7 Best Rugged Smartwatches 2021: Top Picks with Buying Guide

Best Rugged Smartwatches

Are you looking for some of the best rugged smartwatches on the market? Looking for smartwatches that can withstand course conditions or any strenuous training sessions? The following 7 watches fall into this category. These devices will never fall short of your standards and will always be the perfect match for your requirements. What is a rugged … Read more

Huawei Watch 3 Review for 2021: Our Review!

Huawei Watch 3 Review

The new Huawei Watch 3 adds Harmony OS, but will it be smart enough to outperform Apple and Samsung. Huawei Watch 3 Review Design Huawei has mastered the art of creating wearables that resemble watches. Faces that are large, bold, and circular, with minimal bezels and physical buttons on the right side. Those buttons on the Huawei … Read more

8 Best Smartwatches for Cycling In 2021 for Beginners and Professionals: Buying Guide

Best Smartwatches for Cycling

The best cycling smartwatch must have an onboard GPS and navigation along with health tracking. Cycling enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve their cycling experience. One way is by wearing a smartwatch that can help them accurately track their stats and fitness information. Related Post: Best Rugged Smartwatch for Outdoor Activities In this article, … Read more

7 Best Tactical Smartwatches in 2021: Ultimate Guide

Best Tactical Smartwatches

Do you want to get your hands on some of the Best Tactical Smartwatches on the market? Looking for a smartwatch that can survive tough training sessions or course conditions? This category includes the following six timepieces. These gadgets will never fail to meet your expectations and will always be the ideal match for your needs. This … Read more

The Garmin Lily vs Fitbit Luxe – Which is the Best? (2021 Comparison)

Garmin Lily vs Fitbit Luxe

When comparing the best fitness trackers, there are quite a few options. Some wearables, though, are more similar than you might imagine. At least, that’s the case when comparing the Garmin Lily and the Fitbit Luxe. You may be surprised to learn that these two wearables have much in common. Related Post: Fitbit Luxe vs Fitbit Inspire … Read more

Polar Ignite 2 vs Polar Vantage M2 – What’s new in 2021?

Polar Ignite 2 vs Polar Vantage M2

Polar added two new sports smartwatches to its range this spring (2021). Firstly the Ignite 2 and then the Vantage M2. Now, both offer more sophisticated activity monitoring and surprise glitz to your workouts, as the two affordable models are updated. Related Post: Polar Ignite 2 Specifications, Features, and Pricing The Polar Vantage M2 is … Read more

The New Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 Comparison: Which is the Best?

New Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 Comparison

In this article, we are comparing the Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire 2. Both the watches are compared in terms of their features, spec, price, and features. Fitbit Luxe vs Inspire 2 Comparison: Features and Specs Features Fitbit Luxe Fitbit Inspire 2 Display 1.56” AMOLED color displayResolution: 124×124 PPIDimension: 1.43″x .69″ x .4″ 1.4″ OLED … Read more