

GMT is one of the best Apple Watch faces dedicated to the WearOS 7. It is a perfect watch face for those who need to track two time zones. Its inner dial displays the local time, and the outer dial can help you track a second time zone of your choice. This watch face is compatible with the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 and above that runs on WatchOS 7.

6.Artist (watchOS 7)

Artist Watch Face

The Artist is a cool and minimal Apple watch face that does not offer much when it comes to customization. However, it comes with a million combinations that change each time you tap or raise the wrist. It will be a great watch face for people who love to have a minimalistic design on their watch face.

7. Memoji (watchOS 7)

Memoji  Watchface

Do you like those emojis that you have just created on the iPhone? Then show them off to the world with Memoji Watch Face. This WatchOS 7 watch face helps you personalize the Apple Watch in the most fantastic way. You can also let others know just how much you love your simplistic design with this watch face. This watch face is dedicated to the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, and later.

8. Stripes (watchOS 7)

Stripes  watch face

It is a highly customizable Apple Watch face between 2-9 stripes. You can customize the color of each strip, making it the perfect watch face if you love to have a gorgeous-looking Apple Watch. You can set the stripes either vertical or horizontal.

It comes with more than 40+ complications to choose from. The Stripe watch face always goes trending during football matches.

Supported Models: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch, and above running on Wear OS 7.

9.Count up (watchOS 7)

Count up watch face

Count Up is one of the best watch faces for Apple Watch models such as SE, Series 4, and above. To begin the count down, align the marker on the outer bezel with the minute hand by tapping on the main 12-hour dial. Set the length of time using the Digital Crown after that. Tap the red elapsed time button to return the face to its default condition.

10.Typograph (watchOS 7)


It is another minimalistic Apple Watch face with a unique design that allows customization of color, dial, style, and symbol. The default dial comes with significant four digits(3,6,9 and 12), as shown in the image. You can adjust the font of these numbers based on your preferences. Even though the default dial supports only four digits, you can include all 12 numbers if you switch to another dial.

11.Chronograph Pro (watchOS 7)

Chronograph Pro

The Chronograph Pro is a famous watch face loved by runners because of its default tachymeter. The tachymeter on this clock face allows you to track your speed in real-time. This famous watch face also enables you to set 3,6,60, or 60 seconds timers.

It supports about 40 complications and also supports the customization of colors and timescale. This watch face is only for Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, or later.

12. Fire and Water Watch Face for Apple

Fire and Water watchface

Fire and Water is an animated watch face with a unique design. It is one of the best Apple Watch faces if you love to see cool animations when you tap or raise your hands. It allows you to customize the watch style. It works perfectly with all Apple Watch models above Series 4 and SE and supports more than 40+ complications.


Infograph watchface

This Apple Watch face is unique to Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 4, and above. It supports only up to eight watch complications and allows the customization of the color. You can also display some essential information on the four corners of your Apple Watch. I am not a big fan of this Infograph watch face due to its restricted number of complications.

14. Breathe

 Breathe watch face

Are you going through the stress of daily life? If yes, you should try the Breathe watch face. Just tap on the watch face to go to the breath app to relax with some guided breathing sessions. When it comes to customization and complications, it supports style customization and over 35 complications.

15. Pride

Pride watch face

Apple introduced the Pride watch face just before Pride Month to support the LGBTQ Community. The Pride Flag inspired this watch face. The Pride clock face supports over 30+ complications and allows the customization of colors. It is compatible with Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4, and later models.

16. Meridian

Meridian watchface

The Meridian Watch face has a place in the hearts of Apple Watch fans, although it was developed after the release of WatchOS 6. It has a minimalized design, and you can also customize the color and dial. It also has an analog watch face and supports four widgets at a time in the center. You can customize these widgets with about 40+ complications.

17. Modular Compact

Modular Compact

The Modular Compact clock face can display up to six complications at once on your watch. It supports either digital or analog clock faces and additional functions, depending on the style you select. The corners do not show any text, but you do not feel any misfit because of its fantastic design.

18. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a popular Disney character loved by people of all ages. This clock face has been developed for Apple Watch users who love this cartoon character. This funny clock face supports both analog and digital displays, including a digital date format which you can change with the help of Digital Crown.

It offers several customization options, including speak time. To enable this, just open the settings and turn on “Speak Time.” After this, any time when you place your two fingers on the screen, the Micky Mouse will tell you the time.

19. Gradient Watch Face


If you like a cool-looking minimalistic watch face, then Gradient should also be on your list of the best Apple Watch faces. It features color gradients that move in accordance with the time. A simple design of the Gradient Watch Face does not mean that it will not support complications. This watch face supports about 30+ complications based on the selected style.

