Does Fitbit work on Treadmill? An In-depth Guide

Does Fitbit work on Treadmill

Fitbit comes with onboard Treadmill mode to track treadmill activities. But you need to calibrate frequently for improved accuracy. Are you a fitness buff and regularly works on the Treadmill? If yes, then you must be actively looking for a fitness tracker for the treadmill. There are many fitness trackers and smartwatches that come with … Read more

Fitbit Sense Not Turning ON(Solved): Quick Fix

Fitbit Sense not turning on

“If your Fitbit Sense is not turning on, then recharge the battery for one hour and try to turn it on before you do anything.” Fitbit recently launched Fitbit Sense, and it is the first FDA Approved ECG smartwatch from Fitbit. In addition to ECG also comes with other health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, … Read more

10 Best Fitness Tracker without Smartphone in 2021(A Phone may Require for Initial Setup)

best fitness tracker without smartphone

“Here is the handpicked list of fitness trackers that works even when you are away from your smartphones.” Do you really need to have a smartphone to use a fitness tracker or smartwatch? This is a common question asked by our readers for the past few days.  Must Read: Best Smartwatches that can Make Calls … Read more