20. Activity Digital

Activity Digital

This is a common watch face among Apple Watch users. It allows you to keep an eye on your activity metrics right on your watch face. It displays the activity ring; calories burned, digital clock, and heart rate complications based on your preferences. This Apple Watch face also supports the customization of colors and time format.

21. Solar Dial

Solar Dial

As the name suggests, this watch face features a solar dial and a 24 hours clock. It features an image of the sun on the screen that moves along with time. It also has an analog clock dial that constantly moves to stay opposite the sun’s image. There are four complications on the four corners of the watch face, which you can customize with the help of Digital Crown. You must have Apple Watch SE, Series 4, or later to use this watch face.

22. Siri Watch Face

Siri Watch Face

Siri Watch Face is the most intelligent watch face that keeps you updated with timely notifications such as reminders, traffic, appointment, etc. Just turn the digital crown to go through the important information of the day. With this watch face, you do not miss any important pieces of information, no matter how fast the day goes. You can easily customize the colors based on your preferences, and it also supports about 35 complications.

23. Numerals


This is one of the minimalized best apple watches faces in 2021. It supports the customization of symbols and colors. You can make a perfect Numerals watch face by selecting the perfect colors and symbols. The supported complications are about 22.

24. Simple Watch Face

Simple Watch Face

As its name suggests, this watch face is simple, but you can change the color and style of the numeric. It offers several different styles providing the ability to personalize your watch. You can select a digital or analog clock, date format, seconds indicator, etc. It supports about 30+ complications based on the style that you choose.

25. Unity Clock Face


This is a classy watch face inspired by the Pan-African Flag. It has two blocks on the screen, and its shape changes based on your activities. In this clock face, you get almost 22 complications and customizable colors.

26. Kaleidoscope


It is another face for the apple watch that helps you create a watch face based on your chosen image. Turn the crown of the watch to change the pattern and choose one that you like. Not only this, but you can also customize the color of the pattern with the help of Digital Crown. Its features also include about 30 complications.

27. Photos

Photos clock face

Photos Clock Face is one of the best apple watches faces that allows you to set your favorite photos from your iPhone gallery as the watch face. This watch face will enable you to select 26 images simultaneously, and the watch will shuffle and display the photos. So, if you are looking for a reason to show off your latest family trip, this is the best watch face. You can customize the photos and color filters to make the images look better.

28. Photo Albums

This is another way to set your favorite photos as the Apple Watch faces with the help of a digital crown. But this is different from Photos watch face because it goes through all the albums on your iPhone and displays them one by one, so you can select one image you like for your clock display. It also supports 22 complications.

29. California Apple Watch Face

California Apple Watch Face

The California Apple Watch Face is characterized by a mix of customizable numerals, including Roman, California, Arabic, etc., and colors. For me, it does not look appealing because of its appearance, but it gets the job done. When it comes to complication supports, it supports about 40 + complications.

30. Toy Story

Toy Story watch face

Toy Story is an another best Apple Watch face similar to that of Micky Mouse. Just raise your hand or touch the screen to see your favorite main toy story characters. You can customize the Toy Story characters such as Toy Buzz, Jessie, Toy Box, or Woody.

31. Motion

Motion Watch Face

It is another famous face for Apple Watch that displays animated themes like live themes on smartphones. It supports only limited watch theme customization. You can choose from either jellyfish, butterflies, or flowers based on your preferences. It also supports 20+ complications.

32. Timelapse

Timelapse watchface

As the name suggests, the Timelapse clock face displays time-lapsed videos of your choice from the available videos. It includes almost 30 complications such as activity, stop-clock, Messages, music, etc. Commonly available videos are New York, Hongkong, Mack Lake, etc. 

How to Add Clock Faces to the Apple Watch?

It is pretty much easy to add and delete a watch face from your smartwatch.

  1. Raise your hand and “Force Touch” on the clock face until you enter the clock face edit mode.
  2. Now just tap “Right Hand Side” until you see a plus sign.
  3. Now touch on the plus sign to add the desired clock face.
  4. To customize the selected clock face, “Force Touch” clock face until you see the “Customization.”
  5. Now you can customize the clock, face editing the complications, and change the colors.
  6. Done.

If you want to remove the clock face, “Force Touch” on the clock until you enter the edit mode. Then tap on the small “minus” sign to remove it.

How do Apple Watch Faces impact your watch’s battery life?

Depending upon the design of the clock face, it can impact your watch’s battery life. More battery juice will be wasted if you choose a clock face with animated faces or high-resolution images.

Also, if there are complications involved in the watch face, then it will use more power. So if your Apple Watch battery is draining very fast, you might want to change some of your clock faces with minimalized ones.

These are some of the best Apple watch faces in 2021. From this list of Apple Watch faces, you can choose one that suits your taste.

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